An Indian in Egypt Trains: Useful apps | Type of trains | 1, 2 & 3 Class

This was the local train. This is Luxor Railway Station. My train will be arriving soon. This gentleman is giving me a lot of information. That is the VIP train. They are Air-conditioned and are new trains. Consist of 1st and 2nd classes. Here, chair-car is called First Class. First class seats are wide, more comfortable and expensive. Second class seats are less wide. Another train here is called Non-VIP train or Spanish tarin. It also consists of 1st and 2nd class. The fare of 1st class Non-VIP trains and 2nd class VIP trains is almost the same. To experience Egyptian Railway at low costs, you can travel in 3rd class (Ordinary trains). That train which just went by would be stopping at all the stations and it headed to Cairo. This is a Non-AC train. Another train here is called sleeping train. You can search on Google about these trains. I have my flight back tomorrow. Now, I’ll tell you about the helpful mobile apps while travelling in Egyptian trains. Rail Egypt & Egypt Trains were two very helpful travel applications. These apps are in English. You’ll find all the information about the trains using the app. AC is the Non-VIP train, Distinct is the Ordinary Train and then there is the VIP train. You can go to the counter and tell them you have to go in this particular train using the train number. If you need anything more, take help from locals. This is to show you how a VIP train looks like. So, this was a second class coach of a VIP train. You’ll find charging points too in these trains. Ask people around you about the announcements, because they are completely in Arabic. This is my train! Too much chaos, as soon as the train arrives! I’m not sure, how they’ll determine which is my coach. No idea about the seat numbers. Good amount of leg space and comfortable! I’ll give you a tour of the train! The door is so wide! This are is filled with smoke! Toilets! But I haven’t been able to find phone charging points. It’s 7:50 AM and I’m at the Cairo Railway Station. There’s this restaurant at the first floor. My plan is to see a couple of more places in Cairo and then head back to Alexandria via bus or train. Now I’ll share with you my Egyptian Train experience! I was in the 2nd Class of the Non-VIP train. it was very cold in there. It took almost 12 hours for the journey. My train left Luxor at 6:30 PM and arrived at Cairo at 5:30 AM. Toilets are not very clean and people smoke a lot. Too much smell due to people smoking outside. In India, you’ll get a similar experience in the sleeper class. I’m sitting here so that I can charge my devices. A waiter told that somebody has left a message for me! I’ll read out to you. This is the fist time in my life that a stranger left me a such a heartwarming message! The washroom here at the station is quite clean and was empty in the morning. Time to experience Egyptian metro! People give a very nice feedback as soon as they hear that I’m from India!

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  1. Varun……that was not good from you to return that 50 pound credit as that was a gift for u only …. u should respect that Egyptian. Next time don't do this my bro.
    Love u from Mumbai

  2. The message was really heart touching.
    That shows how people are connected and how a single person from a nation can represent the whole nation in foreign nation.
    Keep spreading love and peace.
    love from Nepal. 🙌🙌💞💝

  3. Varun Bhaiya is train ke jo rounded seat hain, ye apne hisab se baithne k lie hain, agar train sidhi jaaye to sidhe seat kar k baithne aur phir jab return aaye to seat ko ghuma liya jata hai…

  4. Whenever i am happy i may cry…but this time…in the end of this video….i can fill a bucket😭😭😭 this shows how much the world respects indians….and now it is our duty to respect them back😊

  5. Nice gesture in the end
    I once read that kindness has a ripple effect
    Your one act of kindness creates many more act of kindness

    Love & respect towards the people of egypt

    From india

  6. u got credit becoz of ur dignity. nice to see. our people here in india need to learn this 2. here also taxi drivers fool tourists which shud be stopped.

  7. See, It's land of contradictions, so it's not bad all the time 🙂
    Hope ppl here have more awareness in the future to be able to fight the filthy military mafia which destroy our country.

