What’s up everybody? I’m Alex and I’m Marko, and you’re watching Vagabrothers. This week, we’re exploring German tradition in Bavaria. So grab your lederhosen and pretzel. Germany is a nation made up of many historic regions, and Bavaria is the largest and most culturally distinct of all. Historically, wedged between the Prussians in the north and the Austria- Hungarian empire in the south, Bavarians developed a strong, cultural identity that endures to this day. Bavaria has been dubbed the Texas of Germany for its strong, regional pride and because it’s where foreigners get a lot of their preconceptions about Germany: October Fest, Lederhosen, and huge mugs of beer. We wanted to find out just how real these images were. So we started off at one of Bavaria’s most iconic landmark: the Hofbrau Haus in Munich. We came here as eighteen year-old backpackers, but quite frankly don’t remember too much. That’s probably because they serve beer by the liter. It’s full of tourist, but that’s for a reason: It’s really a traditional place; it’s popular, and we’re going to go in and learn about the culture of beer halls in Bavaria Prost! No, no. Yah, yah, yah. Prost. At first glance, things can look a little bit cliche.` Dudes in lederhosen playing umpa music? Yah, that’s the thing and frauleins serving huge one liter beers called “Maß” to tourist arriving by the busload. But look a little closer, and you’ll find what makes the Hofbrau Haus so popular: its long legacy as the royal brewery of Bavaria’s kings. and the hundreds of locals who come every week, dressed in lederhosen drinking from personal mugs that they keep in a locker. You might think that they’re actors in costumes, but they aren’t. They’re legit and super friendly like our new buddy, Charlie. My name is Chaaaarlie. Charlie told us that he first came to the Hofbrau Haus when he was eleven and that our table actually belongs to his Stammtisch or group of childhood friends that come there every week to catch up, drink beers, and have a good old time. Prost Prost. Cheers. I guess you could say that the Hofbrau Haus is a lot like Paris, full of tourists but super fun if you hang out with the locals. But most of the locals there were older. So we went across town to the student neighborhood of Maxvorstadt to meet up with travel and life style vlogger Anika Landsteiner at Cafe Kosmos, a cocktail bar with a much younger vibe. I like it here because it’s very authentic, very old. It’s very cheap, actually. The beer is around 1,60 E or something like that. You can’t find find another place that’s as cheap but as good as Cafe Kosmos. Cafe Kosmos actually made headlines a few years back for banning people who wore liederhosen. So we asked Anika how young people were relating their cultural heritage these days. Bavaria is a place with a lot of tradition, a lot of old style and the people are, especially the young people, are starting to like that again. For example, there are a lot of bands that are again singing in the dialects. They use the dialects They are identifying with the tradition again. But the next morning, we saw locals wearing a totally different kind of outfit we didn’t expect to see in Germany: a wetsuit. Bro, I want to get in there so badly. The water is freezing, but these guys are having a blast, and it’s awesome to see people here in the middle of Continental Europe with some surf-stoke. I’m jealous, but I’m going to watch these guys have fun, and then I’ll get my surfs-up, too. Now, as much as Marko and I like to ride surfboards, there’s one thing we like to ride even more: motorcycles. So before we left Munich, we paid homage at BMW Welt, home to some of the world’s most amazing machines. This is like the ultimate Vagabrothers dream. I believe it’s ultimate driving experience, Alex. I want an R 1200 or an 800 G S adventure to do some serious motorcycle trips on them. Ok, so Alex likes the enduro bike for off road stuff. That would be cool, but I’m more of a cafe racer person , myself, and this is the BMW R9T which is their version of doing a cafe racer. It’s customizable, and it’s just gorgeous. