Backlink Removal – Google Penalty Recovery Services

Your site no longer ranks in Google
You’ve lost all your organic traffic Google has been updating their algorithm over
the past 18 months to go after sites that no longer comply with their guidelines
There are 2 major types of updates that Google has done
One is an algorithmic penalty, and the other is a manual penalty
Am algorithmic penalty is one that trips Google filters and finds your sitre has violated
their guidelines The other is manual penalty
This is an action Google has manually placed your site under penalty and will not come
back until that penalty has been removed At, I’ve spent the last
year developing different ways to classify links
and determine which ones are causing problems, and which ones are valuable
This is essential to make sure that you don’t remove the valuable links
and you only remove the ones that are causing the problems
Whenever we evaluate a site under Google penalty, we do a 2-Phase Approach
Phase One is we pinpoint exactly what went wrong
Is it keyword stuffing? Is it cloaking?
Is it Duplicate Content? Is there over optimized keyword?
Any other Black Hat SEO techniques that were done to boost the ranking
Once we’re don with Phase One we will give you full recovery plan on what we recommend
to get your site back Phase Two involves US actually implementing
the plan developed under Phase One We work along side with you in trying to get
links removed by sending emails to webmasters, contacting them on Social Media, and any other
means to get the links removed that are causing the problems
I’ve spent the last year and a half working on different techniques to get sites recovered
I’ve had to do this because it happened to me
The first site that I’ve recovered are my own
I had sites ranking for some of the top competitive keywords in Google and lost them overnight
Since then, I’ve been successful in recovering not only my own sites but other’s sites
And that’s why I started Looking forward to work with you and getting
your site recovered

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