BEST OF 2017: Seventeen Highlights from the Year

2017 17 Highlights from 2017 Hi, everyone.
Welcome back to my channel. And in today’s video, we are going to
take a look at 2017. And I’m gonna share
with you guys 17 highlights from the year. It was one of the best years
of my life, and here’s why. So, the very first video
that I uploaded on this channel right here
is my ultimate eye cream video. And I finally revealed
my holy grail eye cream. And I must say that discovering both these
eye creams from Innisfree was definitely a highlight because I’ve been
on a search for, looking for a great eye cream. And it was a great start to 2017 because I got to reveal
my favorites, or favorite. And then later,
I discovered this one. This one is, like,
double its price, but Innisfree, great eye creams. And I highly wanna recommend
that you try it out. Next, we have retweets. In January,
I got retweeted by Tablo who is my… He is my ideal type because he’s super smart,
he’s so funny, I love his work, and I actually purchased BloNote
in the beginning of the year. And I think I was tweeting
about it, and he retweeted me with an emoji like this. When Tablo retweeted me,
I was so happy. It, like, made my day. It made that month,
I mean, it was in my January favorites
because Tablo, he is just one of
my favorite artists in Korea. And I also got retweeted
by Gallant because of Tablo. I went to
the Jisan Valley Rock Festival, and I was so excited
to see Gallant live because I really like his album, and he is just
an amazing performer. And he was performing
“Cave Me In”, and Tablo appeared
out of nowhere. And I was just so excited, and I actually uploaded
that recording, and Gallant retweeted that. So, I was excited about that. And the third retweet
was from Crush. I love Crush’s voice. And when I went
to the Seoul Jazz Festival, I recorded him
singing “Beautiful”. And I just had to share it
with you guys on Twitter. And he retweeted it.
Until this day, if you check Crush’s twitter,
it’s on the front page. In the beginning of the year, I went through
technical difficulties. And I broke my VIXIA,
so I was in the search for, looking for
a new vlogging camera. And I bought the M10
and the G7X. I’m using the G7X right now
to film this video. And I just love the quality. And it just really changed
the way my vlogs looked. So, I would always use my G7X
and my VIXIA once it got fixed
to film majority of my vlogs. This tripod right here
also helped with vlogging. And I bought a new lens
for my DSLR camera. I’ll make sure to link all
of these in the description box. But upgrading my camera, lenses,
and having these tools really helped vlogging
and filming much easier. 2017 was also the year that I felt more comfortable
in my skin. I have acne-prone skin, and I do still get
some breakouts here and there. But I actually saw my skin
transformed this year. And I know for a fact
that it’s because I started going to the dermatologist’s
more regularly. And also, my skin care routine,
I like to stick with one or two. Skin care is
what started my channel, and it meant a lot to me when I started
seeing results on my skin and also on your skin because so many of you guys
have commented and told me and updated me about
which products worked for you. And, yeah, I just was so happy
about my skin this year. 2017 was filled
with a lot of meet-ups from Seoul, London, Berlin, LA, New York,
Malaysia, Singapore. I was so excited to meet
so many of you guys this year and take photos with you. And you guys seriously
spoiled me with so many snacks. I really appreciate it. I’m still eating some
from Singapore right now. But, yeah, it was filled
with international meet-ups. It was so encouraging to meet
those who comment on my videos, translate my videos, and just
silently watch my videos, like, whatever it is, I was so thankful
to meet all of you guys who support this channel,
along with “Joanday”. So, yeah, it was filled
with amazing meet-ups and I really hope that next year
is filled with more. Because 2017 is the first year
I did YouTube full-time, I had more time to myself. Because when I was working
at the radio station, I had to be in Seoul
unless I took vacation days. So in the month of March,
my friend, Kevin, was gonna propose to one
of my closest friends, Janice, and I really wanted to be there. And I just booked a ticket
and went to surprise her. And it was definitely
worth going to because Janice cried so much and it was just so meaningful
to actually be there in person. And I’m gonna go back next year because I’m gonna be one
of her bridesmaids. So I’m really looking forward
to that. And that ended up
being my first trip to the US out of four, and that’s the most
I’ve ever gone since I moved to Korea. So, yeah, it was amazing
to keep going back to visit my friends and family. I also went back
for Christine’s wedding. So, yeah,
it was just really nice to just go back home and relax. I don’t think I’ve ever traveled so much in my life. I went to so many
amazing cities, Prague, Berlin, London, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, New York, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia. I went to so many
amazing places in the world. And traveling,
definitely a highlight of 2017. I’ve had my YouTube channel
for many years now, but it wasn’t until 2015 when I started to upload
more frequently and that’s all thanks to my Innisfree
beauty empties video. So it meant a lot for me
when I got to work with them. That sponsorship
was so natural to me because I do talk
about Innisfree so often. So I do wanna work
with more brands like that because it just feels
more authentic that way. So, yeah, working with Innisfree
was definitely a highlight because I basically started off
this channel with an Innisfree beauty empty. Live music is the best. And I can’t even name how many
concerts I went to this year. Seoul Jazz Festival,
a ton of hip-hop concerts, the Jisan Valley Rock Festival, but most importantly, GD and Taeyang. It is so hard
to see BIGBANG live because the tickets
sell out instantly and the waiting list is crazy. I’ve tried buying their tickets
many, many times and I was always
like the 2000th one. I’m so happy for them,
