BedyCasa World Tour 2014 – #7 Vietnam – Team Itañol

Hello, I’m Veronica Hello, I’m Rafa and today we’re eating crickets in Vietnam Hello guys, We’re on the train going to # I fit I need to try You fit? No way. You don’t fit No no, I fit You almost fit! Here we go Veronica, you know what we’ve got to do from now on right? a long 24km walk here we go Rafa, let’s do it! well at least it’ll help us shift a few pounds but anyway we’re adventurers, so off we go! Are we gona continue? but it’s raining We can continue, I like the rain What about you? Come on! I’m sorel I’m very tired! Welcome to Chao Man May homestay When did you meet your husband? I don’t have a boy friend No, nothing and my mother in law is here and I have one sister my sister’s husband is older he came to my village he looked at me and said come here and I see that you don’t have eye brows only here and here in all of Vietnam? only for # You do the cooking? You work on an open fire stove It’s so hot? But it’s ok, I want people to come here And then you do? Yeah, I make by hand and for one dress, how long to make it? My clothes…? It takes one year. need to sell to eat We’re very poor We only eat rice no meat no meat here… very poor are you happy? Yes, very happy when people have come over I say come and eat for dinner Welcome here Do you like having people here? Ye ye, I really like that. We are very happy to be here very happy, thank you so much we call you Mama because we are like your children my babies As soon as I set foot in Asia I was enchanted and I feel exactly the same today Vietnam is like a huge sort of chaos but chaos in a small village a calm chaos I’ve found an inner peace here. It’s like a contradiction a game of cards where you know that you’re not going to win anything it’s important to live for the moment I love that I love the feeling of the wind across your face people who try to cheat others and those who will give you everything even when they have nothing I like the noisy streets, and the mad traffic I love the food, the smells, the sweat and the dust I really think that Asia is my continent, because I really feel at home here. You’ve set us the challenge of helping people work the fields We’re trying, but we’re not doing very well we’ve not really helped much So here we’re about to help the lady who’s hosted us to dig the ground This one Yes. Oh, it’s so hard I think I’m about to pull up a plant that I’m not supposed to but anyway, let’s just not say anything… other I’m going to get told off my first time in Vietnam and my first time in Asia too and they were right, they were right, everyone who told me that Asia is a continent that changes you…changes your mentality the everyday way of living the way of thinking and above all I feel really lucky to have been able to have this experience, getting to meet people who appreciate the smallest things in life the “little things” as we say Hi BedyCasa friends, Veronica and me are on the road to our next destination So if you want to follow our adventures, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Youtube and our Twitter accounts Follow us on BedyCasa

One thought on “BedyCasa World Tour 2014 – #7 Vietnam – Team Itañol

  1. Congratulations Rafa and Veronica – I was totally mesmerised by your video. It is enchanting, captivating and for 6.57 mins I was immersed in the people, the sounds, the smells of Vietnam. Absolutely beautiful videography, story telling and above all your sense of discovery shines through. I loved it! With love from all of your new friends in New Zealand! x

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