All You Can Eat Tour, Malaysia | Langkawi (Organic Fruit Farm)

I have never tried sugarcane like this no me neither so you have to try this sugarcane yeah hi guys from a beautiful stay here in Langkawi
it’s so peaceful we will show you this stay in a second but today we’re actually
going to a guided farm fruit tour which I have never experienced ever and we’re
supposed to be able to eat as much fruit organically grown fruit here as we
possibly can so I’m super excited for it but for now we’re going to show you our
staty because it’s so beautiful so peaceful and such an awesome people
hosts that are owning this place so here we are outside the property let’s go
inside so there is five of this cottages and there is two rooms inside we have
the kitchen area where we eat our breakfast super nice and where we have
had some really awesome conversations with the owners ok so let’s take a look
at our place here they are growing organic vegetables too super nice this
is our place so look at this view over the rice fields so nice okay and now for the room so cool and
nice in here so as you can see it’s pretty simple
just the best refrigerator you can make your own tea and we have this like a
simple quarter beer yeah and it’s made out of this recycled wood and here is
this bathroom shower toilet everything we need and wash our hands
so quite nice to find some stuff from IKEA and if you don’t know IKEA is from
Sweden so that makes us feel a little bit like home
so yeah that’s our stay now it’s time to go to this fruit farm alright guys so
we’re having about 17 minute ride with our scooter and we’re going to a place
to eat locally grown fruits which is a perfect fit actually because it’s like
half past one o’clock and we’re super hungry but the one thing about Langkawi
is actually that is super hot here the heat is unbearable
today is like 31 degrees but it feels like 37 so it’s super hot but totally
worth visiting Langkawi so let’s go and eat some fruit bye babe hey wait hey seriously making me run oh my god you’re so mean if I could say a bad word I would I love you hop up suppose to be like a guided tour inside
of a bus with a roof without walls on the bus so let’s check out if they’re
having a tour for us everything for YouTube right yeah hi do you have any guided tours left yeah 20 minutes waiting time 2 people oh included how much we want we can eat yeah yes so how much food that we can eat we are allowed to do well empty the farm to the farm port
we’re having to wait about 40 minutes no 20 minutes
sorry and it was like 30 ringgits per person which is maybe eight dollars or
something like that u.s. dollars we’re supposed to be able to go with a guide
or a tour guide that is going to take us with a car through this fields and then
afterwards we are able to eat as much fruit as we want or can witch is awesome right we like eating this will be our lunch this will be our lunch yeah huge lunch so we will sit here or over
there and wait I’m super excited so here they have displayed the fruits
that they are growing in this farm so we have mangosteen durian jackfruit musk
melon I have no idea what that is mango love mango pomelo here we have
rambutan dark fruit papaya exotica super knife pineapple chiku Kiko I don’t know
how and guava this is going to be so nice and here are some rare fruits also
wow I have never seen so many different types of exotic fruits even showing how
to peel or cut the fruits on every fruit here it’s like a little guide super cool
alright so off we go so the car has a roof but it’s open so the plantations here are huge
actually 40% of the whole space here is just fruits and
vegetable so the first stop was actually to try
out the fruit just here they have some fruit that we are suppose to eating very soon watermelon
some other melon yeah no pineapple and I don’t know what this other things are yeah maybe we have to ask some first some washing hands now look at this view from this place that we’re going to eat some
fruit at it’s breathtaking amazing what do you say about this perfect
with a fruit lunch today huh awesome let’s go inside again and grab some fruit
okay time to eat maybe I shouldn’t fill up the plate
yeah you have some other thing here also so I guess this is pineapple looks not too yellowish and
this I don’t know what this is maybe we have to ask if it’s apple maybe and this I
have no idea what is this do you know guys and this one looks
interesting I don’t know sounds crispy yeah and we’ll take
one of these also Oh thank you sorry what is this called thats some sugar sugarcane sugarcane oh and this amra and this
amra amra okay and this is is an apple no okay just apple
amra and sugarcane I have never tried sugarcane like this no me neither so you have to try this sugarcane yeah how was it it tastes like sugary apples all right but I don’t know if you eat it
because I like you and I chew in it just grows in your mouth no it just becomes like compact and you feel like you want to put it out all right so maybe just chew it and spit it out
all right if you know guys please put it in the comments down below it feels like
too dry to swallow it I don’t know what kind of melon is
actually they weren’t too helpful to tell us what all of this is yeah of course
guys we know what watermelon looks like and banana yeah this other she didn’t say what this was sorry do you know what this is is that just what is a honey melon is a okay the
green ones yeah yeah of course and this was called amra or something like that
amra okay thank you wow what is this made of coconut leaf ring cool nice I’m
married to the fruit right so amra it’s very sour yeah where’s it so it’s very fun just
taking pictures like this I don’t know if you can see that was quite fun thank
you yeah I’ve never thought about that that you can do that like with an object and the person in the background it was fun maybe you did something like this it’s so crazy actually because I have eaten tons of
candy cereals of all kinds of food with a lot of sugar in and this one is the
sugarcane which you’re pressing down the sugar from and you can actually