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. We actually got to take some spins in some other rides, as well, from the classic to BMW’s latest electric car, the i3 But , Bavaria is about a lot more than just Munich. The next morning, we woke up early and headed to the countryside. All right , you guys. Our exploration of Bavaria continues. We’ve driven about an hour south of Munich through beautiful rolling hills and forests, and now we’re in the Monastery town of Andechs Not only is Andechs beautiful, but we’re here because it’s also where monks have been brewing beer for centuries. So we’re going to go find out a bit more about tradition and maybe we’ll sample a little bit of their product, ourselves. What do you think, Brother? I’m excited. Let’s go. Since the middle of the 12th century, pilgrims come here, and that’s why the monks are here. That’s why a brewery exits and our restaurant So, I’d like you to know the very heart of Andechs He then took us into the inner sanctum, which guards holy relics, such as parts of Jesus’ cross. But, many people make the pilgrimage to Andechs simply for the beer. So we asked how a monastery became a world-class brewery? Because in the beginning, monks brewed beer for themselves. They started brewing also for their guests because Benedictine Monks also are very sure that if they face visitors, they face Christ themselves. So they would know, if Christ were here, he would want to have a nice, dark beer. and a pretzel, and some nice pork belly, as well, right? And we would like to join Him, of course! So we’ve seen the monastery, we’ve learned about the religious significance, and now, we’re going to experience true Benedictine hospitality. We’re sitting down for lunch and some beers, in this beautiful beer hall. To Bavaria! Guys, this is a ridiculous feast right now. Pork belly, pork knuckles, and potatoes, pretzel, beer, aaaaand a heart attack. A good one. I was once told a German phrase that means you get so full that you have to unbutton your pants so that your belly flops out. And that’s exactly how it felt. I don’t remember the phrase, but if you do, add it in the comment box because I’d love to know it! We staved off food coma with momentum, hopping on a train south, to the Bavarian mountain town of Berchtesgaden. It’s often said that Bavarians are more culturally similar to Austrians than northern Germans. And walking around Berchtesgaden, which used to be part of Austria illustrated that point. We checked into the luxurious hotel and spa Edelweiss, Berchtesgaden before heading off to explore the town, the surrounding mountains, and the beautiful Konigsee Lake. We’re at this beautiful lake and this dude’s playing the trumpet. Listen Awesome Couldn’t have planned that if we wanted to. Next, our guide recommended that we try one of the local sports. We were told that we’re going to an ice skating rink, but this does not look like an ice skating rink. Looks like a bobsled. If that’s the case, then we’re going to be like the California Bobsled Team, which is just on par with the Jamaicans. I watched the Olympics a couple years ago, and a guy who did what we’re about to do flipped off and slammed into a pole. He was dead, instantly. It feels like getting shoved into a torpedo bag and then shot out into the unknown. I guess we can take solace in the fact that there are elderly people and children doing it. OMG The luge was fun, but we also wanted to experience classic Bavaria style: the Lederhosen. So we met up with Engelbert Aigner, the youngest generation in one of the last families to produce lederhosen by hand. Engelbert invited us into his work shop where he makes clothes from deerskin. Each piece embroidered in the individual style of Bavaria’s and Austria’s many different regions. Over a beer, he told us why lederhosen are so important to Bavarians. It’s the same as the kilt from the Scottish guys, and it’s more a feeling. In the last years, the young guys wear lederhosen more and more It’s not because our grandpa did it, it’s a life style. Do the beers taste better when you’re wearing the lederhosen? Much better. We had seen a lot of Bavaria. So on our last day, we decided to take it all in from the mountains above the resort town of Bad Reichenhall Guten morgan from the top of the Predigtstuhl We just took one of the oldest gondolas in the world up here, and we’re about to go snow shoeing through this beautiful, snowy mountain. We hiked on a ridge line overlooking the border with Austria. It was the perfect spot to reflect on our awesome time in Bavaria. And although we couldn’t see the physical border of Bavaria, we realized that Bavaria is a region that’s defined more by sentiment: a feeling that sticks with you long after you’ve left. All right, guys that was our take on Bavaria. Hopefully, you enjoyed the video, and make sure you come check out Bavaria for yourself. Big thanks to German Tourism Board for helping to make this trip possible. If you want to learn more about Bavaria, you can check out their website down below. And, stay tuned for next week when we’re going to the Rheinland for Carnival. As always, if you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to this channel for new travel videos every Tuesday. Ciao, ciao. Good Bye Mark’s putting the Go Pro on like a G string I feel like a medieval prisoner. I didn’t do it, I swear. Free me. I don’t deserve to die. Why are you always Scottish? I don’t know

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