Are Chinese travelers bad tourists?

Chinese tourists have been negatively depicted
in the media. Vandalizing historical monuments, publicly
fighting and stealing have given Chinese tourists a bad reputation. Forbes reported that Premier Li Keqiang said
“In 2015, more than 120 million Chinese people traveled abroad” So, how many stories break each day? Last year, only a few stories went viral,
but how is this possible, if all Chinese tourists are bad, shouldn’t we have millions of viral
stories? China Matters wanted to take a closer look. Traveling overseas has become a life style
for China’s middle class. Many families travel overseas to experience
new cultures, shop, and relax. Among the huge number of Chinese tourists,
there were a few cases that shocked and shaped the minds of many people. The media ate it up and pushed the idea of
misbehaving Chinese. One example is from the Washington post. According to them “There was the Chinese
teenager who defaced a 3,500-year-old temple in Egypt,” These stories and many more like
it shaped the opinions of many local residents, when Chinese people travel abroad they are
often faced with this negative stereotype. But when we look at the numbers, we have to
ask ourselves: is this really true? If all Chinese tourists were naughty wouldn’t
we have more stories? If 120 million tourists travel each year and
only 100 make the news for misbehaving, the numbers don’t add up. Your chances of winning the lottery are almost
better than running into a bad Chinese tourist. The next thing you have to ask yourself is
do other tourists behave any better? Maybe not. According to Fox news, Bobby Brown apologized
for writing graffiti on China’s most iconic landmark, The Great Wall. Also, according to ChinaSmack, 6 foreigners
were photographed urinating publicly on an elevated highway in Shanghai. So obviously, tourists from other countries
also misbehave abroad. It’s just the media rarely notices and reports
those unruly foreigners. Misbehaving abroad is not unique to Chinese
tourist, even a NBA star who should have known better or been coached by his PR team can
make a mistake. So we need to look at this objectively and
critically. When we look at the numbers and social media
posts, we have to remember if all Chinese tourists were bad, there wouldn’t be any
other news. Currently, 120 million people are only producing
10-20 viral posts a year, keep that in mind next time you bash Chinese tourists. If you think this video makes sense then I’ll introduce you to some misbehaving friends. Just kidding, please
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4 thoughts on “Are Chinese travelers bad tourists?

  1. its true… been travelling for many years now, and find a lot of chinese are very rude, loud and inconsiderate.

  2. Brazil has the biggest japanese colony outside Japan and , honestly, we brazilians repect and like them a lot. Why? Because , generally, japanese people are very polite, hard workers and honest. Now, sorry to say that, but in my city, there was some chinese who came to Brazil, to see the Olimpic Games and they were eating in a buffet restaurant…boy I wish you could see the way they were eating…it was like they were deprived of food for months…it was not a beautiful scene to watch. Greetings from BRAZIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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