American Attacked At Caribbean Resort Issues Warning To Tourists | TODAY

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  1. My wife and I stayed at this resort for our honeymoon and we felt safe the entire time. She even walked to the spa on her own. Sad that this happened, but we shouldn’t live in fear because of it.

  2. Imagine hearing the story of a woman who was beaten so maliciously within an inch of her life and saying negative things towards her. stop it, get some help, see a therapist. or better yet launch yourself off a bridge bc you’re a giant sociopathic dickwad who should literally die. nobody likes you.

  3. BOYCOTT THIS RESORT! How HORRIBLE what this poor woman went thru!!! And this resort, along with the D.R. Police seem to be doing NOTHING AT ALL! Meanwhile, an INSANE, homicidal predator runs loose, wearing that SAME hotel's logo AND no one down there seems to care!?!?!?

  4. Only crazy people go to visit the Dominican Republic. USA sends every month hundreds of Dominican criminals (murderers) who were imprisoned in the United States, back to Dominican Republic where they hunt "rich" tourists.

  5. This place is extremely dangerous in fact these hotels hire Haitians from gangs in Porto Prince with no identifications to work there, criminals everywhere in punta cana

  6. Yesterday I saw some statements by the police spokesman. And he said that when they found out about the incident they went there and that the lady asked herself to do some exams, including sociological ones and she refused, she did not want to make a report, or anything. And he was told everything in front of a delegate from the American embassy.
    I think there's something weird about all that.
    In the newspaper today they published that she refused to file the complaint and to be tested mental and physical requirements for the complaint!!!
    God bless , DR🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴. Punta Cana the best and safe!!!!!

  7. I have friends who vacationed here several times including January.
    They all give the resort a 5 STAR rating and said the staff was phenomenal.
    Hopefully they get to the bottom of this real fast.

  8. Why did her husband let her go alone at night in a foreign place?

    Facts are there is crime everywhere.. this could’ve happened in her home town, anywhere in the US..


  10. Their is something fishy about this story and about all these recent news accounts of violence in the Dominican Republic. I've been to the island numerous times and never have I felt threatened. Their is some kind of concerted effort in the media to damage and hurt the Dominican Republic's tourism industry. I'm not buying what the media is trying to sell about the Dominican Republic and will continue to visit this beautiful island.

  11. Unfortunately the criminal will not be brought to justice. The police did not investigate back when the attack occurred. A couple of years ago the police there kept the passports of an American couple, accused them of hitting someone with their car, for months. They wanted extortion money. The couple got on facebook then American media picked up the story and they got their passports back and returned home.

  12. How sad and how ugly people are. God bless their souls.

    I’m so sorry for your pain that this caused you. God bless you lady.😣 May God give you peace in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Why would some random hotel employee attack one of the guests for no reason, maybe the husband organised her murder to collect life insurance, You never know they say in these types of attacks the person you know is most likely the culprit

  14. i was just there and my sister was on the same beach too at night.. lucky she wasn’t the one. Thoughts and prayers to the lady too

  15. It was just revealed that Tammy and her husband Christopher wanted the hotel to give them 2.2 million dollars after the incident and were not interested in pressing charges. They waited 4 months to give the hotel time to come up with the money and threatened to go public if they did not get paid.

  16. She thought she wouldn’t make it “home” to see her kids and husband? Wasn’t the husband in the DR with her?

  17. That’s why I don’t vacation too broke places ! The cheap prices are not worth me becoming prey to the natives!

  18. Once read a story about a guy from the Bronx who’s place of birth was the DR. He goes back for a vacation In PC and Goes to a local nightclub. So Hes sitting at the bar enjoying his drink, when three guys at the end of the bar speaking in Spanish, are openly talking on how they’re going to robb him when he goes to leave. Obviously the guy from the Bronx spoke fluent Spanish.
    Wow crazy.

  19. All that way just to get mugged robbed beaten shot or stabbed. Better off staying closer to home and go to Chicago.😂

  20. DR is the armpit of the Caribbean. My wife and I have traveled all over the Caribbean, Central America and South America….and DR is by far our least favorite destination….by FAR!

