Alitalia: Delhi to Rome Non-stop | Rome Airport: Immigration, Schengen Visa, Tourist Sim, Transfer

This my favourite airport – Delhi There is no one here right now at gate 26B 2:15 AM Just now a flight to Chicago has left probably operated by Air India Passengers to US are checked at regular security gate They are again frisked at the time of boarding Now because the flight has left… security personnels have also gone Now its turn for passengers for Italy Till now you have seen me taking long layovers while traveling long distances For eg While visiting Turkey I went through Kazakhstan Air Astana gave a stopover at Almaty Usually I prefer layovers but this time I am going to take a direct flight Alitalia flight from Delhi to Rome will take around 8:30 hours will take off at 4 am will arrive Rome at 8:30 am (Rome local time) would be around 2 pm in India This is going to be my 2nd trip to Europe 1st time to Italy Though you are watching the trip now on YouTube I was sharing regular updates on Instagram during the trip Soon these vacant seats are going to fill up I will also board in sometime Lets see how is this trip going to be Let me share how I planned this trip! I am going on an invitation not by any Tourism authority like my earlier trips this wont be an organised trip Actually the airline, Alitalia invited me They asked … why don’t you fly with us and and experience our direct flight from Delhi to Rome, Italy and tell you viewers about us I said, Why not! Boarding started I am feeling nostalgic I flew with Air Italia from Rome to Boston The like this colour combination According to this display we will travel for 6000 kilometres This will take around 8 hours to cover it its 8:30 am all passengers are sleeping its dark inside I came here to talk to you They served us snacks after 1 hour of take off then we slept all of us my seat is in the front portion of the aircraft which is almost full let me give you a travel tip when you travel in a long haul flight as soon as ‘boarding complete’ is announced get back to the rear portion of the aircraft the seats are in 2-4-2 arrangement you may find a row of vacant seats in the rear side grab those middle 4 seats row its 8 am now … I saw rear seats were vacant and passengers were sleeping on them we are going to land in Rome they serve breakfast almost 1 hour before the landing let me show you how is the veg breakfast of Alitalia you can watch movies during the flight there were a few flicks from Bollywood you can play songs play games watch news.. documentaries in various languages though I always prefer to look at the map to know which country are we flying on altitude, etc I have charged my mobile by using these charging points Though I couldnt insert my mobile charger directly in these points so get universal travel adapter while you are travelling to Europe Welcome to Rome It took time to learn the proper pronunciation of this word This is Rome’s Fiumicino airport thats my aircraft thats the airport train connecting airport buildings You must have seen this on my US trip I am back in Europe This is my 2nd time in Europe 1st was Prague its was oct 2016 I am back after 2 years That was Czech Republic This is Italy If you recently joined this channel let me tell you seems, I have come on the wrong side Many European countries accept Schengen visa these countries just require one visa – Schengen visa only a few European countries have not signed the Schengen visa treaty its was Oct 2016 trip when i got to see another side of this world before that trip (Europe) I had been to neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan They are quite similar to India but in Sept-Oct 2016, I saw a different world when I visited Europe That was an eye-opening trip for me The travel style that I follow today… I learnt on that trip I learnt a lot from many travellers met a lot of people This is all Fiumicino airport Thats my aircraft Many other aircrafts there This is Alitalia’s hub I saw a lot of aircrafts after landing for eg Abu Dhabi is the hub for Etihad Dubai is for Emirates Mumbai and Delhi for Air India likewise Rome is the hub for Alitalia information displayed in many languages I have just finished the immigration formalities Let me share what did they ask me How long is your trip? I said – 7 days oh! I forgot to tell you that this trip is just 7 days long Have you ever been to Europe? I said – First time in Italy, but… second time in Europe They asked me to show the return flight tickets I showed them the screenshot of my tickets After this they stamped my passport now I am enter Europe legally as a tourist Over there is baggage claim passengers are waiting for their baggage WiFi is free at this airport I enjoyed the high speed last time I am going to send a message to my family using the WiFi Then I will find Tourist information center to plan the next 7 days Tourist information center is over there After putting off the flight mode My mobile phone automatically selected the local network which had tie ups with my Indian sim After that my mobile updated the time automatically Now my mobile is showing the local time As you enter the airport building you will get Airport’s WiFi opt from the 2 available WiFi You dont have to register for using the WiFi click and use high speed unlimited internet This is the customs area behind me Now I am going to find the tourist information centre They told me something you should know This information centre is only meant for Rome The ladies sitting over here said… There is no national level tourism office at this airport Until now… wherever I have visited like in Thailand…. Turkey I use to talk to the tourism authorities who could … guide me about all the places in the country but i didnt find anything like that here This centre is only for Rome They said, internet can help you for information about other places They also guided me how to go out of the airport thats the main road 2 ways to get in the city if you use public transport bus and train train takes 14 Euro This is Fiumicino town which is 30 kms away from Rome You have to pay 6 Euro to travel in a bus there are 4 bus operators all of them are located there 14 euros if you travel in a train besides that you can always take a taxi its 9:15 am i have to collect many other information for you I was there at the Rome Tourist information centre I used the wifi to plan my trip was trying to make an itinerary Untill now I didn’t find any office which can give me information about other places in Italy I went to another place for that they also refused but suggested me to go on the second floor Here I can just see flight ticket booking counters This Ryan Air’s Thats Emirates many others all ticket booking offices So till now I am clueless about the trip Now the only option left is reach Rome and then get the information in the city Now I am leaving for the city This seems not easy another thing i noticed here there is a cultural difference between Italy and Turkey/Kazakhstan Italians seems to be closer to Americans this is what I experienced till now Not sure whats next! Until now, I have learnt that People from Spain and Italy are warmer than others in Europe I hope I get to experience this warmth on this trip This is a bar I came here to refill my water bottle Someone suggested me to approach them I went to a few restaurants, but they guided me to approach the bar I was actually searching for fountains they said, we cant refill here you either refill from the toilet not sure whether it is drinkable! else you have to buy water you know how much water costs! 3 Euros for 750 ml in that bar Finally this restaurant refilled my bottle with tap water After coming down by using those escalators I found these food outlets you can exchange your currency book a taxi etc You can buy the trains ticket from this counter non stop train from airport to city’s Termini station there is another train which is cheaper and stops in between You can also check this Tim Sim 35 Euros=200 minutes talk time + 15 GB data + unlimited chat on whatsapp, etc. Tourist sim Valid for 1 month Now I am going to buy a bus ticket which is going to leave in next 5 minutes Leonardo express – the non-stop train takes 32 minutes bus takes 6 euros other operators are located there they may charge more i have bought the ticket

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  2. I am going to Rome with my family travelling through Alitalia this May ….thanks for sharing such videos … it's becoming very easy to travel with your informative guidance.

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