A Solo-Traveler’s Guide To: Thailand – Bangkok

Got bored of life, needed some change of scenery
to keep sane, why not travel, travel anywhere I haven’t gone before, no one wants to go
with me, not a problem, I’ll go myself. Holy crap, am I really doing this, am I really
getting on this plane to go to a place where I know absolutely no one, why am I doing this
again, oh yeah, I was bored. Welcome to a solo-traveler’s guide to Thailand.
Bangkok is a massive city that is famous for its food, nightlife and affordability and
infamous for corruption, seediness and a world not seen by most tourists. Rooted in eastern
culture but with a western twist. This is a massive city that you don’t want to miss.
Bangkok is worth at least three or four days, with 1 of them being a day trip to Ayutthaya
– a former capital of the kingdom of Siam. You could get a tour for cheap but I recommend
buying train tickets there with friends from you meet in your hostel for more of an adventure
and then rent some bikes around to see all the temples. Bangkok is a massive city, but easy and affordable to get around using all aspects of it mass
transit system from its new and sleek skytrain. To tuk-tuks at night where you try to stuff
all your friends into one. To traveling on the chao phraya river via boat or along one
of its smaller canals. Wat Pho is a stop on the river boats and also a colorful temple complex predating Bangkok and containing the largest reclining Buddha image in the world. A stay in Bangkok is not complete without a night on khao san road Its is a crazy place built for hedonistic tourists and backpackers
filled with bars and clubs. Hey my name’s Henry and I’m a solo-traveler from Finland,
ehh khao san road, its energetic, its full of life, its chaotic, you don’t know whats
coming up and things happen. Second night in Bangkok, second night on Khao san road, thumbs up. And crazy insects along with the seediness of kids performing for money and tuks tuks
offering you rides to see a ping pong show – google it so you know exactly what that
is. Urban exploration at its finest in Bangkok,
were going to go up that building and see the sights-city from there. One thousand five hundred baht, you already said that, we’ll pay like five hundred for
the group and that’s one hundred, we’ll pay one hundred baht per person.
After meeting some friendly construction workers in the lobby we found the ticket office for
the ghost tower tour, we managed to haggle down and paid six dollars each which included
hardhats and flashlights. Ok, 200 baht per person, police, police. Made it floor thirty of Sathorn Unique, an abandoned tower built in the 90’s in Thailand,
and then it was abandoned because of the 1997 financial crises, and this tower that was
85% done – suddenly all the money was pulled from under its rugs and now there’s squatters
and construction workers that you have to bribe to get on top. Its one hell of an adventure! Amazing, its living history, and I think its haunted in the night, it must be. This is the end, well, almost the end of a
solo-travelers guide to: Thailand with a few amazing nights and days in Bangkok, thumbs

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  1. I would like to recommend indoor activity on the bts and mrt lines "The Escape Hunt Experience" to be your choice. It's like the escape game on the phone but it's real to lock you in the room and you have to solve the puzzles until you can escape from the room. I really had extremely fun !
    You can check it from the link below.

  2. westernes who go to Khaosan should stay home. It is reral crazy to fly over the halfe world and then stay ln the getto with other westernes. Crazy ignorant people

  3. One thing I suggest you guys to do in Bangkok for fun is playing escape room at Escape Hunt Experience. It's a game for you to play detectives and try to escape from the room within an hour. It's really fun.

  4. If you are free today I'd lile to recommend you play detective at asok where you can get so much fun and excitement.

  5. Im glad I was able to find you through tons of videos about Thailand and Southeast Asia. This is what I was looking for. A solo traveler. Ill be going to Thailand soon and this is a great way to prepare and motivate yourself. Thank you so much Alek for showing those few solo travelers that….exploring the world can be a unique and an unforgettable experience.

  6. you were lucky to see the ghost tower like that , easy getting up there.. (well if you discount fact u have to climb 40 some flights of crumbling stairs).. I hear that is not the case anymore.

  7. Hey GreenManTravels – I'll be doing Selfie Stick Adventures : Vietnam with no Plan! Next Nov 28 to Dec 25, 2016. Feel free to join if you're planning a backpack/bike tour. I'm going from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi on a motorbike. Would be awesome to collaborate!!

  8. I see you're using a gopro on the head mount, but is the other camera the same thing or a different type?

  9. sounds like you're talking into your hands…the background music and noise makes the talking pointless…otherwise good footage

  10. I m thai and i just knew that u have to pay money to get inside that abandoned buildings lol but normally Thai people don't get inside it the view is beautiful but it's dangerous

  11. While thankful for the video, it is very annoying to have one line repeated many times down the screen obstructing the view of the video

  12. What things you can and cant haggle in bangkok and how much can you bring the price down? Food, transportation, clothes etc.

  13. I go to Thailand often when tou chat to Thia ppl they will tell you theu hate European they are stengy broke ass they dont spend much Thi ppl love Arabs and Americans because they spend good money

  14. Everyone turn on closed captions as it can be hard to hear him sometimes, otherwise this is a brilliant video

  15. I have absolutely zero interest in traveling 9000 miles to spend time with a bunch of western hippy backpackers on Khaosan Road. No thanks. Its not even a tourist attraction.

    As a solo male traveler myself, you wanna have a good time, head south to Pattaya, you won't regret that.

  16. The people you paid to, did you find them at the entrance to the Ghost Tower?? – I have seen many travel videos from Thailand, but this one I really liked

  17. Entrance fee to Sathorn 200฿ per person !!
    You were deceived!!
    Who are those who have the right to collect you??
    and i do not think they are right.

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