Aljazeera – The Traveler – The Netherlands – Episode 2

Let’s make the distant horizon our destination, reaching beyond..
so far will we travel. Together, we will wander and explore the magic of today’s light and the mystery of yesterday’ shadows. We touch the history of times to read the story of the coming future, to celebrate what is precious to our hearts and to cherish what makes us humans shine. To discover the wonders and miracles,
wherever they may be hiding. Observe every detail of its color and to feel it pulsing, may we be moved by visions. Let’s make all that we can imagine come true. Here I am the traveler and today I step in a completely new world. Netherlands
The gate of Europe Some call it the county of windmills and tulip fields. Others call it the county of freedom,
Van Gogh and Rembrandt. But its people prefer the name of the Netherlands. We and the rest of the world call it Holland. Welcome to Holland. I have arrived to Haarlem, an old city
which history goes back to the middle ages. What attracts you the most in this city
are the waterways, the fancy roads and the historical windmills. People refer to it as a small version of Amsterdam. It has amazing works of architecture and it has been the destination
for a large number of actors and world-class artists who left many marks of art here. Welcome to Haarlem. This is Teylers Museum the oldest museum in Netherlands and one of the most oldest museums
in Europe and the world. If you’re a science lover,
this would be your favorite museum in Netherlands. The museum was built in 1778 and it contains a collection of old scientific tools that chronicle the evolution of science It also contains an amazing array
of fossils and minerals. Its visitors are interested in seeing a unique statue
of the print pioneer Jan Laurens Coster, whom Haarlem sees as its icon. As we leave Harlem,
I was struck by this huge, elegantly designed building. I was surprised to know that it’s a prison. I was even more surprised when I was told that
the city has decided to turn it into a university. So, I stopped there to know more details
about this story. This comfortable prison was closed
due to low number of prisoners as the city has taken important steps
to reduce crime and after it was a place for criminals and outlaws, it will soon be a place
for science and knowledge seekers. Haarlem – Texel This huge ferry took us to Texel Island
on a 20-minute journey. Texel is the largest and most diverse island
in Netherlands as it has 30 kilometres of sand beaches and many nature reserves
and recreational areas. Visitors can enjoy its spacious space as you can see all along the horizon
miles of green fields, plains and pastures. Texel is the largest island
in North Sea regarding space. Visitors from all over the world come here to enjoy its fresh air,
spectacular beaches and the wild life present. The island is home to these seals. You watch them play, stretch and relax
on this small island and they don’t seem disturbed by us
getting close to them. During your tour, you will see vast farms
of oysters and mussels. When this lighthouse was build
in the middle of 19th century, it was 3 kilometres away from the coast but today, it’s less than one kilometre away
from the water. It’s not only a witness
to the great civilization of Netherlands but also resembles the battle fought by Netherlands
against sea water. During low tide on a summer day, the beach turns into a muddy viscous soil It gets flooded by tourists,
putting their feet deep into the mud. The scene is so surprising till you know that visitors here walk over
a treasure trove full of exciting marine life and they are trying to explore the creatures
living under their feet. We’re about to explore Texel Island
the traditional Dutch way using the bicycle but this specific bicycle is very Dutch. Children enjoy their childhood
and adults regain memories at Texel Kite Festival. The atmosphere is filled with joy and fun which brings shadow to the beach of the island. and the sky is adorned by beautiful paintings,
patterns and colors. This lighthouse was built to guide ships some of which perished
due to the shallow areas of the sea, and as time went by, it became a symbol for Texel. Before leaving the island,
I wanted to come back here and enjoy watch its luster at night. Texel – Woudsend I had to get on this motorcycle
to discover this Dutch engineering miracle. It might seem like a bridge
that connects between two places but it’s also a dam that blocked the North Sea water
and protected the lands from floods and it’s a barrier that separated the sea
from a man-made fresh water lake and finally, it helped creating large spaces
suitable for agriculture and building houses. This project that was built 80 years ago is a great example of this innovative
and hard-working people. We passed by Friesland
and its people speak their own language. And its fertile lands contain
countless number of green farms. The country life in Netherlands deep-rooted
and rich in details. In the early hours of the morning
while people are still in their warm beds, fishermen go to the sea
to get their catch of fresh fish. Indeed, there’s no such thing
