Ask an agent – Tips to attract travelers to listings

Hi I’m Michelle, one of the agents in the
customer service team. Sometimes we get questions about how to get a traveler to click on a property, or what travelers are looking for when they click on a property. I’m going to give you three tips for helping make your listing as attractive as possible to travelers. let’s start with what travelers see or notice, when they begin their search for vacation homes. One of the first things travelers do is search for properties. And they will see all of these options. If you were to do a search, what would you click on? Take a look at all these properties. You will find a variety of photos and photo quality. While traveling have their own opinions on what kind of photos interest them, it’s important to keep in mind that photos should be well lit ,in focus and tell a story. If you’d like more tips on photo quality and photo content, there are resources in the Discovery Hubs as well as the Help Center. Did you know that you have 8 seconds to catch the travelers eye, before they move on to the next properties? Here are three things to include in your headline and one thing to avoid. First, highlight the features that you want travelers to know. Is it quaint, historic, updated or biki? This helps them know what to expect. Secondly, what are some nearby amenities. Is it centrally located in downtown? Is
it steps from the beach? ski in or ski out? And finally, make sure you include who
it’s suitable for. Pet friendly, families, couples, or girls trips. And one thing is not to include:
bedroom and bathroom counts. This is listed right below the headline.
So, no need to duplicate that here. And finally, make sure you have descriptions and amenities completed. Once the traveler clicks on your property, highlight the experience that make your property special. Is there a chef’s kitchen and outdoor private pool? view of a stunning sunset? Make sure you mention those. so there you have it. Make your photos as appealing as possible. Highlight your properties best features in the headlines along with the amenities for suitability. And finally, provide the experience for traveler with engaging descriptions and amenities. We hope that you find them is helpful. For more tips and resources, visit the discovery hub. And if you have an idea for future topics in our ask an agent video series, please email the address listed on your screen. Thanks for watching!

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