Arenal Volcano + What’s the Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveler?

so why do we get annoyed at other
tourists why is it annoying when you find yourself in a really touristy place all right we’re on our way to the volcano
yes so something we were talking about at breakfast which was amazing cue
montage here something we were talking about at breakfast is tourists Jesse and I grew up in Florida so we grew up in a tourist place and we
were talking about how we feel about tourists it’s not positive and what is
the difference between a tourist and a traveler I don’t know I don’t buy that I
don’t think that’s a thing I think it’s a thing the only difference that sounds
like to me is the traveler like is presumptuous and thinks they’re better
than the tourist that’s exactly right. we are better so anyway let’s go to the volcano and let’s
chat about that there shall we cue driving montage time-lapse cue driving
time-lapse montage okay we’re in the secondary forest and
the temperature has just dropped it’s a lot more dense here and quiet a little
bit spooky actually it’s really really peaceful so here’s a question that I have for you
how do you feel that living in Florida influenced how you feel about tourists
they were other like they were they were interlopers coming into your state to
get their Mickey Mouse fix and then leave it’s interesting that you say that
because I do feel like I grew up with this sense that the tourists were other
people right and also because my family didn’t really take a lot of family
vacations all of our vacations were to go back to West Virginia to see family
so we were so rarely tourists but we were always around tourists so I do feel
like that’s an interesting point like you get used to the idea that tourists
are other people and something we were talking about is this idea that like
when we see other tourists we’re we’re automatically like oh tourists and it’s
like but we’re tourists too… okay so it just started pouring rain when we were like a kilometer away from the car and so we were booking it back we all
got soaked and I had an umbrella in the car so anyway we drove over to the other
part of the park and I thought we’d talk about the difference between a tourist
and a traveler Jesse doesn’t believe there’s a difference but I do so let’s
go let’s go have this chat okay so is there a difference between a
tourist and a traveler I’ll tell you my difference and then you can tell me what
you think okay all right so I think that a tourist is somebody who goes to a
place for the photo-op who gets the tacky souvenir gets the
ugly t-shirt they don’t try to speak the language they don’t learn anything about
the place or the customs there’s no like attempt at some type of like cultural
experience it’s just like go to the thing that everybody does take the
picture buy the souvenir and go home okay okay new bench to me a traveler is
somebody who is more conscious tries to speak the native language even if
they’re horrible at it like at least takes the time to learn please and thank
you and excuse me and those kind of phrases someone who bothers to learn the customs of the area someone who bothers to do a little bit of research about the
place yeah somebody who cares about the impact that they’re leaving whereas I
feel like the tourist is just oblivious to that yeah I don’t know I just I don’t
I’m not sure if there is a real functional difference between the two of
those like until the traveler is like to the level where they’re like fluent
in the language I’m not sure if it’s really all that different because like it’s
nice to be conscientious and stuff but it doesn’t mean that you are perceived
any differently by the people there necessarily you may think you are and
feel better about yourself and feel superior to the other travelers tourists
but I don’t know I feel like we’re trying to do a better job but we are
just total American doofuses like 99% of the time I really don’t know if we seem
any different to the people who live in these places I feel like making an
effort is appreciated in most places I feel like especially as Americans or US
citizens whatever guys that’s for another video we generally do not have a
reputation in the world for being conscientious tourists or travelers and
maybe maybe there is no difference between a tourist and a traveler maybe
it’s just tourists you can either have good manners or bad manners maybe it
really comes down to that I think you’re told that making an effort makes a
difference you know but that could be a myth there’s no way to know like there’s
there’s so much you know incorrect information as we have found from you
know listening to various people about stuff like is it okay to overtip is it not
okay to over tip you know there’s like there’s all this like you want an
