B.A.P – World Tour 2017 – PARTY BABY! – KPOP Konzert FRANKFURT GERMANY – 05.05.2017

*daehyun’s voice … is like being in heaven* Welcome to my Video – I did some pictures and video, which I would like to share with you. Don’t forget to LIKE this video and write a comment – for supporting us, please subscribe Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt / Germany THE FANS WERE SCREAMING – B.A.P is COMING Sorry – the microfon of my phone didn’t work at the beginning. “Habt IHR Spaß?” – Omg so good pronounced “Ich bin Himchan” German Speaking Skills Lvl. 999 “Was geht ?” 😀 Youngjaeeeee “WAS GEHT” “Ich bin daehyun” again good pronounced .. “Ich liebe euch” – “I love you” “ich bin zelo” 😀 omg yongguk they search a fan Daehyun mixed up a drink are you living in Frankfurt? – No Woher kommst du(Where are you from?) – Oberkirch Cute moment ^^ they have a gift for her a cam corder is that drink yummy? many many fans are dying :’D YYOOOOOOONGGUUUK SKKYYYYDIIIIIVE ONESHOT yongguk … i am speechless Why they couldn’t perform wake me up more than one time FEEEEEEl so goood – yes i feel soo good – thanky you

14 thoughts on “B.A.P – World Tour 2017 – PARTY BABY! – KPOP Konzert FRANKFURT GERMANY – 05.05.2017

  1. The last part of the concert where they just stood and listened to all of us singing Wake me up (like they couldn't believe we knew how the melody and lyrics went) is the thing that gets me emotional every time. I hope they understand how big of an impact their music has on all of us, and hopefully our love for them will have a small impact on them too 🙂

  2. Ich war auch da 😢 wie sie extra für uns one SHOT gespielt haben 😭😍 ich habe B.A.P weh 😂

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