Bali Yatra, Cuttack, Odisha Episode 12

If you are planning the Odisha tour in the month of November,…. …you must include the famous Bali yatra of Cuttack in your itinerary. In the present times, this event is a very huge mela (fair). The literal meaning of Bali Yatra is a long sea journey to the Indonesian island of Bali. The trade connection between Bali and Cuttack, through the Paradip port is centuries old. When you will go to the Maritime Museum in Cuttack…. …you will get to learn in great detail about the maritime rituals, trade and cultural connections. Namaskar friends! Welcome to Visa2explore! This is your host, Harish Bali! When we began our Odisha tour from Cuttack,…. ….you saw, we travelled to South Odisha,…. ….after that we went to the Western part and now we are back in Cuttack. Our primary reason to come back to Cuttack is… ….that I wanted to see the Bali Yatra and participate in it. Right now, we are standing in the parking area. You’ve already had a glimpse of the festival. Let us go inside. And for your information, this is the biggest fair in Odisha. This is what we are here for. Please make me one Thunka Poori! Look at the size of Thunka Poori. This poori is bigger than the size of my plate. They have served two other things with it. One is chana & paneer curry and the other is aloo gobhi. The poori is a little uncooked. And this chana-paneer curry is also served cold. So, I’m not enjoying it that much. If the curry was a bit warmer and the poori a little well-cooked, I feel it would have been tastier. The place where we ate the Thunka poori,…. ….is also selling this biryani. This is anda chop (egg fritters). You are making rolls. Tell me till what time in the night do you keep open? Till 11 am! What is this called? Rabdi Paneer steam cake! Rabdi paneer steam cake! This cake has a beautiful rich taste of chhena (separated milk solids). And it also has the flavour of rabdi (cooked milk sweet). The taste is good and the best part is it has perfect sweetness. Neither too much nor too less. And it is very soft! If you take a bite like this, it just melts in your mouth. I was taken back into my childhood when I enjoyed a ride in the fair. For Rs. 60, he offered a good time on this ferris wheel, almost for 10-12 minutes. When we reached to the top of the wheel,… ….I could enjoy the view of whole Bali Yatra. Till that time I was enjoying, but as soon as I started descending, my heart was fluttering till we came down. Overall, it was a lot of fun! People of all age-groups are enjoying the Bali Yatra immensely. Hand-woven cotton sari! What is its price? Rs. 2500/-. So, how much time does it take to hand-weave this sari? It takes four days. So, where is the unit where you weave such saris? (Inaudible) Alright! So, this sari you told me is for Rs. 2500/-. Cotton! And this design? This is one is also for Rs. 2500/-. This is a silk sari! Its price is Rs. 4200/-. This fair is huge. If you want to visit it thoroughly,… …you need at least 2-3 days’ time. It has a lot to offer. Eat, drink, indulge in shopping. And another good thing about this fair is that they also provide this ATM kiosk here. Is this popular in Odisha? Yes, very much! Alright! I had no idea that you could get this dal in Odisha. Tell me about the famous products here. Haldi (Turmeric) of Odisha is famous. Haldi! Here you can see! Just a little bit! What is the price of a kg of this? Sir, it is Rs. 120 per kg. Rs. 120 per kg. This honey is from Simlipal. Though we couldn’t go to Simlipal, but let us taste the honey from there. I will take honey from you. How much is Rs. 250gm for? Rs. 220 for 250 gms. I will take one of this. Cuttack is also famous for its work in silver filigree. These ornaments are handmade. Show me some pieces. This is a necklace, it is handmade. Alright! So, this is its price? Rs. 2100? Rs. 2100, yes! Rs. 2100/-. Weight? Its weight is 21gms. 21gms. Rs. 2100 is its price. And this necklace! Show me the wheel design there. Konark temple in design! Wow! Really magnificent. Shall I show you one more? They both look the same! This is different style. Yes, the design is different. Very beautiful! What is its price? You will get it for Rs. 20,000. Rs. 20,000 and what is its weight? Its weight is 200gms. 200gms, price is Rs. 20,000. Very fine work, this is! Brother, all these anklet designs are in silver filigree? Yes, these are in silver filigree. Can you show me a couple of these designs? Yes, I can. See, these are the designs. Quite heavy, it is! Yes it is, because it is 99gms in weight. 99gms. Wow! Beautiful! So, what is its price? Rs. 5050! Rs. 5050 for 99gms. All this is handmade. Very traditional design! This is mostly worn by folk dancers, etc. Yes, specially Odissi dancers. What is its cost? Its price is Rs. 6540/-. Rs. 6540 for 119gms. Yes, for 119gms. Thank you very much. This is an ice cream stall in this fair. I’ve not seen such an ice cream being sold anywhere else. Inside this ice cream roll is an iron cylinder. From one end, they feed ice into this cylinder. And around this cylinder, they pour liquid and jelly. That is how this ice cream is made. Brother, give me a cup of ice cream. The taste is good. I mean delicious! They have added custard to milk. So, the pure taste is that of custard. Chilled custard and subtle flavour of jelly! So, brother, if you stop rolling this cylinder, the ice would melt away. Ohh! So, how long does this ice last? About 1 to 1.5 hours! So, if the ice melts away, what would you do? You will add ice again? We enjoyed the Cuttack Bali Yatra very much! We came here at 6 pm and the time is 10 pm right now. It is now that I can see stalls starting to wind up their business because…. …the official timings are from 10 am to 10 pm. The crowd is beginning to head out. Though I enjoyed very much but one thing that I’ve noticed is if you want to enjoy Bali yatra thoroughly.. ….it isn’t a matter of one day, you need to come here for 2-3 days at least. For 3 or 4 hours daily! You will enjoy it immensely. As I told you, this is the largest fair in Odisha. This is the main entry gate, where we are standing right now. Look at its design! I have been watching it for the past 5-10 minutes. So beautiful! As for the crowd, you can see how many people are here today! So, let us go now. By the way, today is our third-last day of Odisha tour. Tomorrow is the second last day. And the day after, we are leaving Odisha. I am hoping that you are enjoying our Odisha series. That is it for now! After this, we haven’t yet thought of which state to visit! We will see you soon! Bye! Thanks for your time!

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