but I get sad because I didn’t get to go
to the concerts, but Moonshot reached out to me. I think this was
right after I uploaded my BLACKPINK Cushion review. And they asked
if I can come and vlog it and I said, “Of course!” Because who would reject that? So I went to see GD live and he was just so amazing. And later, KPOPME contacted me and invited me
to see Taeyang in L.A. And that was… Like, the best experience ever. KPOPME basically asked me
to promote Taeyang’s concert, which I was totally down to do,
and vlog it. So, yeah, it was a lot of fun. One of the best experiences
of my life. And which leads
to the next highlight was meeting Taeyang. I played that clip many times
and I’m still not over it. Taeyang, I am such a fan because, one,
his voice is amazing, he’s an amazing dancer, and I… Every time I read about Taeyang, it was always something
nice and positive about how nice and humble he is. And he was just all of that
when I saw him. So meeting him just… Like, I remember, like,
going back home, my brother and I, we were talking about
how amazing the concert was, and I remember telling him,
I was like, “Abe, dreams do come true.” Because in high school, like, I was a huge Taeyang fan. I’ve waited in front
of YG Entertainment to see him after he performed. I kneed a girl at, like,
music shows. So, yeah,
I’m an intense Taeyang fan. And I think this year,
that was definitely a highlight because seeing Taeyang
was everything for me. I had a lot of fun changing up
my hair color in 2017. It kinda started with a disaster when I used a box hair dye. I wanted to go gray, but because
my hair was so yellow, it turned green. And I did not like
the way it came out. And so, using the APRILSKIN, Missha,
and 3CE temporary hair dyes, I went from pink to red, and I really like
the way it looked. But in L.A., I met James and he worked his magic. I went for purple, and that faded
into a beautiful pink, and then I went red. And then when I came back
to Korea, I went purple. I’m just having a lot of fun
with the coloring, and a lot of you guys
were concerned about my hair’s health, but I use Olaplex and Fanola and those two brands really
helped reconstruct my hair. It doesn’t feel
like bleached hair. And that’s something
my friends and viewers, when I meet them in the streets,
always compliment me on. So, yeah. I use good products
to help keep… Help maintain the health
of my hair. I’ve had many
tasty snacks this year, but discovering hot ruffles would definitely be a highlight. I do like hot cheetos, but I prefer potato chips more. So, hot ruffles, so tasty.
And, yeah. Every time I have a friend
visiting from America, they ask me what I need. I just immediately tell them,
“Go to target. Pick up two bags
of hot ruffles for me.” Because I just,
I just like to stock up. I treated myself
to my first designer bag since 2014. And it is this Gucci
backpack right here. I bought it at Duty Free
in Incheon. And I just love it so much because it fits both
my vlogging cameras, my phone, my wallet. It fits so much more
than my usual crossbody. But, yeah, it felt super good to treat myself
to something this nice. Another highlight and probably
one of the biggest highlight would be moving
into this apartment. I finally feel at home. In 2010, I moved to Berkley, so I was living in the dorms and I moved from apartment
to apartment. Like, from sophomore, junior,
and senior year. And after that,
I briefly lived in Oakland. And then, I moved to Korea. I was living in Mokpo for a bit. And then, I moved to Seoul. And in Seoul, I was living
in Sungshin University. And then, I moved in
with my mom. And then, now we are here. So, I’m so, like, excited
about this new apartment. I’m still excited about it even though I have been here
for some time now. It just really feels like me because back then,
it wasn’t, like, my closet, it wasn’t my desk because most officetels, they come with, like,
a refrigerator and everything but when I moved here, I had to buy everything
and start over. So, I’m loving all
of the furniture and the way my apartment looks. So, if you haven’t seen
that apartment tour, I’ll link it up there
and in the description box because you can finally see
where I’m filming and whatnot. You see that silly replay
button right there? I received two this year for
my main channel and “Joanday”. I’m seriously so thankful for
each and every one of you guys who are subscribed
and watching my videos. If it wasn’t
for you guys’ support, I wouldn’t have received
those awards and also wouldn’t be
doing this job. So, thank you for the support. I really, really appreciate it. My 26th birthday
was very memorable. It was my fourth birthday
in Korea. And the first two
were very lonely because it was, like, my first time in Mokpo and
then my first time in Seoul. And then last year, I celebrated with my mom
and brother in Incheon. And this year, I celebrated with
both my family and my friends. It felt great to have some
of my favorite people just come together
and celebrate my birth. So, yeah. I was really,
really blessed. And also, my 26th birthday was a wrap up to “Joanday” 365, which is a highlight of… The highlight of 2017. “Joanday” was… “Joanday” changed my life.
It really did. I did talk about it
in my previous Q&A about how I
or did feel depressed for a couple of years, but I really wanted to focus
on the positives and make sure that
I didn’t stay at home but I went out and did
something new or did something that day. So, I really want to thank
the support of you guys because if it wasn’t for you
guys’ encouraging comments and positive comments, it really… I probably would have quit. 2017 was truly
an unforgettable year. And I can’t forget it.
It’s all documented. Except for two weeks
in November. But, yeah,
thank you guys so much for the love and support
you guys have shown me. You guys truly motive me
to do better. And I really wouldn’t be able
to do this without you guys’ support,
so thank you so much for that. And 2018 will be exciting. And I have a lot of fun
contents coming your way. So, I’ll see you
guys next year. Bye! Thanks for watching! click here for more @JOANKEEM joanday joankeem

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