Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Update 1.12

hey yall Ramdino here coming at you once
again for another Appalachian trail thru hiker update lots of things
have been going on the channel this week we’ve got a ton of folks we added
there’s still 2019 folks are out there finishing so let’s go ahead and get on
with the update so folks that have summited from the class of 2019 Suites
and borderline they have summited at Springer and congratulations to them
young more hot sauce mule and avid they are finally out of the Smokies they got
stuck in Gatlinburg when the weather came through last week and we had snow
on the road that leads down into Gatlinburg and so from newfound gap that
closed they were there for days and matter of fact I think some of them even
went home when it looked like they weren’t going to get out but they
finally got out they’re finally out of the Smokies and they’re had known
somewhere between Fontana and the Knox so we’ll talk about the weather and a
little bit but uh it’s gonna be a little dicey for them this week but they are
chug charging through and they’re gonna be finishing up here probably next week
so we look forward to their exciting finish there Springer those are the only
folks I’ve got right now that I’m aware of we’re still after on the trail if you
know if somebody that’s still out there on the trail please let me know or if
you are someone who’s still out there on the trail please let me know we want to
keep up with you and we want to celebrate with you when you get to
Springer or if you’re a flip-flopper wherever you’re stopping your hiking
going to be finishing up so we’re pumped up about the final folks coming in for
the class of 2019 speaking of weather for the class of folks that are still
out there and this goes into effect even for the class of 2020 that started and
there are folks that have already started so this week after today today
being Sunday Monday looks like a possibly a decent day but rain starts
moving in and it moves in pretty much for the rest of the week you’re and I’m
giving these forecasts for different shelters so at Blue Mountain shelter in
Georgia and that’s somewhere you know obviously north of the
first place where people stop that’s there at mountains crossing but Blue
Mountain shelter is in Georgia the daytime temps are going to be in the
high 50s to the low 60s with the nighttime temps are going to be in the
high 40s so it’s not going to get freezing down there but you’re going to
be having a tremendous amount of rain moving in and here’s a weather map kind
of showing you what accumulations you can expect starting Tuesday and
expecting over the rest of the week and so there’s gonna be a lot of rain coming
in so hopefully you’ve got some decent rain gear out there and then a cold
spring shelter and that is between the NOC and winding stair gap there at
Franklin in North Carolina it’s going to rain pretty much all week except for
Thursday and Friday and then it starts raining again this weekend but your
highs is gonna be in the high 50s during the day and at night it’s going to be in
the 40s except for Friday night when it actually drops down to 36 so these temps
are based upon altitude from the Appalachian Trail weather app which is
based upon supposed to take into account that altitude but when you start getting
around 36 you know it could drop even further than that so you might want to
be sleeping with those soldier squeezes current registrations we’ve got for the
Appalachian Trail thru-hikers for 2020 we got last week we had noBo 1043 and
this week we’ve got 1497 in March 1st and February 29th we’ve got 50 hikers on
each one of those days so according to AC ATC the trail is maxed out now they
based that maxing out on they had to come up with a number based from the
National Park Service required to do so not sure how they came up with that
number would really like to know because my personal opinion is 50s way past the
max but just because you’ve reached the max they don’t shut down the trail they
don’t keep people from getting on it or anything else so that those numbers will
probably go even higher and then so Bo we’ve got 49 that started last that were
registered start last last week and this week we’ve got 59 folks starting that
are registered so far and then flip-floppers we
had 47 this week and this week we got 52 so that brings us up to a total from
last week we had 1400 and 3 and this week we’ve got 1608 folks that are total
registered so well below what the final registrations was for last year but
those will continue to climb as we start getting closer and closer to when people
are going to be stepping off and but that’s an increase even at that over
last year of somewhere around 30% this time last year January 12th we had 1235
folks registered compared to 1608 and that is based upon data but when I
started keeping track of it last year so trail starts we had coordinate Amal Cola
Falls and Aaron down there at amico Falls I appreciate her putting up with
my weekly calls down there we had five folks it started this past week and we
were up to bag tag number 19 so only 19 people started and a couple
folks that have started this week sub man in suds they started and they are
somewhere past woody gap they are new to our list and they are updating through
trail journals so if you’ll go to that list there down in description section
where I have all the hikers then we’ll talk about that a minute but I’ve got
all the hikers there that we are tracking right now
in hone a Google spreadsheet so go there and take a look at that folks that we
have added to that Google spreadsheet from last week we have added Tony
Mayfield Daniel Spaeth Fred Beck also known as
three mile and three ball right now he is not on the 18 but he is actually
hiking the pin hodie trail to get to the 80 and then he will once he hits the 80
and I think he has to take the a different trail once he to connect those
two up the can’t remember the name of the trail now but anyway
he’s got to take a different trail to hook up he’ll hook up there with that
trail to hook up the 80 some time toward the end of January 1st of February is
what his plans are and then he will continue all the way north to Katahdin
John Levin me jr. is signed up then somebody that
we’ve added to new to the list this week Gary daily also no one is to knee Paul
and Rica silver and their trail names slider and Granger Michelle D Sanctus
Christy gotto trail name polar bear mark Ewing his trail name is
lost Joe and Steve Smith week Gretchen pardon her trail name is braids
and she has spent a lot of time in the Smokies so she’s done like I think the
Smokies have a 900 miles of trails and I think she’s done them all in Smokies so
she will know the Smokies like the back of her hand when she gets there we also
