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I cannot believe she took it. We’re not gonna make it. What are you doing? I was always going to be the driver. We can’t go now. You picked this time and place. This is our one shot. You could die~ You built this… it’ll work. Fuckin’ love you, Rachel. It worked. She jumped. Okay, Rachel… Now you come back. Where do you think she is? When… do you think she is? What’s going on guys? Get away from the track! We did it! Rachel?! We have to get out of he— Michelle?! Edward?! Okay… Time to go. Rachel?

96 thoughts on “A Sci-Fi Short Film “TRAVELER” – by Simon Brown | TheCGBros

  1. some red type siren vehicles are going into the 2 story building near by, was one of those stealth government hideouts in one of those units inside, that building…

  2. Loved the story and effects, but first three seconds of the movie and I was cringing at the awful acting… ouch that was bad. Work on that part and you might have something!

  3. The Alien(or man from future) couldn't let people from past(present) use technology of time travel, because humans are not ready for that yet. So he destroyed time machine and killed witnesses, but cannot kill time travel machine's engineer, because non of these would ever happen, and humanity in future wouldn't have time travel possibility. I see it this way.

  4. This was amazing, honestly, I can't believe just how much of a story you managed to weave in less than 4 minutes …. beautiful !!

  5. My theory.
    1:30 it’s about time travel not teleporting in Space
    Rachel jumped into the future where time travel is strictly forbidden due to it’s dangerous consequences. Time police impounds her vehicle. They find out that this is the first time jumping vehicle ever build and make a small museum. Rachel is not allowed to go back into the past. But time police brings her friends into the future too. They give the guy a device he can use to visit the small museum about his achievement before reuniting with his friends. The gun was to tell him: don’t make something dumb. He misunderstands completely and steals his time machine only to be gunned down in the past.
    One thing is weird: 3:46 he is in the same desert in the end but earth suddenly has two moons. One of them is insanely large/close. Maybe he was inside of a simulation all along 😛

  6. OK this is awesome plain and simple. You try doing a tenth of what they did here and you'll get a sense of what's involved. I totally want a part II!

  7. I agree, this was just to short but so good. I would hope that the maker of this will continue to make a movie from this short. Sounds and looks dramatic. No telling what is out there in our Universe. We need to know what happened to his girlfriend, too. Why is the ship incased? Why did the Alien destroy the ship that came back? Where did his friends go too? So many unfinished questions. He's got us dreaming you know….I realize this post is about four years old but it's still good stuff.

  8. If anyone complains about bad acting, F off.
    I absolutely LOVE stuff like this. Totally gives me hope about the future and makes me look forward to just about anything technology-wise.
    I just wanted more at the end. More more more …. Rachael … is she still alive after what we just saw? I need to know and will more than likely play this through in my mind over and over. And that's a very good thing 🙂

  9. Very well done and left me wanting to see how it plays out. My one beef is that he should have headed straight for the wreckage to see if she might have lived rather than just forgetting her immediately.

  10. Way too short.    Where is he? Where'd did Rachel go? Who was the guy with the gun? Si many unanswered questions

  11. Boy! That sure WAS a bunch of "Science fiction!" If ever a successful time-machine IS constructed, in all probability it WON'T be by a 20 something "bud" driving an old Dodge "Ram" pick-up who probably works as assistant manager at an auto parts chain store. It's JUST NOT plausible, I could NOT get into it.Couldn't be much less believable if the "inventor" was 10 years old rather than in his twenties. And, could it be any more "Star Wars" derivative with the blatant "Land-speeder" rip-off? Thumbs down.

  12. Man couldn’t you guys at least show what the fuck was going on at the end? I mean common? Its not like your making a sequel! All these short dust films are left for what they are in which most are bad ass, even this one is pretty awesome but knowing the fact that you left everyone hanging like that without any intentions of continuing to explain the story at a later date kinda ruins the entire thing.

  13. Totally unrelatable. No one smart enough to build that thing would drive something made by Chrysler.


  14. Huh? So, if I put new Boeing engines on a Star Wars speeder bike, I can travel through time? Sweeet!

  15. Touching the stone…. Did the script writer read Charles Williams books? The books are longer than these videos… Love them!

  16. I get that a short piece like this is, well, short, but could we get the basic plot explained????? Just a question….

  17. So charming and tempting ……short film ….. I know most of people would love to see the full length in 2 .30 hours in the theater …….but I believe better keep it this way because people will find the way to criticize anyway….. short like this is ended game bravo! Let the imagination find there way , C’est génial …….💖💖💖💖💖

  18. So i zapped your friends, but its ok cause ill give you this funny chunk of glass says weird alien with air soft rifle,

  19. Love the ship and it's obvious the kid resembles Marty McFly as they step back just in time just like in "Back to the future" when the ship flashes back. They did not give any info on the the thing being a time machine till it disappeared. Very cool when something came back chasing it. Even cooler when it started shooting at the white speedster. They clearly showed the car being obliterated. That does not jive with the thing existing in the future or his friend surviving. Also of note, it was Doc, not Marty that invented the Flux capasitor. Marty had neither the mindset nor the disposition to be an inventor. So i doubt very much this kid does too. It is also a well known fact that women cannot drive cars without sun visors with mirrors attached to put makeup on and admire them selves in. This girl obviously falls into that category and surely would have rear ended someone or gotten a ticket for reckless driving before completing the mission. Unless that was in fact a police officer from the future chasing her, in witch case, i must say they have finally figured out a way to keep distracted female drivers off the roadways. Blast them into oblivion. Having said all this, i did in fact enjoy the video. Doc Brown.

  20. i don't know about you guys but my conclusion is…Take care of this life cuz you won't get a second One

  21. SAWEEET!
    Please tell me there WILL be MORE!
    You can't leave us hanging like this!!
    PLEASE?!?! 🙏🙏
    EXCELLENT video short!!!

  22. Looks like that was a Firestone, on the level of the Philosopher's Stone, projection Stone. The power to teleport is only for those who are deserving.

  23. Most of these sci-fi shorts are crap, but this one left me wanting more, much more. Intriguing story, excellent effects, and believable story.

  24. Dude builds a time machine and his girl/friend/nutty bitch makes it work and then comes back and kills herself? Gives him a magic stone to jump to the future? Takes over the future comes back and kills herself and her friends? If she moved her friends to the future why didn't she just zap him as well, what's with the stone? Nice visuals but needs a story that makes sense.

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