14 thoughts on “Beloved 92-year-old woman found dead in Queens street

  1. That poor old lady. She looked like a really sweet person. I bet she was good to everyone. I'm 19 & don't live in that State but I feel so bad for that lady & her family. She had done things right in life or she wouldn't have lived to 92 & then some punk comes along & for no reason does that. If that's the dude in the pic who did it, he will be caught. Anyone to do that in the street to an old lady is type that will do it to anyone so they gotta get him off the streets.

    The electric chair is too good for him. He needs to be sent to North Korea for a slow torture!

  2. Killed by…..wait for it……an illegal immigrant who had an ICE detainer that was released because of MuH Sanctuary! They didn't tell you she was also raped, she was.

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