  21. Like WikiLeaks mysteriously doesn't leak Israeli secrets, this is your mind under control.  4 black people mysteriously dead, and SUDDENLY all these white victims?  "White" Dominicans are Nazis.  They don't hurt white people.  You can be 5th generation black Dominican and you have no rights or citizenry, so no hotel or resort hires black people.

  22. Our state department is sending Dominican authorities a message with these fake white victims:  "You keep killing our citizens and we'll ruin all your white tourism trade."

  23. That's why I don't vacation outside the United States,there is a lot of countries that don't like Americans due to overseas media propaganda.

  24. dominican men are predators in their country, i have heard stories of these preadators spying on american women in the DR for the attack….

  25. She only went public after the resort refused to pay her 2.2 million dollar demand. It was a set up to extort money from the start.

  26. Welp, scratching the DR off my list of places to visit. Staying state side or vacationing in Hawaii from now on.

  27. Hotel Majestic Elegance says tourist who reported aggression asked for 2.2 million dollars Tammy Lawrence-Daley, the American tourist who reported that she was brutally beaten at a resort in Punta Cana, asked the hotel for compensation of 2.2 million dollars, disclosed the establishment on Tuesday, which said that, contrary to what was said by the lady, the resort covered the medical expenses and gave her special attention until she could travel In a statement, the Majestic Elegance said that the tourist made the complaint public four months after the fact, after he refused to pay a compensation agreement for the amount mentioned above. She referred to her as an "insurance professional in the United States," where she stated that she "held executive positions." He said that this is documented in his resume at the following electronic address

    In the document, the hotel affirms that after the fact it applied "with all the rigor the protocol of security foreseen when it is informed that a guest is in problems".

    The facts, according to hotel

    She explained that according to statements by Lawrence-Daley, she was intercepted on the hotel premises after 11:00 at night, but that her husband, Christopher Daley, reported her missing at 2:30 in the morning and from that moment on. moment "started a search operation on the whole property".

    His discovery occurred, the hotel added, at 6:40 in the morning, proceeding to notify the competent authorities, "assuming the hotel's responsibility to provide all the necessary attention" and assured that all this is documented.

    "Around 6:40, an employee found Tammy Lawrence-Daley in a restricted area of ​​the hotel and an ambulance was called to take her immediately to a hospital. He had bruises on his face and a broken little fingernail. No scratches or other signs of violence on the body, carrying with her in his wallet and cell phone, after which he warned the local police, who soon appeared at the site, "says the document.

    He said that hotel staff "stayed almost all the time in the hospital to provide assistance and ensure that their needs were met."

    "Majestic Resorts paid all hospital expenses and offered Mrs. Lawrence, her husband and her travel companions, a complimentary extension of their stay at the hotel for the time necessary to recover and arrange their departure from the country," he said. hotel in the document

  28. She had an argument with her husband and he hit her, now they only look for money, the investigations will come to light very soon.

  29. Last Weekend 50 Shootings.. 10 Dead….No This is Not Punta Cana is Chicago in the US…..all in one weekend….


  31. I don’t know why Americans fall for those fake painted on smiles of the third world they will be smiling one minute and in a machete wielding rage the next.. There is no reason ZERO for Americans to be traveling to criminal third world countries when there’s so much trouble in the world! Americans are hated around the globe but for some reason liberals just have to go to places like this to be abused…


  33. This story makes no sense. Who just beats the crap out of some random woman and then hides her? It wasn’t a mugging or a robbery…..there is no motive here. Sounds fishy if you ask me.

  34. Being white is the opposite of black in the US. Here in the DR we worship white and need their blood as a sacrifice to Elegua.

  35. Punta Cana is in Dominican Republic but not part of it..everything there is different from the real Dominican people. They dont even like Dominican to visit unless your a tourist. Most of the Dominicans that do live or work there are criminal and deportees from USA that use their English to work with tourist.. its like saying Chinese, Europeans and Russians are the same cause their on the same continent.

  36. One thing white people don't know is that the carribean is beautiful and all but the carribean is where alot of crime happens

  37. Wouldnt you fit in better in europe? White ppl saturate every destination on the planet like locusts, but take no accountability of the repercussions. This is what that "go anywhere" attitude can get you.

