Ankama pas Live #5 – L’actu d’Ankama

DoggyBagsis back with season 2. After a year and a half
of silence, Label 619’s pulp anthology series is back better than ever
in its original format! And what better theme than death to celebrate coming back
from beyond the grave? At Ankama Editions,
fall also comes with the first volume of
Maudit sois-tu, a contemporary re-telling of
The Most Dangerous Game, on September 13. On a lighter note,Eli & Gaston
comes out on September 20, with the adventures of
a young girl and her cat in a mysterious forest,
looking for the spirit of fall. Two new series
will kick off in October:The Kong Crew,
set in a hypothetical New York City
ravaged by King Kong. There, we follow
fighter pilots who’ve gone down over Manhattan
where nature has taken over… Volume 1 ofLoba Loca
is also coming out. This new spin-off is set in
theMutafukazuniverse 5 years after the events
in the graphic novel. Between now and the end
of the year, don’t miss new volumes ofDouble Me,
Midnight TalesandRadiant! Until then, happy fall! I’ll leave you with a few images
fromEli & Gaston! Hello, everyone!
Nice to see you again. Let’s get down to business. We’ve got lots of new stuff
to show you!Radiant: You’ve already
seen Seth’s hoodie. It’s available in the Ankama Shop, and is exactly like the one in
the anime and manga! AboutRadiant, we also have on sale now in the Shop this magnificent
Master Lord Majesty pin, and a collection of 3 key chains! They’re really cool and show… – And also 3 metal key chains with the Emerald Dofus, Ebony Dofus
and Rubilax sword. And they’re all thanks to you!
And the survey at the start of the year. If you like them, we’ll
continue the collection! – Errr… Well, yeah… yes… YES! Indeed, if you like them,
we’ll continue… That’s what happened with the Dofus pins! Last year, we offered
you the Emerald and Ebony Dofus, and you liked them.
So, at the end of the year, more are coming…
– We also have videos coming out in October,
for pre-order in September, season 1 ofRadianton DvD, Blu-ray and a Blu-ray metal edition! – Err… yes… Yes, indeed…Radiantis coming in a complete DVD edition. Speaking of videos,
we are especially happy to announce that we’re going to release a complete edition ofWakfu, the series! – We are really happy about it
since this is the first time a complete edition of
Wakfuwill be released! With all 3 seasons, all the
OAVs, and all the mini-episodes! Plus, as a global exclusive
in the Ankama Shop, we’ll have a numbered
collector’s edition with only 500 copies! – Well, yes… There will be the regular complete edition and the collector’s edition. The regular complete edition is produced
with our partner, Citel. And we’re making the
collector’s edition ourselves! There will be the standard
version, and a box designed like an Eliacube… You’ll have to imagine it…
this is a prototype! They are in production,
scheduled for the end of the year. It’ll have tons of cool stuff: a 6-cm Oropo figurine,
new colorization, a key chain… and Shushu stickers… a Shushu patch… – Plus, there will be
an early release of the Clockmaker Costume for WAKFU and a link to download theWAKFUOST, remixed by
Guillaume Houzé! – Excuse me for interrupting,
since interrupting is rude… Who are you? – Me? I’m Fab… I take care of the Ankama Shop… – Errr… since when? – Well… let’s see…
it’s been 10 years… You remember… – Right… You’re a joker! Dude, tie-in merchandise is serious business! KPIs, marketing,
international purchasing… – Ok ok ok… Sorry… Besides, Ankama’s changed a bit… the “potty” jokes and other stupid things are over… Ok… I’m sorry! – That’s more like it. Anyway, we hope you liked this! Keep your eyes on the Ankama Shop, there will be lots of very good surprises between now and the end of the year! – Hey… How about a quick selfie?
– Sure thing! Hello, everyone! Here we are at WAKFU to talk about what’s coming with the new Update 1.65. Lots of you gave us
feedback on the beta. If you haven’t seen all the new
stuff yet, here’s a quick recap. First, steles and offerings have been added to
Pandalucia. This system will let you make
hordes of Thirsters appear… Will you be able to push them back? Wait. Thirsters?
Weren’t they already defeated? Odd! Time and space seem to be
acting strangely in Pandalucia… On another note, Update 1.65
revamped two major points. First, class balancing
brings changes to 4 classes: Iops, Cras, Srams, and Pandawas. And second, mount harnesses. Who hasn’t dreamed of turning
a Dragoturkey into an Ice Gobball with a snap of your fingers? Now you can with
universal mount skins. Your stats stay the same,
only the appearance changes. Handy to parade around
however you like! You’ll also be able to continue
the quest in Pandalucia visiting two emblematic
spots in the World of Twelve. Mystery, cooperation, improvements, and something to show off
for your friends – Update 1.65 is full of surprises! We hope you like it and we’re
eager for you to discover it soon. Until then, check out the
Haven Bag you helped us make for the end-of-year update. See you soon in WAKFU! Hi, everyone! I hope you’re doing
well and had a great vacation! I’d have gone somewhere, but… everywhere fun
is far from Roubaix. So… Do you have anything to make me feel like I’m traveling but without leaving this sofa? – Yep, I’ve got just the thing for you! – Ahhh, Treasures of Cibola! We told you about it
