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hi guys it’s Raimy today we’re gonna
talk about the benefits of ecotourism [Music] ecotourism helps natural habitats and
pristine environments direct benefits incentive to protect natural
environments incentive to rehabilitate modified environments provides funds to
manage and expand protected areas indirect benefits exposure to ecotourism
fosters environmentalism areas protected by ecotourism provides environmental
benefits the label’s natural and ecotourism does get overused so here are
some characteristics to look for when you’re booking your next eco tour
characteristics of go tourism involves travel to a natural destination promotes
minimizing impact builds environmental awareness provides financial benefits
for locals usually respects the local culture and lastly, lastly not least is it
supports human rights you know when I was looking for stuff to do on a
Thailand trip that I was trained to plan there were so many things that said that
it was like natural or ecotourism and then it would be things like riding
elephants and stuff like that which is not very ecotourism like so I hope this
helps you kind of decipher between the label that draws in customers versus the
actual natural and eco tourism okay guys like this video
and subscribe I post every Friday and Saturday about ecotourism
easy self care and animals and conservation yeah so yeah see you guys next video bye!

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  1. Nice to meet you Raimy. Enjoyed your video. Great to see you working hard to promote conservation. Best of luck with your channel. Thumbs up and subscribed.

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