  38. This story is manufactured to demonize the DR citizens. Typical white lies.

    The white olympic swimmer Phelps accused brazilians of robbing him, to cover up his property destruction crime that was caught on camera.

  39. Very interesting that after The Dominican Republic signed a formal agreement with China to do business all of a sudden American Media is reporting on " mysterious death and attacks" in Dominican Republic. Before jumping into conclusions and believe everything the media says people should do their own research.

  40. If anyone booked a trip to the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 and feel afraid to go down there ,I would be more than happy to take your place , and sacrifice my self for you 🏝🌴😎

  41. Ladies if your husband is planning a trip to the Dominican dont go. And begin to wonder about ur man. Or vice versa fellas!!👀

  42. Refused to file a report,be checked by psychologist. Voluntary leaves country and then says no one tried to investigate on the Dr. Wao, what a shame she is trying to do fraud and asked the resort for 2.2 millions, she's works as an insurance agent. Her greed made her plot this, to be hit on the face only. She got a black eye. And then say they dragged her but her body had no bruises? Who she thinks she fooling? Please.

  43. This was investigated and it ended up being a case of domestic violence. They were trying to get money out of the hotel

  44. The husband looks and sounds pretty fishy. He seems capable of domestic abuse and psychological brainwashing (not literally but as in tricking her into agreeing with his plan, making her think that it’s for the best) of her wife.

  45. I believe her all the stuff going on in DR I believe these poor people are getting poison ☠️ . Also why they had told that man that lost his mother that the toxicology machine was broken really ? I’m not buying that for a second they just don’t want to expose themselves think about it they hiding something . These people were poison ☠️ ! Thats why I believe this lady was attack by one of the resort workers . Dr is a bad place right now it hurts me because I’m Dominican myself .

  46. Even when they first arrived at the hotel her husband showed an extrange aggressive behaviour towards her. He did it, then they tried to make money out of it.

  47. Querido TURISTA, si usted está enfermo, sufre de hipertensión, de diabetes, de hígado graso o de lo que sea, NO VENGA A VISITAR RD, que estamos hartos que nos tilden de “PELIGROSOS” por irresponsabilidades suyas.
    También, cuando usted viaja a países como el nuestro que los resorts son TODO INCLUIDO, debe controlarse con las bebidas, no mezclarlas con medicina, no largarse a la piscina acabando de comer, no darse una hartura como que en su país está pasando hambre, no ponerse a comer cosas que le dan alergia, etc… esas cosas hasta un niño de kínder debe saber. Deje de querer “probar todo”, no todo le cae bien a todo el mundo, conozca su cuerpo y sepa cuando parar.
    Y por último, si decide suicidarse o pasar sus últimos días en alguna parte HÁGALO LEJOS DE MI PAÍS que tienen a uno harto con noticias como esas tratando estúpidamente de vincularlas como si estuvieran relacionadas.
    RD es un país hermosísimo y usted está empañando su reputación con su falta de prudencia.
    Por favor, simplemente no venga aquí

    Ahh…. casi se me olvida;  Si va a darle golpes a su mujer, abimbela a trompones antes del viaje, no vaya a ser cosa que nos quieran echar la culpa también.

  48. Cancun, Mexico is a great getaway for a vacation destination. Was there in 2007 at a private resort with a private beach. The moon was like a light bulb every night. Had fun.

  49. Strange story. Nobody gets attacked so viciously without a purpose… robbery, revenge,….you name it. Who was interested in harming this lady and why?

  50. this case is really strange , in her full story to ABC she says she was left for dead , in a space she didn't know , for 8 hrs , after telling her husband she would be back in a few mins , 8hrs ago. Wife is gone for 8 hrs in the same building as her husband , he does not go looking for her ? 3 dead in that same hotel , and he lets her out of his sight , naw this stinks large

  51. 8hrs after her near death experience she screams to the first voice she hears , you think she would have heard her husband screaming for her if he was looking for her , why is it reported they wanted 2 million from this hotel , and only went public when they were turned down

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