just eat it like this and it’s like a fruit basically it’s so crazy and it’s
so crunchy and then I think you spit out this part
it’s super nice and sweet all right second plate yeah this pineapples were so delicious try to flip it around third plate okay I’m going
down on my knees honey why do you wanna fruit me Jesper Sohlin all right I can
do that okay yeey so jackfruit actually they came from India but the size of the jackfruit in Malaysia we have around 15 to 30 kilogram Wow maybe besides Wow in Malaysia but in
India and Bangladesh one pice almost 100 kilos so this is the biggest in the world
we call this nangka okay hi so guys if you like you can take photos like this anyone to try yeah super-nice nature here do you know about this no vegetable guess guess wow so huge no idea avocado no no this vegetable avocado is fruit yeah yeah come long melon vegetable so you know I think
we do the same thing we make it soup we make it salad alright but this one here try to carry boss oh okay heavy yeah and what was it I don’t know but last time we got 35 kilogram wow super heavy and we have passion fruit in this side here okay yeah where are you from brother Sweden okay we don’t have fruits really
okay guys I give you five minutes alright thank you yeah you’re a strong woman right that
was not a problem for you so this is how it looks inside you’re like growing in
on in the roof here and looking crazy right alright so we got a 10 minutes playtime to go and check out some grapes sugarcanes and you can feed the fishes also at this
this place is actually huge you ever seen anything like this before no so
let’s say check out some sugarcanes and how they are grown so we got some food
here to give to the fishes wow they are huge you just okay I don’t think they will jump on me but it felt
like they are getting all crazy some here for you guys actually we don’t like trap animals
I mean fishes in a pond it’s not the best but if you get food for free
or to feed them then we do it of course yeah we’re having tons of fun here
because they’re taking photos of you like they’re doing in the background
right there and actually we’re standing just in front of a pineapple plantation
yeah this is a pineapple – this is how they grow I had no idea actually wow
it’s so cool did you know how they they grow no no I
have no idea I think like everything like everything grows on a tree no you know actually the pineapple they grow on the top like this ah really not on the ground the other tree the other plants like this one it’s so tiny it’s over it’s finish okay so we still keep it for another six month because we waiting for the other plant for another six month this one like this is the mother and we got the new baby here so the baby
they cannot grow with with a mom together we have to take out split them
for a new place and they were growing again for another one year one year for
one pineapple oh wow that’s a long time yeah a long time because this firm I mean all
the fruit is organic so we not put any hormone or any chemicals that’s why they take long time that’s how it should be yeah oh look at the chilies how tiny
nice cashew nuts cashew nuts that tree of a cashew nut Wow it’s not season only in February and December okay September now so this is a cashew nut tree Wow
did you know that cashew nuts the grow on trees like that I had no idea I just love eating them so this is the papaya tree this is male and this is female alright how do you know
because the male there’s no fruit but they got flower this one in Malaysia
we eat it as salad like salad okay because it’s good for diabetic people
we eat it with this flower and chili and rice it’s like that
okay cool but for female like human they have a new baby but this was not produced for baby but
for fruits only this it still a young one baby fruit yeah sugarcane is there just now I think our sugarcane is not
really sweet because of rain now is too much rain in Langkawi okay everyday we got rain so
the taste is not really sweet but even we got dry season you know there’s no
rains the taste is more sweet like watermelon
if got season but rain season this is not good okay so just know I think
there’s not good for taste yeah okay yeah yeah this is the young one yeah and this are the older ones yeah no no this is young one oldest one become bigger like this oh okay the size may
become falling like this one Wow we got black and we got green one but for me I like the
black one is it different tastes almost different but the black one is more
sweeter and the same thing coconut I think you know about coconut
they have a green yellow up there but you know I’m sorry now it’s low season
low season so I cannot show you more fruits because we still have durian mangosteen like my car my favorite mangosteen mango rambutan but
now there’s no season for that fruit so you have to come back again
yeah next month okay May June and July all right okay still you can get it that fruit
from the market now they sell it but they want is imported from Thailand from Kuala Lumpur and other place okay okay thank you I wanna give this one this is made by coconut leaf what is that Wow what is that a grasshopper yeah wow look at me and my friend wow it’s so beautiful yeah yeah it’s made out of coconut leaf hop hop so maybe standing under a coconut tree is not the best idea if it drops on you so I’m just kind of step away go under go under okay to the next stop yeah actually the next stop was the last stop bye thank you thank you so much so it has started to rain now but we have had a
great time doing this tour understanding how things grow and how it looks like
and also trying a lot of delicious fruit yeah it was totally an eye-opener to see
like how pineapples grow of course you can go to Google and check it out but I
haven’t done that and also to see that cashew nuts actually grow on a tree like that
yeah that was crazy right yeah so if you also enjoyed this tour with us we hope that
you subscribe to our channel leave it a thumbs up and leave a comment down below
on what you thought about this video hope to see in the next one bye guys

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