Belle & Tina are Time Travelers // Animated Pilot

Sure, we have a DVD copy of Hellboy. But, like… you know you can just stream it on Netflix, right? Tina, We still have two more hours on our
shift, so I was thinking… maybe… we could watch… If you say Doctor Who again I’ll puke. Come on! You don’t have to watch all 35
seasons… Unless you want to. NO! I hate Sci-fi. I hate space. And I hate DOCTORS! Pleeeeeeeease It’s awesome and fun and everyone’s so HOT. Ugh, fine. Yay! *Mimics Holy Chant* Oh my god, you keep it in a safe? I’m just gonna go stick this inside me
and be right back. Don’t touch the case. Wait, this is British? BITCH DON’T WATCH THIS!! ♪♫ I have died every day waiting for you… ♪♫ AHHH!!! BELLE! YOU HAVE TO COME WITH ME TO PUNCH
MY FUTURE SELF IN THE FACE! Tina you promised you’ll stop doing this! You built a time machine? Obviously. Uh, why didn’t you tell me?? You know i’m obsessed with that stuff! (“I don’t know”) I have so many questions! Did you use it before? NO! Where did you go? How does time travel work? (gasp) Is it like terminator? What’s terminator? You work in a DVD store. Anyway long travels make me sick,
so i only used it like once. It was awesome though. So how does this work? It’s a DVD player. You just Press play- And whatever time the movie you put is set in, That’s where you- Ew, what’s with you and puke all the time? What’s with you and periods? You have them like twice a month! I have irregular ovaries!!! uh… which movie did you put? Barbara something…? I don’t know. It had a futuristic hot chick on the cover. Barbarella!? Tina, that’s like 2000 years
in the future. Ah, sweet! I bet I could get a cool futuristic gun and scare the shit out of future Tina! past Tina… other tina? What the hell is this place? I don’t know. Let’s ask this guy DON’T! are you crazy?? We have no idea how this time traveling thing works! Is it like Back to the future
where everything you do changes history? Or is it a 12 monkeys situation
where there’s always one constant timeline? Until we know for sure we have to stay clear of any– HEY DUDE! WHAT’S UP? UGHHH Hi! Welcome to Steve’s-Country! Formerly California. I’m Steve! What happened to your shoes, Steve? Well, there aren’t really any shoe stores
around anymore. Or any store. Except that one. (Both) No Way! The only thing that survived the apocalypse
was a safe that they had in there containing the last remaining piece of
entertainment and joy in my entire existence! No. It”s called Doctor Who. God Dammit! You see? Even Steve likes it! And he’s the coolest guy in all of Steve’s country. Hmmm… He is technically the authority on
what is cool in the new world.. Okay, I’ll watch it! WOOHOO! Finally! No more lonely nights for Steve! W… What happened!? Our movie must have ended. You think Steve will miss this? You know, Belle. Now that’s I’ve watched all of Doctor Who, I learned that it takes a big person
to admit their mistake. So you should apologize
for not making me watch this sooner. Sorry, Tina. I just wish I could watch it all over again.
With fresh eyes! You can always go back in time
and punch yourself in the face… –THAT’S BRILLIANT! No, no Tina I was..

100 thoughts on “Belle & Tina are Time Travelers // Animated Pilot

  1. Wait, so, when they say they watched "all" of Doctor Who… do you mean all all? Like all the classic stuff, or just the post-reboot stuff? Do you know how long all the classic episodes and new stuff would take??? Wait, what about the lost episodes? Did they use the time travel technique to find the lost episodes before they were destroyed?! Aaaah I need to see the lost episodes, take me with you, Belle and Tina!!

  2. "I have died everyday waiting for you Ahh"


    "Tina you promised you stop doing this!"

    That part killed me ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. "If you say doctor who again I'll puke" literally all of my non Whovian friends when I say ANYTHING related to that series.

  4. Please someone pick this series up! Along with the intro theme too.

    Belle is freaking adorable I want to hug her a lot.

  5. Steve: "The last remaining peiece of entertainment and joy in my entire existance. it's called Doctor Who"

    Me: So true!

    Me: OH! And it's Series 1 (Season 27). The best one…

  6. Man, why haven't I heard about this? It looks good. I can picture this with the [adult swim] screen bug at the bottom right corner. You know, that sounds like a good idea…

  7. 3:24



  8. ะฅะพั€ะพัˆะฐั ั€ะฐะฑะพั‚ะฐ ๐Ÿ‘
    ะ–ะดัƒ ะฟั€ะพะดะพะปะถะตะฝะธั

  9. So many questions why did they recommend this 2 years after it's release? Why isn't this a series. Why hasn't any network pick this up as an official show? Federator! We have emergency situation! We need your help! MAKE THIS INTO A SHOW!!

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