‘All About Travel’: Seoul Int’l Tourism Industry Fair kicks off

South Korea’s biggest tourism exhibition has
kicked off in southern Seoul,… drawing over one thousand travel agencies from all across
the globe. Our Kan Hyeong-woo was at the opening ceremony. South Korea’s biggest travel exhibition, Seoul
International Tourism Industry Fair 2019, has brought some 1300 travel agencies from
50 countries to the capital city. “They say the tourism industry is an industry
that does not cause pollution. I believe the tourism industry can provide
a breakthrough for our economy in times of slow growth.” Showcasing both domestic and overseas tourism,…
the exhibition gives information about travel destinations and what tourists can expect
when they arrive. “The Seoul Metropolitan Government hopes the
fair can help expand South Korea’s tourism industry and create more jobs in the field.” “The fair aims to build business platforms
for in-bound, out-bound and intra-bound companies. So it raises awareness of South Korean tourism
for travelers around the world,… while also contributing to developing Seoul’s tourism
industry at the same time.” Aside from over 500 promotional booths run
by some 40 nations’ government agencies and airlines,… 230 tables are set up for private
travel agencies and tour companies. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for
many countries to participate in this kind of fair because it just gives you the opportunity
to present your culture, heritage and especially the tourist attractions of individual countries.” “We also get more connections to other countries
and we make more friends also.” Combining the Seoul International Travel Mart
and the Korea World Travel Fair for the first time,…. South Korea’s biggest tourism exhibition will
run through Sunday at COEX Convention Center in southern Seoul. Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News

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