Bahari Beach Hotel Full Review Dar Es Salaam City Beach Tanzania

Good morning. So, late last night, my girlfriend and I spontaneously, decided to come here: Bahari Beach. Which is about 30 mins ride from the City of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Today’s vlog is going to be a different kind of vlog. We’re going to review the hotel we are staying at. Which is called Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel And it will also show you international folks what a typical hotel in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam area. I’m going to review this hotel in 7 categories: Make sure you watch this video to the end so you see the final score. These are the rooms. They’re are funky little houses. 2 rooms downstairs. 2 rooms upstairs. There’s a bunch of them scattered on the beach Ok. This is Triple Duplex Room and it costs around $120 per night. You gotta a double bed, there’s a single bed. TV has got local and international channels. Mosquito net here. Air conditioning. There’s the toilet. Thats the sink they had to unblock Shower Toilet They only gave us 1 towel. So, we had to ask for more towels. They have a safe Coffee facilities Air conditioning here but it doesn’t have a remote control. So, thats a bit of a pain. And here’s the view from the bedroom, which is not bad if I do say so myself. The sliding door is terrible to open. Its really stiff. I can’t barely open the bloody thing or shut the thing. I dunno if its because I’m weak because I just had a operation. So I’m quite week. But its quite stiff. I feel sorry for old folk and disabled people. They wouldn’t be able to open that thing. This is beautiful coral stone. A lot of the hotels around here are made of this. And this is the view which you can see its absolutely stunning. So, for this room I’d give a 3 out of 5. They have lost some points because of the sliding door is too stiff. There’s no bad head to the single bed and the sink was blocked when we got here and we had to ask them to unblock it. So they have lost some points there. The rest of the room is pretty good, I think. I’m quite impressed with the location of the hotel. It’s very near the beach and its about half an hour from town. So its within reason. But the further away from town you get; the cleaner the beach is. So, this is one of the ones furthest away without getting too far. So, quite pleased with the location So, location is good. It gets a 4 out of 5. You don’t get many decent beaches near Dar Es Salaam. So this is a good one. Breakfast was included with the room But they also have a buffet in the afternoon Which costs TSH40,000 Which comes to about USD$17 Highlights for me included the fish soup, I like it. The curries. and the fresh beetroot salad. In the evening you can order from the menu. I had Fish Tika, which was excellent. and this circular drinks bar is simply awesome. So food and drink, I’ve got no problem what-so-ever with it. They have a good selection of vegtables and meat. So- its good. I’d give 4 out of 5 for that. A rat?! Yeah, there’s a rat. General cleanliness of the hotel: its OK. But I did see a rat. In the toilet. The public toilet. I tried to film it, but it ran away. I missed it. I just missed it. So, because of the rat, I’m going to have to knock 3 points off. So, thats 2 out of 5. Sorry. For cleanliness. Even though the room is very clean. Facilities in the hotel There’s a saloon here. Spa. There’s a tourist shop over there. Its sells swimming kit and T-shirts and things Ah your there. Is this nice? I don’t know. So there’s plenty of spaces to park. Its quite spacious. So this is the tennis court. Two courts here. I think you can rent our rackets and stuff. This is the basket ball court. They have also got conference faciliites here and they’ve got office facilities here as well. So you can print stuff out. A lot of these hotels don’t even have gyms. But this one does But this one does, so it’s very good. So the fitness facilites are actually not bad. They’ve got a few weights and a few basic machines which is pretty good actually. Its better than expected. So, I’m quite impressed with that one. The pool facilities are second to none. You’ve have a bar in the pool Changing facilities over there. There’s a water fountain, which is turned off. Its a massive pool, its really good actually Quite impressed. In the morning, its nice and quiet around the pool area. But in the afternoon it gets a bit lively. They have a lot of entertainment for kids and adults, and in the evening as well. So final score for facilities: There’s a lot to do in this hotel compared to other hotels in this area. The service is ok apart from the receptionist. When I checked in, he made me wait for about 10 minutes. He was just on his phone. So thumbs down for that. But the rest of it seems ok. However, Noveza, had some issues also. …yeah, the male Chef shouted at her and I can’t accept it. Because you are working in a hotel industry and we never shout at our customers. They only had instant coffee. So I complained and asked for real coffee. And they made it for me straight away, which is really good. Cheers. I just asked Housekeeping, “What time is checkout time?” They said its 5pm. So we can enjoy this room balcony with a beach view. And we can have a cup of coffee. (electronic music) (Phone rings) (music stops) Hello? Yes we are checking out. So its not 5 its 11? Yeah, House Keeping told us its 5pm. OK yes we’re checking out. So what time is check out? 11 in the morning. Oh god. If you compare the price of this hotel and compare it to others in the area Its not that expensive. A more expensive hotel nearby, might be better quality. But you won’t get the range of facilities available. And the cheaper prices. And, of course the beach. Which is one of the main reasons why you come to a beach hotel. So, for this reason, value gets 4 out of 5. So if you put all these scores into a percentage. That gives, Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel a final score of… I would recommend this hotel. So I hope you like this video at Ledger Plaza Bahari Beach Hotel. I’ll see you next time. (car horn) Bye.

14 thoughts on “Bahari Beach Hotel Full Review Dar Es Salaam City Beach Tanzania

  1. Hey Russel, I think the hotel is fine but with rats everywhere I donโ€™t think I could stay there! I think that includes the food etc. You never know really. Good review! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. That buffet was expensive but the food and the place looked beautiful! Shame about the rat. Everything looks amazing over there. Your whole life looks like daily fun! Check you out in the gym!

  3. Oh i dont like rats i dont think i can sleep good if i knew that there a rats around but i think i will like the food there

  4. Impressive resort. Very lovely just like boracay before. The only problem is the staff are giving wrong information regarding checkout time. Plus the server are shouting at their customers.

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