Alison Weatherhead, Normandy Tourist Board – Travel Industry Road Show

(upbeat music) – It’s very interesting, a real mixture of questions and queries. People who’ve never
been to Normandy before, who know where it is but want
to know a little bit more. A lot of families come to Normandy with their ferry links
from Rosslare and Dublin with Stena and Irish Ferries so people sail into Cherbourg. But my job is really to
encourage them to stay and not go elsewhere. So, for families, it’s great. Especially for younger
kids because they can stay without having all that
hassle of driving any further. And for couples who want
to come out of season, the great news is that
they can wander around, get a little bit of history,
a little bit of good food and stock up with wine and
Calvados before they go home. News from Normandy, well there’s an extra
sailing coming on-line with Irish Ferries.
They’ve got a new boat. The W.B. Yeats coming
into action this summer. But, Normandy, there’s
always something new. There’s always something interesting. Come over and see. For me it’s really positive because I don’t get the
chance, necessarily, to meet people face-to-face. And I think if you’re
going to make a difference to the decisions that they make and their customers
will make in the future, you’ve got to actually be
there and talk to people. I think this is perfect
setting after work. A glass of wine, it works
really well for everybody. (upbeat music)

5 thoughts on “Alison Weatherhead, Normandy Tourist Board – Travel Industry Road Show

  1. Great showcase for Normandy as a destination! It is always a pleasure to come to Ireland to meet the trade and we look forward to seeing lots more happy holidayers chez nous very soon!

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