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  1. Benny, YOU ROCK!!!! I'm taking the plunge. I'm going to Montreal, or somewhere in Quebec, and I need some ideas of FREE things I can do to keep me practicing my French – let me know.

  2. Hay any suggestion on how I can improve my ability to understand what is being said in different langauges.  For example, I am trying to learn german and I know all sorts of vocabulary and I know the spelling, pronunciation etc.  However, when I try to listen to german its very difficult for me to pick out the words that I know from the spoken language.  I think a part of the reason is the speed at which they are speaking….. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  3. Hey Benny, how are you ? I'm a big fan of you.

    My Last Name is ( Gendi ) My first is ( Ahmad ).

    I'm Egyptian from Alex, and I would like you to add me on on your Skype contact list, as well as any one who would like to make conversations with me in Arabic is most welcome. ( Skype:  Solid_sn1 ) Every one is welcome to add me, but Kindly confirm Cause of addition by typing ( Language Hacking ) in conversation box.

    I Work as a Marketing Director in Saudi Arabia, based in Jeddah., I'm interested in learning Nihongo and I have been trying to catch it from Anime Series which were very helpful but taking very long time., So I would like also Nihonjin friends of your to add me to help me out with it.

    Also I'm interested in learning Francais, Deutche, Hindi & Chinese Mandarine.

    Be safe Every one. 

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