Bangabandhu safari park , an exciting tourism spot

This is Bangabandhu safari park, the best
tourism spot near Bangladesh capital city Dhaka. It is in Gazipur district 40 kilometers
from Dhaka. You will get the test of willed Africa here. It is a new and attractive visiting
place mostly known as Gazipur safari park. After getting inside the park, you will see
the tigers, the lions, deer , white lions, zebra and 31 species of animals. You can start
your visiting with “Tiger safari”. It is a
big and safe safari surrounded with glasses
so that you can see the roaring tigers and take coffee or tea. The workers of the park
can call the tigers and they respond to them. Then there is Lions Safari where you can see
also white lion. Then there is
a deer safari, zebras and other animals The safari park
also consists several species of bird, duck,
crocodile, kangaroo, and many others. It is like the Thailand safari park.

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  1. Akdom faltu place,,, ticket ar dam komabe ki din din aro barai dicce,,,bortomane vitore 30takar niche kono ticket e ny…

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