Baby Says Aloha! – Ballinger Family Goes to Hawaii Day 3

100 thoughts on “Baby Says Aloha! – Ballinger Family Goes to Hawaii Day 3

  1. I couldn’t make the live stream today I was in and exam 🙁 but love you guys ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  2. I used to always let the babies feel their face with hands ,it helps with deveIopment ,speech , everything.i never covered
    the hands with onesies or mittens esp when it's hot. just keep nails short .babies love their hands free .

  3. The insight into the future and how amazing Jacob is going to be as a father is so heart-warming. I love his quiet, nurturing personality.

  4. Have you guys ever talked about the kids and swimming? I am so impressed by Duncan in the water!! Were they all like that? Learn to swim so young?

  5. What we learned today:
    Eat as much food as you can when at a buffet.
    Jacob is the shuffleboard champion.
    This is how we walk to dinner insert clip

  6. The ballinger family Chanel is full of such positivity and family that love each other, all of the kids are so respectful and smart. Much love to you guys

  7. I love how Duncan just goes for it in the pool, no fear. I really hate kids who act all scared in the pool, usually because of the parents.

  8. Omg when Duncan was saying “aloha” to Luke then he started singing “it’s Mickey Mouse club house” he sounded really British he has a great accent

  9. When you asked Duncan what the flower smells like, I immediately thought he'd say blueberries. It made me laugh when he actually said what I was thinking he'd say. He's so freakin adorable!!!

  10. Christopher, were you having flashbacks to your Europe trip when you were carrying Duncan everywhere in that holder? 🧐😋😂

  11. when chris asked what the flowers smelled like i thought duncan was about to say “strawberry, wild strawberry”

  12. Hi! I`m from Norway. I know you have some "issues" with Dylan.. maybe it`s the Language, but I really dont understan what is going on. Is there any way anyone can explain to me what is "wrong" ? He is such a beatiful baby! I only ask because I love this Family so much!!

  13. 9:23 was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!! The way Duncan was so polite and gave it and the way Flynn’s eyes lit up when he saw it! How precious

  14. Is it weird that I feel true joy at watching a family I've never met but feel as if I know enjoying their life? Genuinely love these vacation vlogs.

  15. Duncan and Luke are so adorable! It was so sweet how Flynn and Duncan were sharing with each other! That was so sweet! Cuteness overload!

  16. Can you change the outro and intro picture to Duncan plzzz? Don’t get me wrong, the outro is sooo cute!! And so is the intro picture.

  17. Duncan is the cutest big brother…I love it!! Siblings being best friends is so awesome!!luke smiles is so precious! Hawaii looks like a blast

  18. Duncan with Luke is the cutest thing ever I love how he cares about his baby brother and I love how he shares with his cousin Flynn and I love the chess pieces that Jacob made what’s that thing he used to make it I want to get me some of those pieces to make something

  19. Every single one of these kids did something that made my heart smile. They’re all just so so precious! We so need to protect them all ❤️

  20. You’ve done an incredible job to bring up five children that all have such an amazing, loving relationship with one another ❤️

  21. I absolutely love when Duncan says that Luke talked, its so sweet ^.^
    It actually makes me think of the cartoon Rugrats where the babies/toddlers communicated and could talk to each other but the adults couldn't understand what they were saying.
    If that's the case, thank you for translating Duncan 😁

  22. Duncan and the parrot reminded me of when I was a little kid, we always went to this little apartment in Ibiza for the summer holidays and there was this bright green parrot at the resort that would always say hello to me and my brother. So that made me smile 😄

  23. Seeing you and Jacob playing shuffleboard reminded me of my grandad, he made his own shuffleboard table, he was a woodworking teacher before he retired.

  24. First "Aloah" second "Cholula"! Luke sure is a precocious speaker!
    Quick Question: Jessica, you mentioned that you will all be going to "Playlist Live" in Florida on Christopher's Instagram live, in addition to some of the Disney Parks, will this be a "Four" (or should I say 'Five') Kids One Suitcase" series?

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