Aventure Colombia 10 anos de viajes de naturaleza y turismo en Colombia

10 years ago, the agency Aventure Colombia was created in Cartagena. A slightly crazy project, that Mathieu and Angelica embarked upon. The goal was to share the magic of Colombia and to change its image through discovery and meeting people. Today it is one of the leading agencies and is present all over the country, with a multicultural, dynamic and passionate team. It is not only the image of Colombia that changed but the country itself. The founding principles of Aventure Colombia: respect and meeting people, still apply At first, trips were organized with friends. Today, more than 200 local guides have joined the adventure and the agency has built relationships of trust with them. Aventure Colombia follows through on its commitments for sustainable and fair tourism. It works with several communities through concrete and ambitious projects.
Today, 1365 families all over the country benefit from our activities. In 2007, it was an inconceivable project in a country torn apart by military conflict. The commitment of the team allowed us to deal with those difficulties. We are proud to have allowed 7500 travelers to discover unexpected flavours and live unbelievable experiences. Colombia has become a very popular destination. Come to this country which is a champion of diversity but first and foremost come and meet the warm, generous, lively Colombian population. Aventure Colombia celebrates its 10th birthday and the whole team is waiting for you to share in a year full of surpises. events, invitations, trips to be won … So join us! A big thank you to our travelers, our partners and our collaborators. Aventure Colombia has got to this point thanks to you!

7 thoughts on “Aventure Colombia 10 anos de viajes de naturaleza y turismo en Colombia

  1. Congratulation for such an important milestone!!, You guys have a great content! you are definitely an inspiration to follow!!

  2. Video magnifique et qui me rendre très fiere d'etre Colombienne. Mais je me demande, porquoi si le titre du video c'est en Espagnol, le video n'est pas en Espagnol ou avec les sus-titres? Je suis sure aussi que ça sera plus partagé si c'etait en Anglais ou Espagnol, ou au moins avec des sous-titres dans cettes langes. Merci pour tout.

  3. Putain 10 ans! Et dire que j'ai été le premier proto-client, le cobaye… aieaieaie
    Félicitation Mat et Angelica!

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