Amenities: The key to a happy community? | IN 60 SECONDS

In a time of social division, we often
hear about how politics drives us apart. But we never really hear about what
brings us together. Well, it turns out some pretty simple things can help, like
living in a community rich in amenities such as grocery stores, parks, libraries,
bars and restaurants — even gyms! A recent AEI survey finds that people who live
within a walking distance or a short drive from a grocery store, park, or
favorite restaurant know their neighbors better than people who live farther out.
People who live close to their favorite bar or restaurant, gym, or theater are
much more likely to rate their community an excellent place to live than people
who have to drive more than 15 minutes. 57% of people who walk to their grocery
store talk to their neighbors several times a week, compared to just 42% of
those who have to drive more than 15 minutes. Now, it may not be a panacea, but
where we live and how we design our communities might just be a good first
step toward hating each other less and maybe learning to get along a little bit more. What about your community do you like most? Let us know in your comments.
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5 thoughts on “Amenities: The key to a happy community? | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. WOW that woudl suck knowing your neighbors more or walking home with a weeks worth of Groceries. Sorry I have enough friends. I don't need to be talking to my neighbors.

  2. The frustrating thing is that amenities are the skeleton, but people are the flesh. Amenities or not, sense of community will only happen if the people who live there care about it. KInda like your band is only as good as your drummer LOL. Nationally, I worry about the value (or lack of) placed on "being neighborly" and on relationship building, at the ground level.

  3. I live in a rather contented little city, although only in the town and not the village. It has a grocery store, a library, a bunch of child care places, employment agencies, etc. It's a rural city, not an urban one, so everyone knows everyone. It's got some nice cities surrounding it as well within driving distance.

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