opinion on something you will find any opinion that there is and so the idea
that oh yeah making an effort matters I don’t know I’ve been you know I’ve been
laughed at a whole lot more than I seem have seen people be appreciative that
I’m trying like it’s I just feel like I don’t know I’m not sure yeah yeah I
guess we do tend to pay attention to the opinions and stuff that we read online
that that we like okay so we’re just walking down the lake
and we see some toucans flying around hanging out in trees like you do
just toucans just here being alive in this place that’s crazy
did you get a shot of that toucan? no because it was a tou-can’t. onto linner…it says it’s that way. dunch… lunch dinner okay so if you don’t think that there is a difference between a tourist and a
traveler do you think that there’s a difference between a good tourist and a
bad tourist sure yeah I mean there’s ones who are gonna annoy the locals more than others I would imagine. Yeah. I think what kills me is like the arrogance of coming to somebody else’s country,
else’s city and then acting like everything’s about them you know yeah
so here’s a question is there a difference between a tourist and an
expat and if so what is that difference I mean an expat lives in a foreign
country and a tourist does not yes okay you have correctly identified the actual
dictionary definition of the two words very good at that. an expat is a really
committed tourist well so why do we get annoyed at other tourists why is it
annoying when you find yourself in a really touristy place right because
there is this thing where there is a certain type of tourist or as we like to
call ourselves travelers we tend to stay away from areas that
have a lot of tourists or a lot of other travelers whatever you
want to say right Oh like people won’t go to San Miguel
right because it’s too westernized right too touristy yeah it’s really raining now. (why is it really raining now?) because there’s water falling out of the sky I think there’s also this feeling that tourists as we
travelers consider them are generally really bad at finding good places they
tend to find the really obvious places the things that are flashy or close to
the hotel or like with menus in English and those things are never the best
those are never the best restaurants etc and so when I see like a lot of
tourists I get like worried oh no this restaurant is not going to be
any good or oh is this place really good because everybody is here you know what
I mean? right, it’s like when you see a lot of locals you know the place is good yes you
see a lot of tourists you assume it’s bad exactly exactly and I think that
does come from being in Florida because you know right where the people who are
not from that area go and you know that that is never really like the best stuff. because you know the food is psychotically overpriced and not good. right. you walk by and you see all the people eating there you’re like those tourists don’t know any better, that’s terrible food they’re eating but that thing where you’re like oh they
don’t know the best thing is it possible this is a little classist
yes maybe this is like… I think that is absolutely possible. I don’t know
you know I feel like this might potentially come across a little bit
classist that’s all I think we need to do a whole other video about how travelers
are often accidentally very very classist I think we as a group tend to
say and do things that are extremely classist the street that we are on
suddenly becomes a one-way road at an intersection here all right and then it
should be right on your left up here right on your left on your left what
kind of direction is that okay we’re here at the restaurant this is a
Peruvian Chinese restaurant in Costa Rica we’re gonna find out this is a wonton filled with vegetable
curry that’s like like a coconut milk curry it’s so good this was one of the
fusion Peruvian plus Chinese dishes it’s got bell peppers and like a sweet and sour sauce I can’t wait to try Jesse’s I got one attractive dish there didn’t I yeah this
could also be said about Erin this is a Peruvian dish it’s like beef milanesa on
top of pasta and there’s peanuts involved peanut sauce or something I don’t even know very good okay if you come to la fortuna
you have got to go to this restaurant the food was amazing the service was
amazing and before we left the guy actually brought some chocolate cake for
Harper to help let’s say motivate her to finish her food and she was super
excited about that cannot recommend this place highly enough go there yeah I
don’t think this lake is real you know just like the moon landing and the
globe earth oh wait no sorry I’m not actually a flat earther or a moon
conspiracy theorist I just was hoping to get some more market segments for my
wife’s channel I’m a good husband

