Avoid Australian Visa Processing Time Delays

Three ways to avoid visa processing
delay. G’day everyone its Mark the RMA again with a weekly Visa3i video. Today I’m here at St. Kilda beach Melbourne here to talk about three ways
in which you can avoid visa processing delays. These weekly videos
are here to give you hints and tips on how to DIY your own visa application this is the second video on visa
processing time the first one was identifying reasons for delay in visa
processing times thank you for your comments in that video it’s very clear
to me that visa processing time is an important issue for most visa applicants
and today I’m going to be talking about how you can avoid visa processing delays
I think the fundamental way in which you can avoid visa processing delays is by
the first tip number one decision ready applications decision ready applications
are those that have all the documentation and all the information
required as set out by the Department of Immigration check lists and it’s ready
for lodgement at the time of lodgement it means that when a case officer
receives it or an administrative officer receives the application everything is
there and it makes it easier for the case officer to make a decision this can
avoid the dreaded request for further information which can delay your
application by over 28 days but it’s always good practice to have everything
ready when you launch your application decision ready visa applications are the
best way to avoid visa processing delays mixed tip on avoiding visa processing
delays is number two always updating your information and documents as
applicable during your processing of your visa application what does this
mean for example if you’ve changed a dress or you’ve updated your passport
details or there is some change in your circumstance that needs to be reported
to the department then it’s always best to update as soon as you can get this
information this can again avoid the need for a request for further
information or clarification always update the last tip in avoiding
visa processing delays is the sooner rather than later approach what do I
mean by that basically you should consider lodging your application sooner
rather than later there are many reasons for this but the main reason is you
never know when visa laws are going to change and what sort of impact they’re
going to have on visa applications citizenship applications is the perfect
example a couple of years ago there was announcements to citizenship laws they
didn’t end up coming into play but what it did was to cause a huge backlog of
applications so as of September 2018 this is the most recent data I have
there were almost 250,000 pending Australian citizenship applications so
lodging your application earlier in that case may have avoided a long wait in a
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Thursday videos going into deeper migration issues in Australia and beyond
this may give you a more global perspective of the immigration system
and what it involves thanks for watching look forward to seeing you in the next

10 thoughts on “Avoid Australian Visa Processing Time Delays

  1. You can find published processing times for Australian visas on the Department's website. For example, visitor visa times can be found here: https://bit.ly/2uh86tD Unfortunately these times are only a guide and the Department often doesn't process within these times.

  2. hi, its been 9 months since i applied for the 476 visa, and i am yet to receive any confirmation or any request for further info. what do you suggest i should do?

  3. Sir myself a vistor visa application on 27oct 2018,received pic4020 to comment on 6th of nov2018 answered on 18th dec2018 through govt notary as i was asked so but till date received no out come.what can be the predicted outcome

  4. Hlo sir i applied my file in december 2018 but i have no got any response from australian embassy and deffer latter also i issued

  5. Hello Mr.Walsh thank U for your great videos , Here is the question , how long does it take to grant the application right after CO requirements?? I got comment for an extra form and some evidence for my employee , and my application is for 190 visa . again thank you

  6. hi sir, how long will it take if we apply for sponsored family stream? we are planning to visit australia on july 29. so my wife and our 11mos old daughter will apply sponsored family stream (subclass 600) but we only have 40+ days. is it possible that the immigration will grant our visa earlier before july 29? because the website says that 75% of applications will take 42 days and 90% is 61 days. we already booked our ticket. pls help.

    from philippines applying for sponsored family stream (subclass 600)

  7. Hello sir, i have lodged my 189 visa application without claiming points for experience from onshore. Its been 190 days and there was no CO contact or grant yet. Meanwhile i have notified some incorrect answers in my application and change in my address aswell. What can i do now ?

  8. Hey man, can I get your email?

    I’m in the stage of the process that I need to have everything ready. Just wanna make sure I’m not missing anything.

  9. hi mr Walsh plz let me know that is there any thing like that if i apply my student visa in melburne then the success rate will be less

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