Apply for your C.A.Q.

Coming to Quebec to study? You’re going to need your Quebec Acceptance Certificate first, also known as the C.A.Q. If you’re coming to study for six months or less, you will not need the Quebec Acceptance Certificate. If you’re coming to study for more than six months, you will need to apply for the certificate months before your departure. It may take four weeks before you receive it. You can apply online by clicking on the link below. Make sure you complete the checklist before starting your application. Once you receive your documents, you’ll have to apply for a Study Permit. The ISO and I wish you good luck your application.

4 thoughts on “Apply for your C.A.Q.

  1. I have a received my visa for a non-Quebec university that is university of Windsor, Ontario. But I also got admitted in university of Concordia, Montreal. And I want to start my education in Concordia University.
    My question is, Can I travel using my recent visa and a valid CAQ ?

    Or Do I have to first apply for a CAQ and then reapply for study permit ?

  2. is full year fee paid in advance required for CAQ? how many family members we can add in CAQ, I am 35, spouse and 4 kids less than 10 years of age

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