Australian Tourist Visa Subclass 600…WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Hello friends! It’s me KristinCena.
Welcome to my channel and in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing to you guys
my first-time experience when I applied for an Australian tourist visa as well
as the requirements. So if you’re interested just please keep on watching so before I start guys I would like to
make a disclaimer I am NOT an immigration agent so I’m just gonna be
sharing to you guys my own experience so whatever I’m gonna be saying it might be
different for you and I’m just I just like thought to share this to you guys
because some of you might have like kind of same situation with me but all I’m
gonna say is that what I’m gonna be sharing to you is like in general but
the more complicated your problem(situation) is the more you need an immigration agent
because they really know what the intricates or they really know really
what to do to make your application successful. This might help you a little
bit so it might give you an idea on what really needs to do to apply for a
tourist visa. So I applied for my tourist visa way back 2015 but I guess there’s not
really that has changed so much probably the thing that changed might be the
prices but more or less the requirements would be the same. First advice that I’m
gonna be telling you is that you need to be genuine.
so genuine with your intention as well as the documents that you are uploading
it must be real it must be not fake because they are gonna use it against
you you don’t want to get banned or else in the future they can still use it
against you so might as well be honest and your intention to really be staying
here in Australia as a tourist so some people come here for work I mean you can
do that with other visa but not with a tourist visa okay. So apply for a tourist
visa as a student is probably one of the easiest thing to do I think you wouldn’t
need an agent. I mean an immigration agent
because they can be expensive and tourist visa is not a very complicated
that you need a tourist agent because for me I just did it with me and my my
husband now but at the time he was my boyfriend. So it’s pretty easy thing to
do and also guys there are two main things when you apply as a tourist in
general. So first thing that you need to show to the Australian immigration is
that you have a money to support your entire stay here in Australia like the
reality is it’s so expensive here in Australia and they don’t want you to
just sleep on the street or not eat anything in your stay they just want you
to show that you are gonna be alive while you’re here in Australia it’s so
expensive here and the second thing is that you need to have a reason to go
back to your country so don’t come here because you want to stay(for good) but yeah you
really have to show a strong reason why you will be going back that’s where
being a student comes in. Being a student is one of the main reasons why you’re
going back to your country of course because you’re studying to where were
your country is. So now let’s talk about the evidences that you can show to
Australian immigration when it comes to your finances. First, if you are a student
since we’re assuming you’re a student. you really don’t have money I mean it
would be weird that you will have enough money to stay because you’re not working
yet so it’s pretty reasonable that you were going to be showing money from
support of your relatives or your parents so that’s acceptable
in my case the one that who supported me was my boyfriend so he just showed
Australian immigration his a pay slip but that’s it! so if you really are a
working student guess in my case I wasn’t working so I needed
someone to show that they have the finances to support me during my entire
stay here in Australia but if you really are a working student..very
hardworking (and) you have money to support yourself then you’re gonna be needing to
submit your bank statement. There’s really not a minimum money that you can
show so it’s just that how long you’re gonna be staying here, your money should
be enough for that or more than that more than the budget for that. For
students the evidence that you need to show that you really are going back to
your country is first, of course, because you’re studying you need to show your
certificate of enrolment from your school registrar. Second, is your study
load I don’t know what you call that in your country but it’s where like the
load units of your subject your your schedule and credits and the last one is
your valid ID so those are just the things that you need to show in order to convince
the Australian immigration that you really are coming back to your country
so yeah that’s really all that there is and actually guys I need to remind you
that for those who have relatives and friends here in Australia they need
to give you an invitation(letter) so they need to write an invitation, scan it, then
upload it when you apply for the tourist visa. It reallyis a case to case basis
guys but it’s really just what I have in my case because I was still a student I
don’t have work and I don’t have assets(nor properties) so that’s really all that I
uploaded and for applying for the tourist visa it would take 30 days or one month
one month or 30 days for Australian immigration to give their decision.
so good luck on your application and also guys when you apply your passport
should be at least six months before expiry and also you can apply online so
yeah that’s it that’s all that I actually sent to Australian immigration
it’s just really a couple of things like a couple of evidences probably like three, four,
birth certificate and that so yeah I do hope that this video gave you an idea on
applying for tourist visa while you’re still a student and and if you want me
to tell you guys on how I got my tourist visa while I was still working just
comment it down below so yeah that completes this vide. Thank you so much
guys for watching please subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you
guys in my next video bye

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  1. If I forgot to discuss something drop your questions here. Also let me know if you want me to share my experience about applying for a tourist visa when I was working in my home country.

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