Antigua Travel Guide | Visiting During Antigua Sailing Week

in today’s video we’re taking you to a
little island in the Caribbean Antigua it had been a few years since we lost
travel to the Caribbean so to say we were excited was an understatement and
because our visit also happened to coincide with Antigua sailing week there
was quite literally even more reason to celebrate so in this video we’re going
to show you some fun things to do in Antigua and take you along to some of
the sailing week related activities alright guys it is our first morning
here on the island we’re staying at the verandah Resort beautiful sunny day
we’re doing like one dilemma right now deciding between the pool or the beach
tough call guys but we’ve got to make it cool pool first and then Beach because
there’s a restaurant with a grill yeah and yeah we’ve already got lunch on line
here so a little bit of splashing around and then we’re gonna eat so first order
of business I need to ensure my redhead doesn’t burn on his first day on the
island or then he’ll leave me alone to go to the beach by myself there are
some advantages disadvantages I sincere I up like a lobster so if you need to
seek out she I will be jumping in the pool anyway it’s excellent let’s do it
and how’s that water Audrey the water is refreshing it felt a little bit chilly
when I first got in and now that I’m actually in the pool
you should come and join me okay so that was the pool next up each time each time alright guys so we have now made it over
to the main beach here at our resort and it’s pretty cool it looks like you can
do a whole bunch of watersports they have catamarans kayaks paddle boats I
think we’re probably gonna save that for tomorrow right now I just want to go
into the water because it’s this turquoise like crystal-clear color and
it’s just a little too inviting also guys I don’t think I’ve mentioned
yet that Kieran Antigua they have 365 beaches
that’s one beach for every day of the year and we’re just enjoying one of them
that’s great imagine making that your project for the year to be a new Beach
of that would be a dream dream my friends so it’s funny how quickly the
weather changes when you’re on a tropical island like the pad sunshine
blue skies – just a few moments ago and now is like rain showers happening so
you found some cover ordered some food that is here thank you very much that’s
great timing thank you thank you best timing ever yes we order two
cheeseburgers fries for having coconut smoothies time not craving a burger
after all that swimming how is that a surveilled deal nice and
juicy burger love the cheese at it lots of barbecue sauce freshness and the
juiciness level of the vegetables is a nice burger it’s a nice burger today we
are taking part in chase the race we are here in Antigua during Antigua sailing
week so all week long everyone’s been racing around the island yeah today
we’re gonna get to see one race it’s all about race the big day the catamaran
there in the back we’re gonna spend the day out at sea I think we’re also gonna
have lunch at some point and then I’ve heard we may be stopping runners at
beach time so the race is about to begin we’ve got all the sailboats out on the
water and we’re just following along number one tip I can give you guys bring
a gravel okay my gravel is proof puncher of no but it’s really cool like the
water looks beautiful it’s like this deep blue and all the sailboat I threw
out I can’t believe how many sailboats are are
yeah animal everywhere you look Antigua sailing week started back in 1968 when a
group of friends decided to hold a regatta because quite a feeling the
group worked in the tourism industry the objective of the regatta was to extend
the winter season by getting people to stay on the island just a little bit
longer and well today it’s become one of the biggest events of the year sigh
first when we’ve chased the race and now it’s time just to jump into the water
and enjoy it do this it is now time for lunch we just finished enjoying a wonderful
swim the water was so warm although I’m not feeling anymore great
food is ready they just called us in so we’re having some rice and beans fried
fish you have a macaroni pie some garlic breads sweet potatoes chicken this is
looking great it’s been a wonderful day I think we still have some more and because the ceiling week
celebrations were happening we also got to enjoy it reggae in the park featuring
international artists all right guys so the plan this afternoon is to take a
cooking class we have signed up for a cooking with rum course out of the
Kohl’s table so excited to learn how to cook with rum we’ve never done it before
never never never so let’s go try it it’s no secret that we love to eat so we
were very excited to learn how to prepare a few Caribbean dishes all of
them featuring them cooking with rum so we’ve got the recipes our group is
already in there getting started but I’m going to let you know what we’re gonna
be preparing today so coconut crisps and plantain chips sweet potato soup with
rum rum we’re good then we’re having a rum and brown sugar marinated flank
steak with onion jam yeah we’ve already worked on that yes we have and plantains
wrapped in bacon red beans and rice a rainbow garden salad and then for
dessert a butter rum cake like seriously that’s the menu that’s the menu what do
you make a marinade I believe sugar mustard yeah you’re just working it everyone hard-working here in the
kitchen I came all the way over here just an in-between all the cooking there
was also time for a rum tasting which was a pleasant surprise
we’re trying an assortment from all over like this particular one it’s two
Waterloo yeah we’re trying local ones from Antigua were also trying French
ones as well and other ones in the Caribbean all over it’s fantastic the
meal turned out wonderful and we really enjoyed getting to share it with other
