Behavioral Interview Answers

– In this video, we are going to go over a common behavioral interview question, and explain how you
can give a good answer, a better answer, and the
best possible answer. Hopefully, after watching this video, you will be able to see how adding detail to your answer can help to set you apart from other candidates in an interview. So, can you tell me about a time you had to make a decision
without all of the information? Here’s a good example. It answers the question but
gives minimal specifics. – In my last role, I was asked to execute a large marketing campaign I selected the midsize
customer range to target, and designed a campaign for that group. Within the first year, that
approach led to positive growth. – The next example builds on the first by going into a little more detail, but it is still lacking specifics that help to highlight
the impact they had. – At my last company,
I was asked to execute a marketing campaign but I didn’t have the budget to cover more than one segment. After gathering analytics,
I determined the mid-size customer range would be the most effective to target. I designed and distributed the campaign and tracked its performance. Within the first year, my approach led to a substantial number of leads and had a positive impact
on the bottom line. – For our last example, pay attention to how we have built on the previous two answers we have talked about today. The answer tells the interviewer what specific actions were taken and gets quantifiable proof that those actions had a positive
impact on the company. – At my last company, I was asked to execute a marketing campaign but I didn’t have the budget to cover all three levels of customers or enough data to determine which customer level would be the
most effective to target. First, I gathered the analytics to determine which group to target and decided that the mid-size customer range, between 100 and
250 million in sales, would have the most
impact on the bottom line. Once I had that information,
I designed the campaign, built the material and distributed it. After the campaign was underway, I used sales force to assess
the campaigns performance. In its first year, this
targeted marketing approach led to a 25 percent
increase and the number of leads and had a 500
million dollar impact on the company’s overall bottom line. – Do you see the differences between the good answer, the better
answer and the best answer? When brainstorming answers to common behavioral interview questions make sure you are giving the interviewer enough detail to show how you were an asset in that situation. But remember, you should never take longer than two minutes to answer the question. The best way to learn
to provide enough detail while not taking too
much time is to practice. So get together with your friends, team members or a CMC coach to work on your answers to common
interview questions. Until you feel confident, you can provide a lot of detail,
efficiently and effectively. Thank you for watching! For more information on
behavioral interviews, check out our other videos or
reach out to your CMC team.

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