BH1 News – 9/15/17 – Full Broadcast

Good morning, Baker. It’s Friday, September
15th, I’m Lily and I’m McKenzie and we hope to see you
at tonight at the Baker versus Davidson game. We’ll right back after the pledge.
Please stand for the pledge. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United
States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Thank you. The homecoming dance will be on September 30th from 7 to 11 p.m. at
the greater gulf state fairground. Buy your ticket for $25.00 in the front
lobby until the 27th. Freshmen can purchase theirs from Ms. Mosley in room
508. Baker marine biology short-sleeved t-shirts will be on sale until September
29th for $15. There are five designs and all may be worn to school. See Mrs.
Gladen in room 221, Mrs. Normand in room 236, or Ms. Miller in the science
department to purchase yours. Today is the last day to buy a homecoming t-shirt
for twenty dollars. See Mrs. Sage in room 69 or the front lobby during lunch waves. All
applications to join the archery team our dude today
in Mrs. Leiser’s room, room 74. Archery practice will be held on the 18th and
19th in the multi-purpose room. Students from our partner school in Germany
are coming to Mobile again from March 22nd until April 13. Host families are needed
for 15 students. If you would like to host a German student please see Mrs. K in
room 214 to pick up an application. The first Environmental Club meeting of the
year will be Wednesday, September 20th, immediately after school in room 233.
They have big plans for the school year so you should definitely be a part of it.
Attention seniors, the deadline to have your senior portrait taken is
Friday, September 29th. The photographer will not be coming back to Baker. You
must schedule your portrait with Jim Owen studios. If you do not get your senior
picture taken you will not be in the yearbook. You’ll be able to select your pose
during October. Anyone interested in joining the art club, please attend an
informational meeting on Thursday, September 21st, after school from 3:00 to
3:30 in Mrs. Peavy’s room 206. If you missed the announcements or need a reminder, all
announcements are available through the Hornet Herald on Twitter @bhsbakerbuzz. Students are invited to take a trip to Germany and have a
chance to experience the culture and school life. The month-long trip
includes trips to cities throughout Germany and a cruise on the Rhine River.
For more information see Mrs. K in room 214 to pick up an application.
Check out this video for more details. So fifth-graders, have you heard of them?
Uhh… yeah. Well I heard they’re pretty smart. Let’s go to Abbey and see if we
have any students at Baker that are smarter than a fifth grader. Hey
everybody, I’m Abbey Tucker and welcome to BH1’s edition of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.” Here at Baker we take great pride in our over ninety percent
graduation rate and our large number of AP scholars, but for the majority of
Baker’s population, are they truly smarter than a fifth grader? Do you think
you’re smarter than a fifth grader? Yes Of course. I hope so. Yes. So first
question is convert the number 0.347 into fraction form. What is the capital of New
York? ummm… Buffalo? The capital of New York, like New York, City? Buffalo? New something. I don’t know that one. Albany The Big Apple? Uranus. Mars. Saturn Uranus Hold up… Earth, Mercury… Is it Venus? K… e…. r…. C.. o.. l.. o.. n.. e.. l C.. o.. r C.. o.. r.. n.. e.. l C.. o.. l.. o.. n.. e.. l Well Baker, I hope your day is better than your fifth grade education. Until
next time, I guess we know who’s smarter than a 5th
grader. You know who else is smarter than a fifth
grader? Our foreign exchange students. Here’s Elizabeth with more info on that. Every
year Baker High School has foreign exchange students from several different
countries. This year you have the opportunity to open your home to
students from Germany and France. Last year, our host students had great
experiences learning about other cultures. Like she.. she I guess she is
really family-oriented too so she had like a lot of siblings and there’s like
a lot of people living in our house too so she just she really adjusted well I
mean it she hung out with us so she had a good time.
