Benedict Cumberbatch as a 1920s bride? – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

You say you’re good at keeping plot
secrets and things, but you were a bit loose lipped about the plot for Star Trek. To one… one person, yeah, who I thought deserved to know and that was Stephen Hawking. We were into our third margarita, I think and I decided to tell him and he literally, apart from the agents who told me the
news and the people who were employing me, were the only people that were supposed
to know. So yeah, I told him. Wow, did he tell anyone else? Not as far as I’m aware. Now, here’s the thing. The late Professor Hawking’s work into the nature of space and time… Yeah. …Inspires us here on the show a lot and
we often unearth new evidence of time travel on the show. For instance, we’ve outed Daniel Radcliffe as a time traveller. Actually not once but twice. We found Daniel again in another era. There he is. We also had Justin Timberlake. He showed up in Newcastle as a ruffian and now we can exclusively reveal Benedict
Cumberbatch is also a time traveller. Here he is in the 1920s. That is uncanny! Yeah it’s crazy. You made someone very happy in the 1920s. It’s like looking in the mirror, Graham. Where did I get those bangs from? Look at that. I know. We can… if you want, we can recreate the look if you want Can I say, I’m glad you said yes because someone went
to a lot of trouble to make this. Yeah, okay, okay well to honour that I must wear it. Oh the internet, here we come. You do that bit yourself. Shall I do that bit myself? I don’t want to hurt you. Okay. Right, ready? Okay, where do Iook? Where do you look? Camera five, there.
There, yeah okay. That’s not bad!

100 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch as a 1920s bride? – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

  1. That pose reminds me of his interview with keira knightley lmao there was a question 'can u do keira knightley pout'๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I think he was a bit tired from running all over the world , but he is such a cutie pie still able to make everyone laugh ๐Ÿ’• i love him ๐Ÿ˜

  3. I think Benedict is really a good sport. I do think the costumer didnโ€™t do a good job. Look at the detail put in By cosplayers. This is less impressive.

  4. Ben looked a bit upset, like he wasn't expecting the change from Hawking to a funny picture. :-0

  5. Kinda feel sad for the people in the photos, like imagine people in the future laughing at you ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. The weird thing is thinking about the lady in the photograph, and how it would never have occured to her that 90 years after her wedding day, a world famous actor would be trying to look like her on a TV chat show. The world is so surreal sometimes.

  7. I'm not an obsessed Cumberbatch fan but I do like him. You can tell he's tired but he still tries. He knows he's in a privileged position and he tries his best for his fans. Great guy.


  9. Benedict is so generous. He always gets ribbed on Graham Norton, be it japes like this or otter look-a-likeys or whatever, and he just goes with it and enjoys himself.

  10. how weird would it be if someone in 2116 looked at these pictures and thought they were a time traveller

  11. Don't forget Alec Baldwin was secretly Millard Fillmore.

  12. That beautiful intelligent man…why must he always take on a show for this horrible fans..he is tired from this shit and this is sad..Because he is a wonderful actor..

  13. That guy does [not] look like Justin Timberlake at all. He actually looks better…

    (That's for Britney and Janet, you brat)

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