Barranquilla – El Gran Malecón del Río – Subtítulos en Español, Inglés y Francés

The “Great Malecón del Río” in its Northern Sector It has two accesses: The first, through “Convention Center Puerta de Oro”, this site has a gigantic parking lot under roof, in which, and with a minimum single rate, You can park during all day your vehicle, avoiding expensive fines for improper parking. The second access is “this entry”, if you travel on “Via 40” from the side of the Magdalena River, turn right on the 78-A Street, next to the old glass factory “PELDAR”, a beautiful wall with urban paintings, made in April 2018 inside the Urban Art Festival “Killart” of Barranquilla with the sponsorship of the French Alliance and the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism of Barranquilla that will gladden your path. The second, of four stages, with a length of 2 kilometers long it was inaugurated on July 18, 2017 The project has its origin in the Master Plan designed by the “JICA” Japanese Agency between 1983 and 1985. After many years of his designs being saved. The works began in a sector very distant, the Loma Island, but these were prevented by farmers who occupied the Island. Only until the year 2012, already solved the problems with the settlers that inhabited it, The great “Malecón del Río” The project was started firmly. The first of his four journeys that will have a total of 5.2 kilometers in length, the sector of the Island of La Loma, was inaugurated on on December 21, 2012. This video, which shows the second part of the project, corresponds to the North Sector, with entrances, pedestrian, by Convention Center, and for vehicles, down 78-A Street, quickly becoming one of the main sites of Recreation and relaxation. This section will include soon with a building with restaurants,

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