  8. When I found a video dedicated to Indian foreign policy in a US based channel. They compliment India for being helpful us citizens in yemen crisis and is a friend of USA while being a friend of Russia at the same time. It has good relations with Palestine and also with Israel. Iran is a friend of India and Saudis too. I think we should be thankful for our government also despite of any ruling party they created a great image. This video also shows that India should send more teachers to the world for a better future and that was/is our actual identity. Vishwaguru

  9. Respect for Yusuf coz he guided him alot n that guy who left lovely note🤗….I always say to people don't see wt others do.. just do gd things around…☺️

  10. I dunno if u went to Aswan but one should not miss Aswan in Egypt. One of the best places i have been. Cairo-Aswan train is 12 hrs for 800inr (AC like shatabdi)

  11. सर ये मोहौल बिल्कुल भारत की लोकल ट्रेन का है सर मैंने आपके लगभग सभी वीडियो देखे हैं मैंने आपका चैनल सब्सक्राइब किया है और यह बहुत अच्छा है सर ब्राजील और दक्षिणी अमरीका के अलग वहां के देश जाएं और वहां की वीडियो बनाना आप वहां जाएं उन देशो के बारे में बताएं

  12. सर लोगों को अरबी आती है तो वह अच्छे से हैंडल कर सकते हैं एक बार में मिस्र में

  13. thanks sir. you have traveled through trains of Russia and Egypt. I'm sure you have those tickets. Use Google Translate , Camera option and try to translate tickets. please let us know if it works.

  14. Brave traveler .Egypt me aap ke ilawa aur koi nahi dekha tourinst mujhe to dar laga gaya aapko dekhke
    any way Ehypt dekhne ko mila. halat to badtar laga Egypt ka

  15. Varun ji i heard they only sell normal tickets from the counter to Egyptians and foreigners are supposed to travel only by watania. Is that true

  16. Hello sir!
    I love your egypt videos, because I started from ur egypt tour.
    And very lovely music. Thx for exploring egypt, I am looking forward for it.
    And ur comment 'bawli tared' makes me laugh 😂😂

  17. You should atleast said thank you to that person. You didnt even said thanks to who ever left this money. It was like you feel ashamed that this person thinks you r needy or deserving person.

  18. After watching Egyptian trains.
    I realized one thing that Indian trains are better than this.
    AC coach in Egyptian train looked like general coach of Indian trains.
    Even sleeper class is better than this in India.

  19. Koi agar aapko kus gift karta hey naa toh ushh sij kaa samman Karna sahiye… Gift saahe ek chocolate ho yaa 50 pound….. Jisne yee diya thaa ush ne apna teacher ko yaad kor k gift diya thaa or aapne mere pass paisa hey bolke teacher kaa apman kor diya… Aapke pass paisa hey haam jante hey q ki agar aapke pass paisa nhi hota toh foreign country ghumne nhi jaaate…. Mere pass paisa hey aisa bolne se aapkaa ghamand bahar aaa goya…..

  20. Wah ek ladies thi
    Islam m kisi gair mard m milna mana h isliye usne likh kar diya h aapke samne nahi aai…..

    love from Pakistan,

  22. Hi bhai how are you what is visit visa requirement of Egypt I'm Pakistani I live in Saudi Arabia

  23. خوشی ہوٸی کہ ھمارا ہندوستانی مصر جیسی تواریخی جگہ کی سیر کر رہا ھے۔

  24. Hi, your videos are very helpful & informative. Really need some help over online booking of Buses/ Trains in Egypt. I m also using 'egyptial trains'/ 'rail egypt' apps for info but can't able to book ! Thanks in advance…

  25. A great gesture from the person who left 50 pound for Mountain Trekker. Thanks buddy. My heartiest love for you and all Egyptians from 1.3 billion Indians. Shukhraan, buddy.

  26. Nice explaining about Egypt Railways. I love each frame of your Videos. Please talk in English so that all over world people can understand help to travel around the world.

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