48 thoughts on “Arenal Volcano + What’s the Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveler?

  1. A good conversation. I've always seen the difference as one of focus. The tourist is all about what s/he wants, the vacation experience. The traveler is outwardly focused, the culture experience.

  2. I agree with Jesse. Locals see them as all tourists. Like you said, maybe some are more respectful than others.
    We are all there to experience something different. There is no better or worse that we should judge but I totally agree – typical tourist mentality bothers me too! One thing I can't stand is 'shopping' during traveling.
    Great photography!

  3. I think a tourist asks, "How can this place best entertain me and bring me pleasure?", whereas a traveler asks, "What can I learn from this culture, and is there something beneficial that I can offer them in return?"

    I believe that, given time, a tourist can gradually grow into a traveler, if they are willing. In time, travel changes you. The problem those of us from the US have is that we rarely take the necessary time.

  4. And to add another angle, how does that differ from expats who actually live there, albeit temporary, while living separately, ie, gated communitie, most interaction is limited with other expats, and trying to recreate home U.S./Canada with little understanding of the “Mexican” culture. Are they tourists of another level?

  5. Hahaha!!! You’ve just described the difference between Hubby (tourist) and me (traveler). We’ve finally, I’ve finally, learned to send him on his way when he’s insistent on being tourist and I want to explore deeper. In fact, the plan for our next upcoming trip is he drives me down to maybe GDL where I drop off him off at the airport to fly home, leaving me behind to explore and discover to my hearts content for the next five months, perhaps actually live in a small local village for a month or two. He then returns to a predetermined airport to pick me up and drive back home with me. And then we become tourists again for that leg of the journey.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍🌻🌻

  6. I’m going to look for that restaurant the next time I go to Costa Rica! The food looked so delicious!! I love Peruvian! Peruvian fusion sounds yummy too! I’ve been airline crew for so long that I don’t feel like a tourist, even when I am one. I usually feel a common bond with people, real or imagined, wherever I go. I probably observe more than I interact because I’m trying to understand the vibe. I probably enjoy watching from the outside more than I do being in the middle of it all.

  7. I think there's a distinction in the fact that tourists are just there to snap a photo and get a souvenir, and travelers are those that go a step further and learn about the culture and the history. But from an outward appearance, the locals probably perceive them the same. As an expat, we are often mistaken for tourists haha.

    And Jesse may not be a flat earther–but have you heard about the Olsen quadruplets? 😜

  8. A lot of what we call "tourists" seem to be more interested in being served up some kind of experience that is generic and homogenized and has nothing to do with the local culture. Many "tourists" seem to have a sense of entitlement and show little or no respect for the locals and locale. The ugliest people I ran into in Mexico were the Americans and they made me feel embarrassed to be from the U.S.

    Perhaps the difference between being a "tourist" and going to a locale to really soak up the culture and connect with the people perhaps has more to do with whether that individual is there thinking that they are better and their country is better (SO MANY Americans brainwashed to believe this–and it's not true by a long-shot). There's a huge difference between that kind of "tourist" and someone who is visiting a locale in order to learn more about it and the people. And the best way to do that is to connect with the locals and realize you are a guest in their country and should show some respect.

    I used to also get pissed off when backpacking in the high sierras…we'd be days into the mountains in the middle of nowhere, fishing for dinner, packing everything on our backs and sleeping in a small tent. Then the "tourists" would come through on the guided horseback trips with a bunch of pack mules for all their crap and we'd find a trail of trash, mostly junk food wrappers, after they'd passed. ZERO RESPECT. It's like they'd figured they would never be back that way again so did not care about how they left it.

    I grew up in Ocean Beach in San Diego….TOTAL tourist area in the summer. (Watch the intro to the movie Almost Famous to see that town.) So, we did not like tourists, either, for the most part.

  9. How would your tourist/traveler statement of learning local customs apply to Orlando or Florida in general? What local customs are there in Orlando that dont involve the tourist business?

  10. That easy to answer: a tourist an a traveler is like an astronaut an a space traveler. An astronaut goes to the moon , stays there for awhile and comebacks next season – a space traveler goes to one planet then goes to the next one until he find the next best Taco Bell’s

  11. I guess a tourist is someone who visits a place for a very short period of time, could be hours or just a couple of days. Visits the landmarks or the classic touristic places take pictures buy souvenirs and leave. On the other hand the traveler is someone who tries to mix with local people, tries to understand their culture, stays longer, not only visits the touristic places but also the locals preferred restaurants, markets and places. Also tries to know about history and language. I consider myself a traveler rather than a tourist.

  12. The difference is that the tourist does not go to places like this. You are interested in the culture and the people, not just going shopping.

  13. Thanks for taking us along with ya guys through the beautiful, luxuriant Costa Rican Jungle my dear Erin and Jesse, li'l Harper always finding some pretty and HUGE leaf to pick up and carry, land where toucans fly through the forest and perch, coatimundis out exploring their hood. Jesse summed up very nicely what a Tourist is, "somebody who comes to Florida for their Disney fix and then up and leaves". Same thing applies to the Beehive State, so many tourists from California(principally) for their Canyonlands' fix and if spring and summer weren't enough, how about deer season in September, so many locals complaining them californians just come, shoot and bag their deer and leave. A Traveler on the other hand is some one who researchs the place he wants to go to, tries to learn abit about the culture. LOL….ya guy's dinners were GREAT, when ya zoomed in onto Jesse, "mine is a beef milanesa with some peanut sauce and peanuts, quite tasty and so attractive the dish, just like my Erin! 😉

  14. The best part of the video the end. El buen esposo, pretty funny. The video was great. I am with Jesse on the tourist/traveler thing.