I really loved it because I got to see the different cultures and in comparison
to how they live and how we live and I got to learn some different
things about their country and she got to learn some different things about our
country, so we got to share that experience together. I think it’s pretty
cool because you wouldn’t expect it to be the way it is because you’re like oh
it’s gonna be like weird like they might not speak English really well or they
might be really different from people around me but it’s really like a
three-week sleepover like it’s not any different from any of your friends you
hang out with here. Whenever she came she, like, their schools are
completely different and so she was really shocked she said that she thought
that all of our high schools were gonna be like High School Musical and so when
she got here she couldn’t believe that we didn’t go singing and dancing down
the hallways. Baker needs 10 to 15 families to host German students and
about five to host French students. the sponsors of these programs have more
information about what you can expect and what’s required when hosting a
foreign exchange student. They can experience a foreign culture pretty much
through this person. They can learn new songs, new pieces of language, new
words, new experiences. They can ask them what they do in their high schools in
France or French-speaking part of the world. They can learn that they don’t
have sports teams, theater stuff, they don’t have games they don’t have pretty
much anything but school in France. Family needs to have only shelter.
Prepare to feed them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You need to
be prepared to give them a bed in a room, their own bed. They can be in a bedroom
with somebody else of the same gender. For example, if you’re a guy, you can host a girl and put the girl in the same bedroom with
your sister. It just has to be a room with a closed door. If you think your
family may be interested in hosting an exchange student, please stop by as soon
as possible to room 214 for information about German students or room 75 for
information about French students. It’s an amazing opportunity and we hope
you’ll get to participate. All right so I’m really excited about the foreign exchange students. I can’t wait for it. Last year they were so much fun. You know what I’m
really excited about? Homecoming! I’m excited to get the you know the
crop-to, little yellow shorts, some flip-flops, a hat, you know. All that
stuff. I don’t think you can wear those things to homecoming. Well, let’s go to Stephany
and get all the information you could ever need about homecoming. Guess what date is coming? Homecoming
will be September 20th at Greater Gulf State Fair Grounds from 7:00 p.m. to
11:00 p.m. Tickets will be $25. Girls will wear cocktail dresses, and guys have
to wear button-down shirts and dress pants. You’re not allowed to wear tennis
shoes or hats. If you like homecoming, please behave. Here are some people that
have some advice for us on how to act at the dance. Just come and have fun but
keep it clean. You don’t want to do anything that’s gonna get you in trouble
and get you kicked out of the dance. You paid a lot of money to come and get all
dressed up, so don’t ruin it by doing anything dumb. Homecoming is coming up
and it’s a great night. I would advise for people
to get the right dress, the one that’s perfect for you, so you can like express
yourself. (even the dudes?) Yes even the dudes. Say yes
to the dress and you know get some comfortable heels cause you know you want
to normally kick them off but you want to like stay in so you won’t get like a
foot disease or something. That’s going around. Yeah okay so I
think comfortable wear is important. You can still have fun while following the
rules. Some students and teachers want to show you some dance moves you might like
to do at the dance. So Asia and I are talking about some optimal dance moves for your Homecoming experience. Start simple with the simple step and
snap. This is always a safe and good way to go. This is your dance space and you don’t
look weird. The next one is lady in church. You’re still right here together.
You’re good to go okay. If you want to get a little crazy, you can do the Charleston.
Oh yeah! All right! A big part of Homecoming is spirit week. The
themes are blue and white Monday, tie-dye Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, throwback
Thursday, and Carnival Friday. Don’t forget that the homecoming parade will be
Friday as well. Mrs. Fick gave us her best advice on how to tackle spirit week head on.
As far as spirit week goes, you need to get excited. You need to participate
because I mean you might as well embrace the craziness because it’s gonna be crazy
anyway. So have your costumes, do the spirit day, go ahead and plan it out with
your friends, and just, you know, embrace the weirdness of whatever the day is
because you’re gonna have more fun the more you go all out.
Well I’ll hope you guys enjoy spirit week and see you guys at homecoming. Alright guys, I can’t wait to see you
guys tonight at the game. It’s gonna be the theme for this game Oh! the theme is cowboys and Indians so I hope to see you all dressed up! That’s right. All dressed up!
Bye, Baker! Stay classy!

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