hi guys and welcome back to my channel
today I’m going to be doing a huge back to school giveaway 2017 we spent close
to a thousand dollars on all of the goodies here for you guys today and I’m
so excited to give them all back to you guys you’re amazing if you are a mom of
a kid going to school if you are an entrepreneur if you are going to school
yourself if you’re in college you should definitely enter into this giveaway all
you have to do to enter into the giveaway is like this video be a
subscriber and let me know in the comments below what is your all-time
favorite subject I will have all of the rules listed down in description box
below and I will have a special generator gleam dot IO where you enter
in formally kind of make sure that there is no scams or BOTS make sure your real
first and making sure that people get real fair chances so like if somebody
subscribes for one hour and then they unsubscribe that you don’t the other
person doesn’t get it just an unfair advantage this is my way to get back to
all of those people that are engaging in my videos and they’re interacting on my
content and they’re being super amazing this is my way to thank you and just
give back to you guys I hope that you guys like it and let’s get started I’m
going to save the good stuff for last but let’s go first of all I got you this
super peak tumbler Cup or class it is absolutely adorable I hope your school
left you drink in class or in between class and I also picked up these
adorable pencils they have rose patterns on them and they’re super super
cute then I also picked up a little sticky Flags for any tabs or schoolbooks
where you need to remember something I picked up my favorite markers these are
my favorite they’re flat tip and they make your handwriting look so good and
there’s so many awesome colors in there next I picked up a fidget Center because
well they’re going to do in between classes come on I don’t know if these
are banned in school but if they’re banned then you can always rock it
outside of class I seriously want a good one like this my husband bought me one
the other day at the grocery store and it’s kind of a junky one so it doesn’t
spin right but that one’s actually good and then I pick you guys up some Sharpie
highlighters and when I also got this pencil pouch it is adorable and on the
front it says kora kora kora kora kora and I picked up a ton of really cute
erasers and colored pens my absolute favorite these are my favorite pens ever
like with those salt tip marker so I told you about and these pens are like
the number one pens that I buy because they make my handwriting look amazing
and if you care about your handwriting you know with tens work for you and
which don’t I especially like the purple one and
then I picked up this really cute little checklist says oh my god check this list
super adorable some of mechanical pencils because we need these to
function I use a mechanical pencil every single day and my planner little
lifesaver I don’t even use pens and then some gum I hope you’re allowed to chew
gum in school but I won’t tell if you don’t tell and for some of the good
stuff I picked up this super cute clipboard at Target has bold little
specks on it so this is absolutely adorable kind of jealous not gonna lie
and then I got some notebooks it says let’s chill and have a little ice cream
cone on it and on the back it has tons of really cute ice creams oh my gosh is
that not adorable then I got you guys’s geometric rose gold notebook
it has recycled materials and I don’t know if you care about that but I
thought it was really really cool totally nerding out but I love this one
and then I got this one which I thought was such a cute idea
I mean notebooks were not nearly this cute when I was in school not at all
then for the good stuff my favorite I picked out all colors I personally would
want so I’m sorry if there’s like a boy entering in and maybe this isn’t a color
you don’t like you can always gift it to somebody else or you can return it in
swap colors the first thing I picked up with the cool pick from a Nikon camera
this is white so you can pick some often pictures with your friends or just have
a really cool picture or just have a really cool camera to make
really cool YouTube videos next I picked up my husband is so jealous right now
it’s not even funny and I’m actually pretty jealous too because I’ve never
owned a pair of beeps in my life and I think they’re absolutely awesome and I
picked up a pair of white beats for you guys and I hope you’re gonna like them
there’s an EP DCP I don’t know what that means but the guy said that they’re good
one so and the last thing that I picked up for you guys there’s 32 gigabyte iPad
and it is rose gold which is totally awesome and I’m so freakin pumped about
I have never owned an iPad Mini like I know I have another giveaway going on
right now it’s my summer giveaway so you are entering into this giveaway and you
want another chance definitely check out my summer giveaway which have links down
below as well and I’m getting an iPad Mini away over there and this is an
actual full iPad I’ve never had one my mom and dad use them all of the time I’m
kind of jealous about this one too but it’s a cool way to give back to you guys
and definitely if I would have all this stuff when I was going back to school I
would definitely feel like one of the coolest kids in school no I totally was
I was going to get you guys an iPhone case as well but I didn’t know what kind
of phone that you have so I didn’t want to purchase the phone case and you not
even have that phone you don’t I mean so um I hope you guys liked this giveaway
if you did give it a big thumbs up this giveaway will end in 30 days so come
back to this video in 30 days and look in the description box below I’ll have
it listed loud and clear the winner is good you guys are aware and I will do my
best to reach out to that person as well I hope you guys like this giveaway and I
hope you have an amazing rest of your day bye guys

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  1. Hi I'm charity I'm nine years old and I did it and I can't do the extra things cause I don't have those apps in really very sorry

    Favorite subject is History

  3. Hi My favorite subject is maths and ICT I hope I win I have entered more than 20 giveaways I hope I with. This one

  4. I love you and your channel you are beautiful and I love❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘❤😘

  5. Good video I hope I have a chance to win this giveaway thank you 😍

  6. hey im back😭💯you guys please let her notice me i really want to win this!im in houston and my house flooded out nn i lost every thing😭😭😭yo littearly i cant get away from pain ! every thing always goes bad for me or dosnt work out .! please i been through it all i just cant get enough. i am still strong till this day!please i lost everything

  7. Because my sister got it with me and she got to kill fat so I want to connect with you whatever with it because my sister so I want to I want you to be nice plus uncle price

  8. I've entered! My favourite subject has always been art! So these supplies will be perfect! 👍I'm going to year 7 (UK 🇬🇧) a new school!!

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