AMERICA TOURIST PLACES (Places to visit in San Francisco)

Golden Gate Bridge is 1.6 KM long. It is constructed on Golden Gate strait. It connects San Francisco to Marin County, California San Francisco Bay is on the one side of Golden Gate strait while Pacific ocean is on the other side Construction of Golden Gate bridge was started in 1933 It has two main towers each tower is 746 feet high This bridge is of suspension bridge type Which means it does not have any support beneath the bridge The biggest challenge of a suspension bridge is high speed winds Bridge moves with the very high speed wind and safely passing through the bridge becomes impossible Golden Gate Bridge has been closed 3 times so far due to high winds No close of bridge was for more then two hours The city of San Francisco was established in 1776 by Spanish Earthquake and fire of 1906 destroyed most of the city United Nations started from here in 1945 San Francisco is in the state of California, USA It is the 7th biggest city of America on the basis of income as 2017 survey San Francisco promotes personal freedom Various culture, human rights and many other movements started from this city In this video we are visiting the same city, San Francisco Explaining in urdu what is strait and what is bay Alcatraz island is located in San Francisco bay It is two KM away from main land It is famous due to a prison here This prison was constructed in 1934 and was closed in 1963 There are many holly wood movies on Alcatraz One of them is The Rock Sean canary and Nicolas cage played the lead role in this movie There also a lighthouse on Alcatraz Alcatraz is open for tourists and visitors You can visit the building of prison there Golden Gate park is located adjacent to city It has an area of more than 1000 hectors Park has a lake Japanese tea garden is very beautiful Pier 39 Pier 39 is popular among tourists Sea lines and sun bathing here San Francisco cable car system is the World’s last manual cable car system It was commissioned in 1873 These cable cars became the identity of San Francisco Cable cars run by griping and underground cable cable keeps running all the time Cable car driver also known as grip man is responsible for gripping and releasing the cable as needed Oakland bay bridge is between Oakland and San Francisco This bridge has two main segments This is ferry building We can see Oakland bay bridge on its right San Francisco’s point Bonita lighthouse has a spectacular view White hanging bridge From here we can view the Golden Gate Bridge at a distance San Francisco’s China Town It is the most established china town China Town’s Dragon Gate is very famous Chinese food and many other items are available here Please SUBSCRIBE my channel Thanks

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