Best budget bar in Osaka Japan – Traveler’s Bar Osaka Tacos

As night falls in Dotonburi and every establishment has closed their doors, there’s one chillout bar thats open and got its door open to everyone. Welcome to Traveler’s Bar Osaka Tacos. Meet Shota Kinoshita, 33 and the owner
of Osaka TACO BAR and HiroshiYamamoto, the bar master. We were starving, couldn’t find anything
else to eat and cup noodles wasn’t an option Luckily for us, we stumbled upon this bar. Now let us give 5 reasons why you should visit
Traveler’s Bar Osaka Tacos Wait what? Crazy! Menu items range from From¥400-¥1300 only! I mean come on that’s a steal. Even the taco’s were great! Greasy, seasoned and flavorful. Too bad I forgot to record (the tacos) but… Hey! They got that snake drink! It was “Selightful.” (Delightful) Op (Of) course! Foreign Foreign Foreign friendly. You got Australians,Koreans, Americas, Thais, Swedish, Fins and, Filipinos and many more visit the place! A place for everyone Rock, Funk and Reggage Seriously, need we say more? This bad boy is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He’s got roughly 55 games! Ola! I’ll be our first month on Dec 3rd since our first upload on Youtube. Happy Monthsary to us! Want to know what we use to vlog? Well, check out the description box for more details. Oh! Don’t forget to hit like button and subscribe. If don’t wanna ever miss a video, well, hit the bell icon. (creepy whisper) Bye

37 thoughts on “Best budget bar in Osaka Japan – Traveler’s Bar Osaka Tacos

  1. I need to try that drink hahaha. My navy cousin worked at japan for 2 years and he just told me about that drink with a snake, he said it is a really good drink.

  2. Love your punchy style guys! We are super keen to learn more about budget travel in Japan so will deffo be subscribing!

  3. Beautifully edited and great clips of the city. Loved the canal view with buildings around- looked just like Venice 😊

  4. I was so gutted I couldn’t visit Osaka when I was in Japan due to an injury. Can’t wait til October 2018

  5. Great video! Really well produced 😁 Looks like if I ever end up in Osaka, I will have to go here! Especially for those prices

  6. Amazing vídeo! Really good editing, this was great to watch! 😀
    And that must be a good place to go, the super Nintendo part is really cool. 🙂

  7. pretty entertaining vlog! love how to capture this amazing bar! Really like the videos you guys make, keep it up definitely subscribing looking forward seeing more videos

  8. We're going there soon! Watching your video makes us excited for our trip! Omg they still have those classic game consoles! Would love to see more of your videos 😀

  9. funny we use the same background music for narration but the difference is that your voice is nice to listen to haha.

  10. I like the style of this video. You seemed to have a lot of fun at the bar, and you showcased it well. We always hate when we forget to record our food too! Did they have any vegan tacos?! That would be the icing on the cake in this place!

  11. ok…this is going on our bucket list (just the bar) lol jk! what a great find! love bars that are affordable! cheers ~sara

  12. I have seen the snake drinks advertised a few times but I have never tried it! But I will now have it the next time I see it!

  13. Did you really have that snake drink??? Once I saw a snake in a pot in Colombia. It was supposed to heal something 😉 And the bar looks great!

  14. Looks like pretty cool bar. Tacos in Japan with snake drink!!! All of that sounds crazy. The last time I have played Nintendo was last century. Enjoyed watching this short great video.

  15. I didnt spend much time in Osaka, good to know there is a bar open late, and 5 great reasons to visit this foreigner friendly place

  16. I'm super picky about bars, but that looks like a place i would enjoy. And they do tacos! I would be in heaven haha

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