Amber and Earl are homeless youth travelers living on the streets of Denver

100 thoughts on “Amber and Earl are homeless youth travelers living on the streets of Denver

  1. Shit, can't even imagine how many tricks these two have had to turn. Reminds me of the third season of The Killing.

  2. He's a fucking bum he could get a job on a clam boat. My grandfather work on one. People don't want no more. If shit hit the fan i would go. I talk to the boat's all the time and they need help all the time. He don't love her he loves the drugs

  3. Sitting there picking his nose and they love clean socks but definitely aren't wearing clean underwear. Picking his nose and eating with his mouth open. I can smell them from here.

  4. Life is hard…life is getting harder at the moment. Everyone is not to far to be in this situation especially since laws are being pass to benefit the rich and powerful…

  5. I am always nice to homeless people unless they ask me for money I want to stab them in the face when they bum money every fucking day

  6. Richest country in the world and people are homeless how slow and disorganized are you seriously I have no pity for people like that

  7. Well you want to have a house you say, Better start with getting all that metal out of your face and find a job…….

  8. Homeless yet they have money to waste on hair dye and shit to Pierce in their face. Idiots will overdose soon as they get a $50 scratcher win

  9. Amber and Ear L need to pull those studs outa their faces and get the hell down to the recruiter office and join up for the next war because we need a few good men and women

  10. don't feel sorry for these people no they like what they are doing so be HAPPY for them! why? well hell they aint handicapped are they? NO! and they are working right? NO! iam sure with all the jobs in denver they can get one can't they? YES! but do they NO! iam sure theres alot of people watching this video that DO WORK! and these two on this video give a chit about them NO! why? BECAUSE THEY LIKE NOT WORKING AND GETTING FOOLS TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY NEED BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY Ahhh Homeless. ohhh boo hooo! if you think iam mean well go find them in denver and take them home with you! come on be nice! poor things can't support themselves and they need someone to do that for them because it's difficult and we just can't so will you take care of us hmmmm? i was once so called homeless but i got my ass to work and once i found work i stayed with it and did something. with my life and NO! body helped me and i didn't ask anybody for help i did it myself because i wasn't LAZY! in this world you either SINK or SWIM and these two well they aint floating no more!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ oh well AINT ME! ๐Ÿ˜œ wonder how far the bottom๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. What the fuck does this stupid YouTube channel with a link in the bio to donate money to DO FOR THESE PEOPLE EXCEPT RECORD THEM???

  12. Good bless them they are awake they dont want to be slaves for this corrupt matrix that does not give us financial freedom

  13. I wish I could personally meet every one of the people you interview on this channel. My heart shakes and breaks for every single one of them. Thank you for bringing homeless to life. God will bless you.

  14. When she was talking about her leaving home because of an abusive mother. I felt that. I pray for her for a better life and to become a train conductor. โค

  15. (((1. Safety, 2. Food, 3. Be Kind.))) 4. Jesus what are we doing as humanity to want these things!!! Lets do better People.

  16. I love theier nice clothes and the wonderful rings in her lips. Oviously this couple needs to go deeper into the pit and never come out. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I've watched quite a few of your vids and one of the wishes people always have is for everyone to be kind to one another. I love us, humanityโค

  18. These kids are travelers, not legit homeless. I wouldn't put them in the same category as some of the other folks you feature on this channel. Despite their challenging backgrounds, they made a choice to be travelers rather than integrating themselves into the system. I hope they find some sort of vocation soon.

  19. The youth of America homeless jobless foodless clothless see itโ€™s all about less or nothing .
    Society wake up we need change.
    Rich get richer n poor die…

  20. I bet they get alot of dirty looks, simply because of their appearance. That being said, and them being homeless also, i would also guess cops would harass them. Kinda sad.

  21. Wow his wish is that people will be kind.. what a world we are living in where people wish for world to be a kinder place.. when we are born to but we dwell in the negative side.. what a world.. we have to change for the better not just for ourselves but for others too

  22. Both of these poor people have hopes and aspirations let's hope they get them both so young so so sad bless themโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  23. They were homeless at 17. They had a chance to better themselves but decided to be bums. When most people have or are looking for jobs they said fuck that shit.

  24. I have watched a few of these homeless videos and when they are asked what their 3 wishes would be, no one says 1 million dollars. Are they trying to give the correct PC answers or are they too stupid?

  25. After traveling northern California for 6 months I got tired of that lifestyle and decided to take care of business before getting to comfortable and about the socks its very true it got to the point that I had to ask someone who was walking out of their house in ukiah for a pair of socks cause I couldn't take all the burning and moisty sensation in your feet after wearing the same socks for days..after all I had a good experience of freedom without having to worry about anything and nothing I feel like doing it again but than again I work now and became more responsible

  26. Personable,friendly people willing to exchange with fellow humans and even be put on the spot in front of a camera.
    Respect and blessings to you both from South Africa.

  27. Everyone wants to talk about how cool they look. It's not cool or cute when you actually grew up around these people. I was raped by 2 guys who were in my punk group of friends and drug use is rampant. These anarchists are all bark no bite. And all the drugs are the reason why they sound retarded. That chick looks more smelly than the dude.

  28. Working for the railroad is not easy to get into ! You got know someone to even get into the school to start even thinking of a job !!! The railroad school is hard ! My EX and my son is railroad ! My son was a conductor !! Heโ€™s now a yardmaster heโ€™s moving up and he loves his job ! Ex is a retired engineer ! So just put your mind to it and you can do it hun ! Florida is the best place to look into a job after you go though all the schooling ! Prayers for you both and I pray your life is always happy no matter what you do ! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  29. These fucks choose to be homeless. Sorry don't feel sorry. Get a fucking job or don't complain about being hungry.

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