ASMR CZ Tipy na výlety | Going Through a Book of Tourist Attractions

Hello, hello, hello! How are you doing? This is Vendy ASMR Although it’s not the vacation season now, I’d like to give you a few travel tips I have this book here It’s called Špalíček výletů This book is a bit older so you can’t trust information in the book completely But I think that the book is very nicely done It’s very easy to orientate in this book When you open the book there’s a map on the first page A different colour for each region And also a page number I live in the Pilsen region – page 136 This is the map of the Pilsen region With its capital city – Pilsen The first page belongs to the city Pilsen There’s a beautiful cathedral in Pilsen It’s said that the tower of this cathedral is the highest church tower in Czechia There are a few little angels on the gate of this cathedral People believe that if you touch one of the angels and make a wish, it will come true And of course, there’s also a brewery in Pilsen (Ever heard of Pilsner Urquell? xD ) On the next page you can see the castle Radyně It’s known for its specific shape If you are near to Pilsen and the sky is clear, you can always see Radyně somewhere in the distance This is the Kozel castle ‘Kozel’ means ‘goat’ btw xD There’s a beautiful garden and the interiors of the castle are also sightworthy And this is the monastery in Plasy It was founded in 1144 The building is built on water, literally The architect Santini built this monastery You can also see a functioning clock machine from the 17th century in the clock tower in Plasy On the other page, you can see Mariánská Týnice There’s a beautiful church there And this is Rabštejn nad Střelou, what an astonisting village There’s one of the oldest bridges in Czechia in this village Depeche Mode filmed a music video on this bridge Can’t remember what it was called Here you can see the Manětín castle It’s definitely one of the most beautiful castles in this region There’s a large and amazing garden There’s another monastery – Kladruby If you like the baroque architectural style, this is for you And this is the Švihov castle There’s water flowing around the building in a circle And when you have enough of castles, you can visit this lake One of the most beautiful lakes you can see in this country

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  1. Da ist der Abend ja noch schön geworden,freue mich sehr Dich zu sehen 🌹Deine Stimme wirkt sehr entspannend und beruhigend 🌟👍Deine vielen Sprachkenntnisse bewundere ich sehr😇🌹Ein schönes Wochenende meine Liebe 😇🌹🌟

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