  15. Good question! I'm not sure if the locals view "tourist", "travelers", or "expats" any differently, but my husband and I agree that there are both "tourist" and "travelers". We get soooo aggravated when we see people posting that they are in Costa Rica or any other place, yet all their pictures are from the resort. I don't think you can truly travel to a place and stay in a resort or not leave the port. You are not experiencing a location if you don't mingle with the locals and eat actual local food.

  16. here is my 2 cents as they say. turist would have a length of stay anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks therefore would not go deep into learning anything outside the normal, how to order, where's the restroom, etc . A traveler would on the other hand be there much more time , 1 month, 3 months etc and would care to learn the traditions, language spoken, and interact at times with the locals they also would travel more within the country they are visiting. In both cases we are always seen as foreigners by the locals. I was once a turist in mexico ( 10 days) but a traveler in Peru where my stay was 6 months and I traveled from the city to the Amazon , to the desert and learned about their customs, food, medicine plants, jungle animals, and the terms they used in the spanish landguage. A turist is out for Fun A traveler is more passionate about the whole concept. and both get just as eazy lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. I love the deeper questions you discuss in your videos! I agree with you about there being a distinction between a tourist and a traveler. A traveler might still buy things or go to some of the touristy places but their methodology is different (buying from locals, eating at local restaurants, and visiting some places off the beaten path).
    Side note, Jessie's blooper at the end is hilarious! I think he's warming up to the camera. 😉

  18. I agree completely with Erin's descriptions. As an American I know Interest come into my country and attempt to speak English even if it's clearly bad English I do perceive them much better than I do people who don't even try. The thing I think is sad is more foreigners try to speak English then I think Americans try to speak other languages when they're traveling. After a month in Kenya, my husband and I just did a layover day in Amsterdam and we were dumbfounded at how obvious the Americans were versus every other person bear, even those from other European countries. It was so clear that the Americans were in no way attempting to learn about the culture as they spent an entire Canal tour talking so loudly I could barely hear the tour guide. on the other hand my husband and I took an extra 30 minutes to try to find a restaurant that was not in the tourist section of town because we didn't want to sit with other tourists, we wanted to the around the locals. I feel like that's the kind of thing the defines the difference. There's a huge difference between the consumption of a culture and the absorption of a culture.

  19. I think a traveler is in a pursuit of discovering new places, culture and history, that plus the pleasure of the adventure.
    A tourist, is more about getting away from the every day routine, and is looking for pleasure and fun.

    Saludos ✌️

  20. Your right about the food tho girl arnt ya.. Yas ma'am you are .. much much more fresh, fresh meats fruit veggies, I love it.. and I see you do to. Bienvenidos

  21. I do not know if foreign visitors annoy me. In fact, in general, I kind of feel proud when I see foreigners here. The only thing that probably troubles me personally about tourism (and this goes beyond "my" country but rather the world at large) are the consequences or the side effects of, can I call it mindless? tourism. I dont know if that is the word. What i mean is like beaches around the world getting destroyed or polluted because of too many tourists, prices for accommodations, housing or food skyrocketing to such levels that locals cannot afford to enjoy that hot spot anymore. From parissiens no longer being able to afford to live in Paris or ticos in Costa Rica telling me when I was there that they have to have two jobs to be able to afford the cost of living there since it became so touristy. And of course, some of the locals wil not complain because tourists mean business too. So I guess there is good and bad, and the negatives are nobody´s fault and everyone´s fault. But for me it would be super cool for us travelers (or tourists haha) to start having a conversation on how we can be a more mindful tourist visitor? But of course it is a boring subject. Nobody wants to feel constrained when traveling but with so many of us traveling nowadays I would like to be a more mindful traveler knowing that what I do is not negatively affecting the place and the people there.

  22. The volcano area is beautiful. Tourists are in a hurry to get all of their experience jammed into a short period of time because they have to go back to their regular life soon. Travelers can take their time and not be obnoxious.

  23. A lot of good comments in this thread. I have usually been a tourist, trying to transition toward being a traveler, hopefully for at least a decade as a lifestyle

  24. What happened to the volcano? Ok, here's the truth
    Tourist= being a part of the money making tourist industry and learn corny stuff.
    Traveler= seperate yourself from the mainstream and live like the locals

  25. I think a tourist travels for a expected experience and a traveler travels with a open mind to experience new things, people, places.

  26. In my opinion, you can tell the difference between a tourist and a traveler by where they sleep. Travelers are traveling wherever they go and sleep wherever they can, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Tourists on the other hand need to know where they are going to sleep before they get there, and if it doesn't work out for any reason, they freak out.

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