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This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Todays topic is: 4 Tips to get a B2 Visitor
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had to say: Leticia comes from Brazil and I helped her
get her Fiance visa., Hello, Mr. Fred Wahl. I would like to thank you for
helping me and Shawn with the process. My interview yesterday
went super well, and it was not as difficult as I thought, We had no idea how to start the whole process,
but with your help everything was extra easier. I’m really happy it is finished now,
but I remember the begnining of everything and the caring
you had on preparing our documents, everything looked super good. Now let’s talk about the 4 tips to get a B2
visitor visa to the USA If you already know me you know I help couples
get their fiance and spouse visas to immigrate to the USA. The ultimate goal for these couples is to
have a happy married life living together in the USA. I normally avoid talking about visitor visas. Because generally the people who ask me about
visitor visas are intent on bringing their girlfriends, boyfriends, fiancée’s or spouses
to the USA. As far as US immigration is concerned, by
definition, any visitor Visa applicant who has intent to permanently live in the USA
is automatically ineligible. Realistically, what candidate is more likely
to want to remain in the USA than someone who is in love with a American. Visitor visas are certainly appropriate when
foreign-born individuals have the time, money and interest to come sightseeing and
visiting the USA and who have ABSOLUTELY no interest in EVER living in the USA. If this describes you, then the following
tips should be useful. Tip Number 1: Demonstrate you have no intent
to live in the USA Before the interview begins, the consular
officer Automatically assumes you want to migrate to the USA. It is up to you to prove that that is not
the case. It is up to you to demonstrate you have many
good reasons to return and enjoy your life in your home country How do you do that? By proving you are grounded in your home country
by an established career, by business or property Investments, by your family and/or professional
or social networks all based outside the usa. Tip Number 2. Demonstrate you can afford the travel. While it is true that a sponsor in the USA
can offer to pay for your trip and expenses typically the consulate does not pay much
attention to that when considering to approve or deny. Being able to pay for your own trip and having
plenty left over when you return to home country makes your visa application much more likely
to succeed. Tip Number 3. Prepare what you will say in advance. The consular officer interviews many candidates
on the same day. He is busy and likely stressed, prepare what
you will say to him to quickly summarize your situation. Prepare a 1 minute “Elevator Speech”. Say what you plan to do while in the USA,
and be sure to confirm why you will return who is paying for the trip. Tip Number 4. Appear well dressed, confident and poised You probably have heard the story or know
someone personally who during their interview were denied within moments of appearing before
the consular officer with their stack of documents untouched and not even glanced at. This is because the consular officer is busy. At some embassies he may interview as many
as 100 applicants in one day. As such he will often rely on visual clues
to make his decision. If he feels an applicant doesn’t quite “look”
like a potential tourist and instead looks somehow urgent or desperate to get to the
USA, he won’t bother to continue. It will be “denied” and “next”. The way to handle this is to dress appropriately
and be calm and confident. After all this interview is not a life altering
event it is only an administrative step needed to be taken before going on holiday. Overall about 70% of visitor visas are approved
so if you are eligible and you follow these tips you should have a good chance of getting
your Visa approved. Enjoy your holiday to the USA. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
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  1. Good day sir! Im attend of my mother in law’s wedding im a made of honor ,can i get a visa even i am unemployed?

  2. Hi coach !! My girlfriend is trying to get the B2 visa, she has 2 failed attempts, we are venezuelans and I have traveled a lot to the US but this time I want to go with her, She has traveled to france, she has a good job, she had Visa when she was a child but never traveled. Why is her visa Denied every time 🙁 ?

  3. Good day Sir! Can you send me the link of sponsorship letter visa for B 2? My friend doesn't know how to write the sponsor letter formally.

  4. Hi…Iam an Indian. Our interview next month for tourist purpose.My husband and my youngest son with me in interview. But my elder son is studying in canada. Am I wrong to say this. Do they think that we will not return home country?

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