Beaufort County’s rise in tourism

CAROLINA ARE WORKING TO BRING PEOPLE IN FROM ALL OVER TO ENJOY WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER… AND ONE COUNTY IN EAST IS STARTING TO SEE AN INCREASE TOURISM. WNCT’S ARIANA KRAFT HAS MORE ON THE TOURISM BOOST IN BEAUFORT COUNTY. LOOK LIVE IN: WASHINGTON’S TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY IN BEAUFORT COUNTY IS ATTRIBUTING THEIR INCREASE IN TOURISM TO MANY WORKING PARTS. RIGHT NOW THEIR SEEING MORE SHOPS, PLACES TO STAY AND THINGS TO DO. WITH NEW RESTURANTS AND SHOPS IN WASHINGTON, THE CITY IS SEEING a boost in tourism. from 20-17 to 2018….the city’s seen A MORE THAN SEVEN PERCENT INCREASE IN TOURISM EXPENDITURES. Erin Ruyle: Executive director of tourism and development in Washington There’s something new opening almost everyday and I think that attributes to a lot of the growth um there’s more for people to do there’s budding downtown, um we have our gem which is our waterfront which is our draw, but once that draws people in um people come back because there is a lot to do beautiful town um and the people are fantastic people from all over make their way to washington… even elaine mayo from edgecome county. Elaine Mayo: Edgecombe county resident Well we get here maybe several times a year they have some big occasions for the July 4th and things like that we’ve been to those and we like to eat at the restaurants on Main Street and shop the little shops. AND IT’S BEEN A GROUP EFFORT TO PUSH OUT MORE MARKETING AND ADVERTISING FOR THE CITY. We’ve worked really hard um to collaborate with other organizations in town…so working together we um expand our marketing reach tremendously and I think that’s helped with our marketing efforts and really bringing people in LOOK LIVE OUT: THE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO STRATEGIZE WAYS TO INCREASE THE FLOW OF PEOPLE IN THE AREA AND ATTRACT MORE TOURISM. IN WASHINGTON, ARIANA KRAFT, 9OYS. ACROSSS NORTH CAROLINA…

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