Al Bielek, Time Traveler, Tells All – Philadelphia Experiment Montauk Project full movie documentary

When he spoke in 1990 before the largest group
of civilian investigators on this planet, MUFON, Al Bielek was not there to talk about
UFO’s. Instead he would reveal that he was the only
known living witness to the Philadelphia Experiment, and also one of its experimental subjects. Al Bielek began his life as Edward Cameron. In 1939 he and his brother, Duncan Cameron,
both enlisted in the Navy at the same time. Four years later they were both assigned to
the USS Eldridge, where the US Navy would conduct a secret experiment to hide a battleship
from enemy radar. The Eldridge was fitted was a special generator
at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The generator test rendered the ship almost
invisible. Witnesses reported that a green fog appeared
in its place. Aboard the ship many crew members endured
a nausea causing them to collapse. When the ship reappeared some sailors were
physically embedded in the metal structures of the ship, including one sailor who fell
through the surface of the upper deck, and was found on the level below where his hand
was fused with a steel bulkhead. Edward and his brother did not stick around
to watch the carnage. They both jumped off the ship, expecting to
swim to shore. Instead of immediately hitting the cold seawater,
they were briefly suspended in hyperspace. As a result they spent six weeks in the hospital,
confined to theior beds with severe radiation burns. When Edward recovered, Navy intelligence decided
that he knew too much. They left him at the mercy of the project
scientists, who tried to erase his memory by sending him back in time. When Edward Cameron was sent back in time
he began to age rapidly backwards, until a full-grown serviceman had been reduced to
a one-year-old boy. He was placed with the Bielek family and given
the name Alfred. But he subconsciously retained knowledge from
his previous life. Alfred’s earliest memory was a christmas day,
before learning to walk. Yet he understood the conversation of all
the adults around him. Later in high school he was known as the walking
slide rule, because he had the knowledge of an encyclopedia. As a young man the Navy recruited him for
a second time, in 1956. This time they wanted his superior intellect,
to continue research in the very program responsible for wiping his memory. In his absence the time tunnel had been perfected,
so he was able to live in California and work at an underground base in Long Island, teleporting
between the two on a daily basis. Time travel was used for simple transportation
by suspending the position of the traveler while the Earth rotated beneath him. The same principle could be used for travel
to other planets, because the solar system also rotates. Bielek visited a human colony that will one
day be established on Mars. The Milky Way galaxy rotates too, which allowed
him to travel to alien planets where he collected canisters of dark energy, and of light energy. He made several trips to the Earth’s distant
past, one hundred thousand years B.C., to run the research station there. He traveled as far forward as the year 6037
where city skyscrapers were built as high as two and a half miles, through the use of
antigravity support, every 300 floors. But after seeing a movie repeated on television
in 1988 called “The Philadelphia Experiment” he began to recover his own memories of the
experiment itself. When he sought confirmation from his superiors
in the Navy he was dropped from the research program, a program now known as the Montauk

34 thoughts on “Al Bielek, Time Traveler, Tells All – Philadelphia Experiment Montauk Project full movie documentary

  1. The closest I've ever come to time travel is when I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock. Thank you Bill for another one.

  2. I've heard interviews with him, but I didn't know the whole story, so it very confusing! Thanks for the video! It makes sense now!

  3. The 3 mile high skyscrapers were seen in the year 2749 NOT 6037. You also left out one of the most shocking revelations that is to occur around the year 3000 AD.

  4. Thank you, Comerade. Preparations are under way for the construction of our own disappearing battleship. And a Serbian Navy.

  5. The One thing most forget when writting tales like this, is that everything not only spins in Orbit in space, but everything is moving farther away from each other, so the Earth is never in the same space twice. Nothing as, as the entire universe is constantly expanding.This means that the theory of moving back or forward in time by accounting for the Earth's rotation, yet holding a body in suspended animation, is impossible, as the Earth has also traveled many thousands of miles through space. I think it more likely that Mr Bielek has a memory of a past life, complicated by other psychological issues. Still, the whole Philedalphia experiment tale is indeed very intriguing. Another great video Bill, thank you for making these. What I really like about them is how you tell the tale in a non judging manner. You never suggest your own theories, you just tell it how it is, leaving the viewer to want to research more for themselves. And your delivery is very nice too. Polite, simple, and ever so slightly creepy, with little emotion. I bet you tell great spooky tales aroud a camp fire that keep folk awake all night, lol. A belting voice for scary horror stories. Great stuff buddy.

  6. If a time tunnel was possible, you cant travel from planet to planet, the planets orbits do not intersect, you would just wind up in open space.

  7. I love to hear about that story and I always wonder if some of it is real. I wonder if Alfred Bielek's brother experienced the same thing? Was he sent in time into another family?

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  9. I always thought of imobile suspension as a way of travel,though of time travel I have not… until now. I was intrigued by stopping in absolute and preprogamed arias as a form of travel among rotating masses long ago.I reasoned that travel into the future was possible,though the results would be permanent.

  10. Wow…..I've read about the USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Experiment, but never about Al Bielek!  STRANGE!!!!

  11. I remember watching footage of the Philadelphia Experiment from the library before the government took the videos off the shelves! I didn't know it went this deep. Fascinating.

  12. Well that was interesting, I haven't heard much about Al Bielek, but think it's time to do some reading. Thanks for sharing this video…..excellent as always Bill !

  13. …and a high 5 from Weird Land Austin Texas,much love and thank you for the thrills and chills… much love from the ATX…

  14. That was interesting. I had never heard his whole story…..wouldn't it be cool if it were true. I'd love to travel back in time to see what the world was really like !

  15. Appreciating this channel 💜
    Greetings Bill 😊
    7 yrs ago I would have never believed in these stories, but after researching so many conspiracy stuff ~ I honestly think nothing is impossible ❗
    I'm by no means crazy when I say we're under the influence of aliens and their technology .. since the beginning of time❗

  16. bill " this is true ive recerched the philladelphi experiment and the montock project ' ive even seen the film ' which they left much out off. so thanks for filling in the blanks" and pay noe mind to the trolls coment bellow I spot them A mile off my freind… GOD""Bless ""


  18. Hey I grew up in Santa Paula Ca. That's the town they were trying to get to in the Philadelphia Experiment. Great movie by the way.

  19. I can't say I'm buying this time travelling thing unless a time traveller show up in my neighbourhood. But I would certanly appreciate if it's real…and I was alowed to use it, because I'm in desperat need for a time travel to January 3rd. Is there anyone who can help me with that? So please show up, prove you're real.

    Can't you guys stop by my place anytime soon? The Swedish officiells is exercising pure terrorism upon me! Please help me! I'm in desperat need of help and time travelling is THE ONLY thing that can help me! I want to get off this rock as soon as possible! Give me a hint over Youtube if you're intressed. Or better yet, write to my e-mail address, wich is: [email protected] If you could come and pick me up I would appreciate it very much! Can you meet me at the southwest shore of Lösensjön anytime soon? I intend to visit Lösensjön every Saturday if possible! Or Sunday if I can't make it in Saturday. I intend to visit the southwest shore of Lösensjön tomorrow Monday 26th. Please meet me there! Prove you are real! Can I become a space traveller? Can I become a time traveler too? Please visit me anytime soon! Love💗💖💝.

  20. I feel like a time traveler every time that I fly from Narita Airport in Tokyo non-stop to LAX, Then after a brief layover, onward to NYC.

  21. I also changed my name. It is now Richard Collier. But I was never sent back in time to 1912 to meet Elise McKenna. The statue behind me is only a copy. What the heck is original anymore anyway? Certainly not Al Bielek's fantastic yarn.

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