Another US tourist dies in alarming Dominican Republic mystery

100 thoughts on “Another US tourist dies in alarming Dominican Republic mystery

  1. There was a vid where three ppl died at the same resort and a. Couple stayed there and they think they got poisoned do shouldn't they shut that hotel


  3. So funny how many people are saying that there is hate to us tourists in the dr. Why not say that there is a group who hates the dr and is doing this to bring down the dominican economy and tourism.

  4. Come on the couple died of the same thing that right there is proof enough that something or someone is behind the deaths.


  6. What a coincide only american people the truth is the you guys don't like president T
    rump and you knows he got property in dominican rep stop lying and talking so bad about dom rep

  7. Simple, investigate which hotel these people stayed at. Everyone who works the bar should be arrested and investigated.

  8. Fake news!
    We have a bigger problem here in the states with opioids!
    Think and don’t panic. Travel freely but don’t do drugs 🙏🏻

  9. Go to Canada. There is beautiful Quebec City, Montreal l, beautiful nature areas around lake Ontario and British Columbia, Alberta , beautiful cities like Toronto and Ottawa. Guess what? No poisoning of alcohol, no drug cartels trying to shoot you. I can't understand why people continue to travel to these countries when they are so unsafe.

  10. No American should go to Dominican republic. We don't know what they died of until autopsy are done. They could have pumped poison in their room or freon

  11. The Dominican Republic is safe, Punta Cana is safe, more than two million tourists visit us every year, of all those who visit us, 99% want to return.

  12. What if, people are given something outside the room (in their food etc.) and then hit up the mini-bar in their hotel room. Chemical one from the person poisoning them, chemical reaction from alcohol. I am no chemist but that is something that I thought of.

  13. Oh the DR…the 3rd world country where cab drivers wanna charge u 20 dollars for a 7 minutes trip simply because you come from America(he must come from the States why not get multiple days pay on this 1 ride). Doesn't stop there either…RIP to those that passed and hopefully we get to find out what really is happening.

  14. With this dirty campaign I wonder where the US is trying to divert the tourist to? Lol. Mericans will swallow anything the media push them down the trowgh.

  15. They're dying because they're doing "coke". They leave the states to escape and indulge in drugs and alcohol. Don't blame the entire country for the CHOICES they made.

  16. My husband and I will pass on vacationing in the Dominican Republic in this lifetime. Hopefully, the authorities in the DC, will get to the bottom of who is poisoning American Tourists. But we know someone is…!

  17. Hey, let’s bring the Democrats and potential presidential hopefuls Bernie and Creepy Biden to the DR 😂

  18. What a way to DIE !!!! I FEEL FOR THIS FAMILY , REST IN PEACE. There is no place like AMERICA. STAY AWAY FROM 3RD WORLD VACATIONS !!!

  19. Hey , I Hope you can see this comment. I'm Dominican. Dominican Republic is a very good country and safe. I love to talk about my country and the beautiful places that we have here. We're so sorry about what is going on with the Americans tourist, but I only want the people to know that this things usually don't happen here. We're safe here, we're good here and we love to share our country with other people. I know that you can come here and have a nice vacation because I know my country. WE ARE SAFE, WE ARE GOOD, TOURIST DON'T DIE EVERYDAY. Yesterday I was in a park and I saw a lot of Americans and Italians tourist and they were safe, good and having fun. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IS GOOD AND SAFE.

  20. What is the cause of these heart attacks? Something in the drinks there. Stay out of that dangerous place.

  21. There are different chemicals that if administer will cause heart attacks and there are products that can cause sudden deaths. The problem is that their bodies are over in another country and they can say anything and then when the bodies are transfer home are their organs still intact or have they been removed, or have this country change the status of the organs by injecting something into the bodies as to cover things up. People did to carry with a test kit to check anything that they will consume. I wonder if there are travel test kits on the market. God Bless their families.