travelers we had seconds thirds and then it was time for a mouth-watering cake last but not least rum cake OMG
and it’s like soaked up all the rum alright guys so it is a Sunday night and
there’s only one place to be here in Antigua shirley heights this is where
everyone gathers it doesn’t matter if you’re a local or you’re a tourist
there’s live music barbecue rum I think we should probably
some from an incredible sunset yes that’s why we came we are now just following this little
trail that heads down from Shirley Heights and we are getting some amazing
views the Sun is about to go down we’ve got some golden light you can see the
whole harbor yeah just wait for that wait for that alright guys so another
day here in Antigua we spent the morning at the beach and then by the pool
cooling off with a few drinks and right now we’re at galley Bay it’s another
resort really close to st. John’s the capital so we’re gonna be having lunch
here and then afterwards if the rain holds off the plan is to actually go
into st. John’s and see a bit of the capital you know show you the town balls links out seriously it’s Marisol
back cheers to bromancing Rob are you explain
what you got I have the it’s called the trio of home smoked fish missing
yellowfin tuna there’s some Marlin in there and there’s some swordfish looks
good looks really good and I’ve got a hummus
trio over here and it’s got intersecting chips and I’ll do what do you have yeah it’s got a nice rich let’s do it
and you can really taste the beans so this is a really nice appetizer I’m glad
it’s like you baby one up lots of room for the main dessert eating on camera uh
I feel pretty good I don’t know which ones which but we’re gonna go for this
one this one’s caught my eye I think this is the recognize if you’re
gonna be on an island why not malicious it’s got a pesto sauce and
some small red potatoes awesome I really gotta say I got you got envy of me and
I’ve got each other’s dishes so we decided to do a roasted condiment donut
with papaya and mango lion marinated with the rum also a coconut cream and
some fresh sliced coconuts so dessert has arrived and the coolest
thing we’ve got a ton of fruit oh yeah I’m not touching that I’m just going in was a big bite oh it’s really good
all right guys it is time for dinner here on the island tonight we’re eating
at the pineapple of beach club this is our first time over to this resort even
though it’s like right across from ours the veranda and they have a restaurant
called the outhouse all right guys for
tonight’s dinner we’re having another Caribbean a barbecue so I grabbed a
little bit of everything was ready at the moment you I got some ribs you know
what I just want to point something out I think we may be the first people sir
I’m the first person eating I didn’t wait till they call anyone oh the
ultimate foodie barbecue ribs salad yeah we have a pasta salad with pesto we have
some corns cooked on the grill so yeah this all is looking wonderful it’s a bit
windy up here I have to say we’re like up on a hill we do get some lovely views
yeah we’ve got a lovely blue arter right now this is at let’s dig into your ribs
that’s what I’m waiting for him oh man get after it
check this out Wow looks so good just stop up some sauce get after it
please do I’m so tender and the barbecue sauce is so sweet oh my gosh the ribs
corn-on-the-cob different solids I’ve even got steak here there’s a piece of
beef this is only my first plate and last but not least we made some time to
visit the capital of Antigua st. John’s holding us back a few days
yes so ya know really excited to be here they have lots of colorful buildings so
we’re just gonna walk around see what we find
maybe cool off with a drink at some point so this place a big banana was
recommended to us we’re not quite hungry yet no one in ten pizzas will be back
for food and I don’t ever really need an excuse to eat pizza though initially our plan had been to try and
find some Caribbean food in town but everyone kept suggesting big banana so
that’s where we ended up so we’ve been walking around maybe an hour anyways in
gone hot out there in the Sun so we came back
to big banana smoothie time I got the strawberry smoothie Sam went with a
coconut crush this drink has become a tradition here at the resort yeah I
don’t even want to know how many I thought I want to know what’s the max
number of coconut crushes you had in one day one day beautiful for sure they’re
really good it’s basically coconut cream yeah yeah and how about yours mine is really good its strawberries ice
and really refreshing so yeah now we’re just waiting for the pizzas because
apparently at big banana you order pizza that’s what they are known for so Sam
and I have decided to share our pizzas because they both look so good yeah we
just couldn’t resist getting a little bit of each yeah so you got the
pepperoni one I got the pepperoni one yours
it’s loaded with meat it looks mighty fine from over here yeah pepperoni I
could say so okay what’s going on as this Pizza is called the meat lovers oh
my gosh they did not skimp out on the top end if you take a look down here I
know that we’ve got I think there’s chicken there’s pulled pork there’s beef
and maybe even old sorry sausage sausage I should say so there is a lot going on
and I have pepperoni – ah wrong
it’s really meaty but it’s also really cheesy too and I really like the sauce
here nice crust guys it’s just a really really good
quality pizza here and oh definitely come and get a slice here it’s really
tasty that’s a big banana a big banana yeah and that’s a wrap for Antigua we
hope you guys enjoyed exploring this Caribbean island with us and be sure to
let us know what island you’d like to see us explore next wishing you happy
travels and we’ll see you in the next video you

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