Best Method to Learn Spanish for Travelers?

Hey guys what’s going on?It’s Jon Back in New York. And a lot of you have been asking me in my prior videos, how did I learn to speak Spanish? Well today i’m going to show you all the method that i’ve used over the last two years to get my spanish to a very conversational level. It works perfectly for traveling. And best of all you can do it right from home. So you’re ready to travel to a Spanish speaking country. How are you going to learn to communicate. Easy. With the help of a native speaker. And there’s some great online language schools that utilize skype to get you 1 on 1 training for a lot cheaper Then you’d ever pay in the United States. Let’s go meet my tutor Hernan. He’s from Colombia. And he is an amazing teacher. Alright my teacher is calling me right now so let’s get started with class. We use this together . It’s kind of like a virtual chalk board. So Hernan could explain concepts and vocabulary. A quick timeout during class. One of my favorite things about doing these lessons is having a teacher that you know really well. And we talk a lot about my daily life. And I really stress the conversational element of this. And we’re going to demonstrate that right now. Another cool feature about taking these online lessons Is that in the middle of a conversation we could just stop to go over a concept. That i’m really struggling with. That’s the nice thing about not just having a skype buddy. Actually having a professor or a teacher. Because he knows the grammar so well. And he knows my tendencies. That if I keep making the same mistake in a conversation. We’re really going to hammer it. You know this video, my channel is for people who like to travel. Travel to Spanish speaking countries. How much do you think doing this can help them? Without me even talking about. But in your opinion? Students through this way. I think. At least this is what I perceive. Feel more.. Confident. You know. Cause you know when you are in a classroom with lots of people. Lots of students. Sometimes they may get nervous. You know. To speak in front of an audience. This is a natural feeling that everyone can have in a group. But this is like a more. Kind of a more intimate thing. You know. So.. I always find a way . For them to open up. To feel better and confident. Alright my brain is so full of Spanish right now. I’m happy to be switching back to English. Hope you guys all enjoyed that footage. That was just a small snippet of a class with Hernan. And i’m going to leave a link to his skype and the school that you can find him and other teachers through. I do want to note that 121spanish and Hernan did not pay me to advertise for them. I just feel really strongly about this method of learning another language. Via skype. With a native teacher. It will help you so much in your travels. And the people that you meet in other countries. Are you going to appreciate it that much more. When you’re trying to learn their language. It’s going to be a great thing. Take my word for it. Alright guys if you haven’t subscribed already to HereBeBarr please do so. Certainly like and share this video if you want. Be a part of where you go, thanks for watching.

19 thoughts on “Best Method to Learn Spanish for Travelers?

  1. This is a great way to learn. Its always better to have someone personally assisting you and someone who is dedicated to you. This definitely helps.

  2. I definitely agree I did classes for my Korean and also my partner has been teaching me Yiddish as well and I found I picked up Yiddish easier than Korean because of the one on one time

  3. Your spanish sounds really good and online lessons rule :)) Also the beard of that guy is awesome 😀 On a serious note I guess I should really improve my spanish before travelling to South America

  4. that's pretty cool about the online language class, I never knew about it!! so 2 years and you were fluent? pretty cool!

  5. Love this video! I'm so excited because I am just getting started on my Spanish skills! So happy you shared!

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  7. Hello 🙂 I just wanted to let you know that when I am trying to choose the time to do a free demo , it freezes 😢

  8. Hi, John. Would you share the link to the school you mentioned. I feel Sr. Cortes may be inundated with responses after people view your video. So I wanted to see what some other options are for professors.

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