added Brian don’t have a last name for Brian or trail name Barry Mitchell sub
man and suds and then we added kind of a tramway that’s going to be hiking
together sevdah Allen her trail name is happy dancer and she’s hiking with dad’s
grin and ferryman and then we added free tickets in lipstick and free tickets as
a husband-and-wife team don’t know the wife’s name the husband’s name is Steve
painting so we look forward to all of those folks they are all over own the
through hiker list that I’ve got on this Google spreadsheet that is down you can
reach that through in description section if you know of somebody that’s
not on that list please let me know we want to get them on that list or if
you’re a through hiker and you’re not only let’s send me your information and
the information I need is down in the description section there and if you’ll
send that to me either at my email at RamDino roaming the trails at
or you can go to my facebook page and send it to me in a message at Facebook
pages RamDino roaming the trails or through a message in my Instagram which
is RamDino or you can just leave a comment down in the comment section here
and I will add you to that list and the idea is that folks will go to that list
and they will subscribe to your channels social media links that are on that list
and they’ll support the thru-hikers all the way the Katahdin so I’d
appreciate it if you do that help me build a hiker community help me support
the through hikers as they go on their track and their quest all the way to
Katahdin or all the way to Springer all the way in between
whichever direction they are going so right now we are tracking over a hundred
and forty eight hikers we want to keep adding to that so we’re excited about
that and we’re also starting to track trail angels so we had several trail
angels on there now and we added some from last week some of those trail
angels that we added or all the tree islands that we added from Latin last
week we added Eric Colin and Mike Burton and what I’ve done is I’ve added kind of
their area of operation where they’re going to be doing trail angel work so in
the case of fresh ground he’s going to be all the way up to Katahdin all the
way back down but then some people just kind of have a particular area and
certainly that’s normal to have a particular area so we look
forward to seeing what they’ve got if your trail angel and you want to be
added to that list please send me your information your contact information if
you want people to contact you from the trail I’ll be glad to add that to the
list trail news out there well I wanted to include that uh we had a free Walker
had his son that is going to be going with him on the trail and his son’s name
is Felipe Martinez font s and he’s known as Walden and he’ll be hiking with his
father Evandro known as free Walker and then rewind rerun who was going to hike
this year on his through hike has decided that along with his family that
this is not the year that he needs to do that and so he is going to do that in
another year just not this year so but he’s going to get out there and do some
section hikes and so we look forward to what reruns going to have to do out
there I am actively searching for starters right now I’ve only got a
couple that I mentioned before that are out there they’re starting and that
couple was sub managed suds they’ve already started and then I’ve got happy
who’s on the trail and so I am looking for other folks out there I know that
nineteen people on the trail don’t know if they all got social media accounts
but if you know of anybody out there please send them my way
lots of hikers through hikers putting out videos out there all of those are
really great videos enjoyed watching them can
give everybody shout out but there’s a couple folks I want to give a shout out
to there be still on the trail his trail names PTL and he gave us his big three
and then nutty hiker she showed us what she’s going to be taking for electronics
and then my personal favorite video is one that pickleball put out this week
and that was a thank you to somebody very special that’s out there in the
hiker community and I just thought that was a great tribute that he did so
pickleball appreciate that if you want to know who that person is go to pickle
balls it’s also known as a Dennis Shaw’s a I believe is his name he’s French and
french-canadian and go check his channel out it’s got a great channel and once
again pickleball greatly enjoyed that video this week so thanks a lot again
there’s tons of folks out there the best way that you can do is subscribe to this
channel and then you can go to the description section and you’ll find the
link to the list for everybody out there and by subscribing you’ll get my updates
every week whenever that tells you who we’ve added what’s going on the trails
certainly when we hit the hiker season in earnest and I’ll be giving updates on
what’s going on with the folks on the trail who’s had to come in who’s still
out there how folks are doing sold so for so look forward to doing that take a
look down there and our hiker is helping hiker section a lot of good folks down
there that you can help out that help the hikers and in particularly fresh
ground with the leapfrog cafe fresh ground right now is doing a fundraiser
so that he can do like he did last year and go all the way up to Katahdin all
the way back to Springer and then even stayed out longer than that so I think
he was out about eight months and that takes money to do that but he helps out
so many through hikers and in even section hikers and just everybody out
there so if you would go right now we’re trying to get fresh ground to his his
goal and even beyond this month so if you’ll look down the scription section
and you’ll find a link to fresh Browns Facebook page and then you can go to his
Facebook page click on that and go to his About section and they’ll
you’ll find all the ways you contribute so I’m going to put out a challenge that
every through hiker or section hiker since he helps both that here’s this
will go to fresh grounds channel and give some donation no matter what
whether it be 150 20 10 5 whatever you think you can spare if you’re through
hiker I know that you’ve got a specific budget out there but I can tell you if
you run into fresh ground and he feeds you
whatever he feeds you will more in seed than your donation and not only that
you’re helping out other through hikers so go there to his Facebook page and
give the fresh ground help him meet that his goal and even surpass that goal and
let’s do that I want to do that before the end of January so we got about two
weeks to do that well folks that is all I get this week Kota is gonna try to
knock his camera as always appreciate you and we’ll see out here and support
you and comments Kota you killing me bud

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