AMI Travel Tips: Episode 2 – The TripIt travel app

REPORTER: Preparing for
travel can be a pain, and keeping track of flights,
delays, connections– all the things that can and do
go wrong when people travel– can lead to a potentially
stressful experience. But there are tools
like apps or technology to help ease the stress and
are compatible with your screen reader. In this AMI Travel
Tips segment, we take a look at an app that’s
received great reviews. MAN: AMI Travel Tips. REPORTER: TripIt is a
free travel organization tool that keeps all your
key travel details together. It’s a mobile app
and online service that is compatible with all
major platforms, including iOS and Android. And using it is easy. Once downloaded from
your app store of choice, TripIt lets you sign up
with an email address. From that point
forward, any travel confirmations you get
from your airline, taxi, or train can be forwarded
to [email protected] Since you signed up
with your email address, TripIt knows the
itinerary is for you and starts creating your
trip in the app, where it keeps everything together and
in chronological order for you. For example, checking
into your hotel– since the app is smart,
it puts information like confirmation numbers
where your screen will easily find it. Plus, TripIt is tied
into travel databases, allowing you quick access
to specific airline check-in, airport maps, and even
one-click directions to hotels you’ve booked. TripIt also has a
paid service that unlocks enhanced
functionality, which may be beneficial for frequent
travels, but not necessary for those who travel less often. So if you travel often,
TripIt is a great tool that will keep you organized
and keep all your travel information together. Plus, it’s easy to use
with your screen reader. MAN: For more accessible travel tips, visit

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