  22. Ok the Domin. Rep. can hide whatever they want it's up to you to( trust the FBI) and what they do (a real autopsy and DNA and prints from the room ect.) to get to the bottom. I say yes the people were poisoned and stay away there is a serial killer there.

  23. We should never give the Dominican republic our hard earned money any more they hate us so we should boycott them as a turist attraction we should take vacation where the people are more semilier to us never take trips to black or brown people's third world places . They hate us and that is the truth .

  24. Stop going! don't play Russian roulette with your life, at this point you can't trust the hospital, police or local government on the island.

  25. People don't listen to all this bs if go there nothing is gonna happen looks like someone is trying to make the Dominican republic look like a really dangerous country but is not like that

  26. Dominicans are RACIST vicious cold blooded murderers. if they don't chop u up with machetes, they spike your pina colada🍸🍹🍷🍺🥂.

  27. I was there in 2015 and drank from the room minibar, thank God I’m ok because all this stuff is just crazy.

  28. Lol all this negative talk about DR is nothing but a smear campaign 🤔 since 2016 264 Americans have died in Mexico 🇲🇽 32 in Thailand 🇹🇭 and Jamaica 🇯🇲 and the list goes on & on Mexico also led all countries with 75 homicide , while Jamaica 🇯🇲 and the Philippines tied for second place with 8 homicides apiece ok , what happen is that DR is doing business with China 🇨🇳 and the USA 🇺🇸

  29. Why would anyone wanna go there anyway? Look how they treat their brothers and sisters that share the island with them. Some of them are evil and are some of the most self hating people I've had the chance of coming across. I pray for these families going through these trying times.💗

  30. Heart attacks are common deaths for Americans on vacation there’s nothing common about a couple dying at a resort of a heart attack at the same day And another woman saying days prior of a heart attack and y’all all checked in on the same day smh

  31. how many tourist die in Vargas or Florida In six month. Dom. rep. receives 7 million people a year.. Dr. sign with china.. fake news its the matrix with telllievision get it wake up america

  32. Another, mystery: Adjective
    Narrative give an extra interest.
    Medial give this suspense to the news to keep us buying. The media dont care who they bring down as long they sell. If we look at the reporter, how she add cherry to the news with, shaking head, with ver ver sorry.(We are sorry, but she does it extra) Yeah, the news wants to sell thry commercials having us stick together. Its like a bakery wanted to sell, they want you to get the hot bread. Media is very toxic. It harm more than what it help.

  33. I think it is quite ironic that the image of the Dominican Republic is being smear while prostitution here is the United States is in the
    process of being decriminalized starting with New York City and Washington D.C. Like it or not, the D.R. is known for its prostitution.

    Think about it…make people afraid of going to the D.R. to keep people here in the United States for their “vacation”. That’s my take.

  34. Tiny curry. You talking about serial killer. Take care of the siral killer. That has killed 39 african American women in Atlanta. Take care of that first. Before you talk about the DR.

  35. Read this carefully! If your family member dies in the Dominican Republic, do not allow anyone to touch the body except for the U.S. Officials. Once the body is in the states, have them do an autopsy.

  36. (((Black))) Country "PARADISE"… STAY OUT OF "COLORED" COUNTRIES.

  37. I was there in March I came back fine. I went there 3 times 2017, 2018, 2019 and came back fine. I would go there again. People have to take this into consideration anywhere you go is dangerous. If you ask me I believe that the media and news outlets are hyping it up. How do you know that many people are dying and they not just making it up? And another thing I find fishy is how only tourist are dying???? Why the workers there are not dying I’m pretty sure they eat the same food and drinks?? Not only that the workers there be around the pesticides as well so they would be the first one dead. That’s how you know this is bs news.

  38. Whether a lot of people know it or not that place is stranger than most would care to know about. The place is rife with corruption and everyone there work hand in hand.


  40. After the Texas and Ohio shootings I wonder if tourists from other countries will be forbidden to visit the United States like they forbidded toursits from visiting the Dominican Republic.

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