as food fresher than this. Netherlands has a thousand windmills
that didn’t stop working for hundreds of years. This exact windmill is a carpenter shop. From the outside, it may look as an old primitive technology
that depends on wind power but I was surprised to see it from the inside. Its system is very complicated and accurate and it takes a lot of workmanship and skill
to work inside it. There’s an old saying for Aristotle that goes “We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest.
We must learn to sail in high winds.” And here we’re trying our best. Woudsend – Franeker The Eise Eisinga Planetarium started working in the 18th century. It contains a small version of the solar system the moon, the planets and the stars. They all move at the same speed
they move up in the space. This smart machine shows time and date
and time of sunrise and sunset and ebb (low tide) and flow (high tide). I never doubted that it expresses
the great technological development in that age. Do you hear this sound? We’re in the house of Eise Eisinga. This Dutch citizen who built
the most complicated planetarium in the world that is still working today. This citizen was never an astronomer in any way but he was a Dutch citizen
who was working at shepherding and cutting wool but his obsession with time and astronomy got him to build this highly complicated
and astonishing astronomical clock even by today’s standards. Franeker – Giethoorn I spent my best time in Netherlands here below sea level. A village surrounded by trees, flowers and fresh air built on both water and land to give you a glimpse of the life of the Dutch
in the 17th century. It’s called Giethoorn or Small Venice and it’s a water village as you see and each house has a small boat instead of the car. These small quiet electrical boat
are called Whispering Boats so that it doesn’t disrupt
the tranquility of this small village. Giethoorn – Veluwe – Rotterdam It’s time to rest. I will have a cup of coffee
while this station charges the car with electricity. The charging process takes 45 minutes. After that, the car will be able to go 450 kilometres
with no need to stop for charging. The Krueller-Mueller Museum, founded by Ms. Mueller in 1938. It features the second largest collection
of Van Gogh paintings. Paintings which shift your emotion and imagination and portrays scenes of the difficult daily life
of the poor of the Netherlands in the 19th century. While artists at his time were drawing wonderful paintings
that portray the life and the love of life, Van Gogh dared to draw this painting The Potato Eaters This painting expresses grief, poverty,
deprivation and depression It was one of the closest painting
to Van Gogh’s heart and now, it’s one of the most important paintings
in art and the history of art in the whole world. Van Gogh lived a dismal life which ended up by him holding a pistol in a field
similar to the many fields he drew. He put a bullet in his chest the most precious artist in the world
died poor, lonely and sad. The museum houses important works
by the Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso. It also has one of the most important works
of the French sculptor Giacometti The Walking Man. The walls of the museum
were flooded with works of art. Some of them moved to the museum’s outdoor garden, including rare and distinctive works
of the most important sculptors. You will be wandering here between
the spirit and imagination of its creators that knows no boundaries. The Dutch people are one of the first people
to move art works to the public squares and gardens for all people to enjoy
not just a special class of notables. As soon as we left Krueller-Mueller Museum, we found ourselves in the largest national park
in the Netherlands, The Veluwe Park. Leaving the museum, and there were plenty
of wonderful images created by man compete with other images
but it is created by nature this time. Fifty kilometres of green woods and spaces
are magnified by the vast fields of purple flowers that bloom in summer. A poet said “when it’s right, it’s right. Hesitation causes corruption of opinion.” One of the most exciting things
I have ever done in my life. You must try the feeling of skydiving. In the next episode

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  1. Wonderful tour with succinct subtitles! The editing was excellent. In skydiving, why can't he jump alone?! Actually, the hero is the cameraman. Astronomy clock, that beautiful Small Venice- water village, Texel Island- drone shots and windmill carpenter are fascinating! awesome!

  2. You makes us proud Thanks for tis Wonderful series, music is also great which do you use. Presenter thumbs 👍🏻great job and also the editing.

  3. Wauw, amazing beatifull, astonishing camerawork, and presentation of my county! I saw a lot of documentations from foreign broadcasts organisations. But this documentation is one of the best I ever saw. Be on tv, youtube, or elsewhise! Thank you for this great vision about my beloved Kingdom. 😘

  4. Jeeeezz, i never would have thought to see the inside of the prison named ''de koepel'' again, although in quite a different matter this time. lol

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