Aljazeera – The Traveler – Albania – Episode 3 (with subtitles)

The Traveler Let’s make the distant horizon our destination, reaching beyond..
so far will we travel. Together, we will wander and explore the magic of today’s light and the mystery of yesterday’ shadows. We touch the history of times to read the story of the coming future, to celebrate what is precious to our hearts and to cherish what makes us humans shine. To discover the wonders and miracles,
wherever they may be hiding. Observe every detail of their color and to feel them pulsing. May we be moved by visions. Let’s make all that we can imagine come true. Here I am, the traveler and today I step in a completely new world. Albania
Back to the roots No matter what your destination is in this
country, there are two scenes always present the high mountains
and the turquoise water and Albania in between. Hello everyone! Albania is placed on the coast
for more than 300 km in length from the Adriatic Sea north
to the Ionian Sea to the south Beaches with crystal clear
and pure water, you’d think no one has
ever stepped a foot in it. Its connection to the Mediterranean made Albania
historically open to Asia and northern Europe, giving it this wonderful diversity
and combining the spirit of East and West. It is not easy to discover all the
natural hideouts of this country, some of its treasures take you
on a long journey on foot. And to discover others,
you have to sail away into the Ionian Sea. We are in the cave of Haj Ali,
an interesting figure in Albanian history. He has a story to tell you. People say that the fighter and sailer
captain Haj Ali sought refuge in order to protect merchant ships
and travelers from pirate gangs, making him a hero of the Albanian,
and having people enchanting his heroic acts. To this day, all the ships
passing by the cave blow a whistle as a salute
to this brave captain. A few years ago Albania was not
a well-known destination for tourists. It was emerging from its long
and imposed isolation. But it is now one of the most important tourist
destinations that Europeans want to visit, eager to discover an amazing world
they have not heard much about before. Tirana This is one of the 250,000 shelters
built during the communist era and its goal is to protect civilians
from a war that never happened. Some of them turned into
houses, cafes and museums. Many residents see it as
a testimonial to some 50 years of repression and isolation imposed
on them during the communist era. During the Communist era,
which lasted for five decades, hundreds of thousands of people
migrated to various parts of the earth, because of repression and poverty. Until its population counts today
less than three million people. Porto Palermo A small boat, a blue sky
and a turquoise sea. Sailing alone through this space birds will accompany you
and the mountains surround you. The historical castle
of Puerto Palermo, a view that completely dazzles you. Then soon you’ll be surrounded
by peace and silence. Vishta “Amri zizana” or “grandmothers food”
as some call it here, it is an old hill in the village
of Vishta turned into a restaurant that attracts tourists not
far from the capital Tirana. All the ingredients of
the dishes they provide are produced in the farm
attached to the restaurant. They include meat, vegetables,
herbs, spices, beverages and oils. When you make your way
between plants and flowers, accompanied by soft tones played by a band
hidden among the trees, you will know that a special lunch awaits you. This is the rose water drink,
they make it here in Albania. They put roses with water
and some lemon in the sun for four days, and then what’s produces is a rose water drink,
which we tasted a moment ago. Here restaurants offer
traditional Albanian dishes that have the spirit of the
Eastern Mediterranean Sea but with a modern touch
and adding local spices and herbs, and certainly with Albanian flavor. Fresh vegetables are always present
on Albanian tables, along with cheese as the abundance of meadows is
populated by lots of livestock. There are many local varieties
of delicious cheeses and dairy, which are 100 percent natural even that there’re some of these products
are consumed the same day they are produced. I thought that the food would be delicious but I didn’t expect
that it would be that delicious. When all the products are planted at the same farm
and the same place, you feel as if you eat from your own farm. When you pick the food from the table, this is something makes
the whole experience so special. and makes the flavor so delicious. The Albanian diet depends on fresh fish too. As it’s an environment rich of
seas, rivers and lakes. So, it’s logical that fishing
is a part of villagers’ daily activities. Being hosted by generous rural family, we enjoy catching fish together. The delight of food, love
and warmth gather us. The heights traveled with me
along the journey which extended from the far north
to the far south. Mountains of which nothing can break
it’s continuity, except for water Here water comes from everywhere. sometimes from mountains And sometimes from underground. Carving its way through rocks. It continues running through
grooves and narrow passages gathering in numerous of lakes,
rivers and valleys. Butrint We are in the middle of old Albania. I didn’t expect to see
this marvellous Archaeological site. Several civilizations thrived here,
that can be identified looking at the way
the original structures of the ruins are built and the various ways these building were
used during these civilizations. There was an Italian archaeologist
on a journey of discovery in the twenties of past century when he found accidentally
what seemed to him to be an old wall of a Roman theater They started unveiling
and excavating the site, a process that took them
more than 80 years before they could bring
the great city of Butrint to the light The history of this city
began during the bronze age and was prosperous as a Greek city
in the 10th century BC and later a Roman
and subsequently a Byzantine city. It includes water canals, a theater,
a cathedral and a Roman bath and some arenas, houses and palaces. Butrint to Llogara Pass Riding motor bikes on
these narrow roads which run around northern
Albanian mountains feels like a dream. The view of the sea gets more beautiful
as you continue to climb and I feel more and more excited. Now, we are flying at a height of 900 meters and with a speed of 45 Km/hour From parachuting at height of 900 meters from the top of the mountain
to beach and to jet ski, this is the day of adventures and adrenaline in the journey of Albania.

28 thoughts on “Aljazeera – The Traveler – Albania – Episode 3 (with subtitles)

  1. The video quality is amazing. These three documentaries about Albania were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Is there any fourth episode coming?

  2. Albania is one of the oldest places on earth.albanians come from illyrian tribe .Albania was invaded by turkey for 500 years . They brought the muslim religion. Before turkey, albania was Christian, and it was very very developed. It was the only place in europe who did a massive protest on the slavery issue , in a time when in europe slavery wasn’t even known as a concept. After turkey , germany and italy invaded albania. But then it gained freedom . And it was under a dictatorship which turned albania an atheist country. The dictator took down almost all the churches and mosques. Also albania was the only place in europe who took jews when the genocide was happening , and we were also under german invasion.we took about 2000 jews in our homes , changed their names to albanian names and never delivered them to hitler. Now , we are a democratic place . And due to our history, we don’t classify as a muslim or christian place, we have all the religions here living in peace and harmony . We have mosques and churches right next to each other . We also have diff religions such as Buddhists ect ect . We also have a lot of spiritual people too, doing yoga meditating and stuff like that .
    Thank you for your visit to our country. I loved it ❤️

  3. In Albanien ist many many nice places and needs years to visit all . But speciale is what you feel in Albania
    Like a eagle on the sky free, that's like magic isn't it
    Very nice video made , best quality ever a great job thanks a lot . Ifield like I'm up there walking this beautiful places
    I ❤ Albania ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. wow this looks like a James Bond movie, you have a done a great job guys, Albania is as beautiful as it looks in this documentary plus the best part of it, the people when you meet them 🙂 super video !!!

  5. I never thought in my life to be so excited to go back to visit my country after I watched you in these three episodes … it's seventeen years that I miss from home! thank you for all of this ,you gave all i need ! you did an amazing job and in part I'm pretty sure that you have enjoed your journey in Albania.

  6. …there is much more. To see everything you have to make 10 parts, but anyway. U did a very good work, thanks. U are always wellcome in our county.

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