9 thoughts on “Abandoned, but not alone

  1. What end does ILO want to pursue by visting the "B Ladyburg"?

    Would it not be time well spent and efforts best made to put the Panama Registry on notice for non-compliance of the MLC 2006, which it has ratified?

    Time to start showing some teeth, ILO.

  2. The captain and crew of the B Ladybug have been stranded at sea for almost a year. They can't leave the ship, they can't go home and they're running out of food and water.

    Here's why.

  3. So are these men stranded because they did not have visas to get onto Maltese soil? Surely the courts should hurry up and make their decision to help repatriate the men back home. An excellent video to make us aware of what is happening to these men. It beggars belief that they are stranded for almost a year! 

  4. If I were on that ship I'd run the fuel dry, put up the flags to indicate that no propulsion is available, and contact a salvager to come and scrap the boat.  Do a deal with the salvager and get all the crew of with wages + bionus for sale of the scrap and cargo.  Then let the courts decide through their process and protocols

  5. The crew has not been paid, they should claim the ship under the rules of marine salvage, sell it, and split the profit as compensation.

  6. I would personally just leave the ship under the human rights act (which applies in malta), why anyone would spend almost a year without pay looking after some companies product is beyond me.

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