in our last video, and you’ll be glad to hear that it’s
now available in stores! The treasures of the
forbidden city are yours! If you can get out before
the temple collapses… Hmm, the weather there is
really hot this time of year. Do you have anything else? – How about cool nights in Asia? – Shadows of Macao! In this card game, you take control of a triad after the boss dies. You have to spread your influence
throughout the city of Macao with the help of informers
and unsavory buildings. Will you be able to seize control
before the other players? For 2 to 4 players ages 10 and up,
available in October! Macao sounds great but it’s really
far and I don’t speak the language… Have you got anything else? – How about an invitation to a
party in Europe? Not too far? – What a party… Poisons. Poisons is a party game. In it, you need to know
your friends really well to avoid drinking
a glass full of deadly poison! You’ll need to bet on
your ability to betray each other,
know who to trust, and who to stop
trusting at the right time… Will you be able to
see through them and get them to
fall for your tricks? Poisons is a game
for 3 to 8 players, available in November
with an early release at the SPIEL trade fair
in Essen, Germany! Well, I’ve got a lot of choices… But you know what really
gets me going? Egypt. I was a huge fan when I was a kid. – There’s no way
I’m going to throw this one! – Oh, yes!
How could I forget Arkeis?! In Arkeis, Egypt
hasn’t revealed all its secrets! It’s still hiding things! This narrative game is made up of several successive scenarios
played cooperatively. You and your friends are going
to go on a great adventure that will reveal all of
the pyramid’s secrets! Arkeis will be officially
launched on Kickstarter on November 5. Until then, check out the
game’s official site for more info on it
and its content! Well, I think we’ve been
around the world, but… a quick trip
through the Krosmoz would make me
the happiest man alive! – Are you serious, Dewit? – Oh, of course! Krosmaster Blast! Remember, the game was launched
on Kickstarter last year. We’re happy to announce that
production is going very well, and delivery of the game
and its minis is still on track
for the end of the year. Head to the Kickstarter page for photos and game rules. You make a really good
travel agent, you know. Ever think of changing jobs? This fall is wild in DOFUS Touch! After the Osamodas revamp
and class balancing in September, there’s still time
to get in-game gifts for the game’s
3rd anniversary. Yes, already!
Time flies too fast with you. Thank you
for your support and loyalty. After blowing out the candles,
the Ripates will be back to play tricks on you. Get ready for adventure! In October, Al Howin will be back with event content,
including Horrib Isle. An opportunity to bust
a few Ghouls to relax! And before you know it, the end of the year will be here
with its bundle of surprises. We can’t wait! What about you? Hello, everyone! We’re here to celebrate
DOFUS’s 15th anniversary! For the occasion, we’re
taking you somewhere new. Take a look! You’ll get to celebrate King Allister’s Gobbette’s 15th birthday, too. No spoilers, but the party
might not go as expected… Last November, you discovered Draconiros and the Infinite Dreams. Draconiros is a
mysterious character. Despite his power, you don’t yet know enough about him. But he still needs you. It’s the occasion to see him in a brand-new form! Draconiros saw something
in the dream dimension that scared him. It has to do
with the Eliocalypse. But that will be for the
end-of-year expansion! As promised, we’re continuing the
balancing in the September update. To celebrate this 15th anniversary, we’re taking you back to
the beginning with DOFUS Retro! With this brand new server, you can enjoy the
thrill of the early days – with a few improvements! See you in early October! There are a few more anniversary surprises but we’re not going to tell you everything today! Oh, and… The conflict between Bonta and
Brakmar will never end! But it’s almost time for Temporis
to close its doors! You have until October 1 to make your faction win. So what’ll it be,
angel or demon?

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  1. Wakfu c'est vraiment un très bon jeu, mais il y a que moi qui y joue pas car pendant les déplacements, on dirait que nous sommes en 24 fps ?

  2. Wakfu battle royale XD Mais sinon créé un jeu battle royale avec l'univers du Krosmoz peut être intéressant … même World of Tanks s'est lancé dans le battle royale mais fort différents des autres et pour un cours moment du coup ce serait cool de faire un battle royale mais fort différent des autres jeux 😉 Sinon j'attends les autres dieux de KROSMAGA…

  3. Каждый раз когда выходит видео я надеюсь что будет анонс четвёртого сезона wakfu (3.2), и каждый раз расстраиваюсь =(

  4. ouais arkeis j'aimerais bien le voir en demo comme tous vos ks, ah non je vais à paris est ludique et pas la gencon ou spiel, bah tant pis hein!!!

  5. Je lance déjà un ensemble de radians, ce n'est que le prix Terrible en Russie, il est cher et aussi à la Russie de l'amener trop cher

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